Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rock Solid Love

I fell so hard (pun intended) in love, I couldn't even pick a favorite photo.

All photos taken March 9, 2011.

Click images to see larger versions


  1. Ohhh. Ahhh.
    BEAUTIFUL flowing water.
    How great after last year's drought!!
    May the Weather Gods be Pleased to keep it up.

  2. Andi, I can see why you couldn't pick one, they are all fantastic enough to hang on the wall as a series. My, what an excellent gift that would make for a good friend. ;p

    I'm still exhausted to the point of fogginess but E snapped this adorable kitten pic with her iPhone (I use a Nikon D90) and I had to share. Everyone's eyes are opening now and they are starting to wriggle around. Have already bought large kitteh playpen. :)

    Safe journeys and good vibes to everyone traveling and writing today, and my best wishes to all, as always.

  3. In this case, Lisa, it's not the flowing water that's getting my love -- the rocks really are my love objects. Isn't cool how they are carved in little humps perpendicular to the current water flow? It's fun to try to imagine what this area looked like when that carving was happening.

    Jen, that is one well relaxed cat. Now all we need is a picture of you looking equally relaxed. :)

    I think that gift can be arranged though it may be a bit before it shows up. It would take forever to send three high res graphics through my slow uploading (only 256K !) speed so it'll have to wait till me and my computer are some place with real broadband.

  4. Great pix — I'll pretend not to notice the double-entendre.

    Jen, give E two thumbs up, that was a great shot. Looks like you're getting the little ones used to people, yay!

    Using the iPad this morning, with the new Bluetooth keyboard. Nice combo.

  5. Good morning!! This morning's photos are great -- I like both the water and the rocks... their relationship. And it does makes me wonder what was happening that carved the rocks in that strange (anti-flow) way.

    I'm still working on my week of unfinished-projects but, I think I've got to d something (one thing) that's a little more obvious. Maybe clean/straighten the living room? Maybe throw away all the cr@p in one closet that I'll really never use again?

    A big thing. Something to mark today as the day I got something done.

    Well, at least I'm thinking about it.....

  6. omg, Jen, that is the cutest kitten photo ever.

    Andi, your rocks aren't cute, exactly, but they're lovable anyway.
    So how cold IS that water?

    I bought something yesterday that will force me to buy my first ever electric drill. So excited! Watch out walls.

    Hey, all. Happy sort of spring to you.

  7. Jen, that kitteh pix was so sweet, it gave me a cavity.

    Farf, moss in the yard is indeed green, but not so in summer. It gets all dried out and brown patchy. Have taken a rototiller to the ivy before, no good.

    There's also the possibility of hiring some of these day labor guys who do the other lawns in my neighborhood. Co-worker did that with her ivy saturated hill. She says they did it in 2 hours and the stuff never came back. It's funny, the rightwingers all hate immigrants.... except when they need their lawns taken care of.

    I'll ask some of the kids at work if they know of anyone who can yank these suckers up.

    People are buying up the herb and veggie starters, but I'm hearing from the produce peeps to wait till mid April as Mother Nature isn't done yet dancing with Jack Frost.

    Playoff Hockey starts soon! Going to a WHL game here Saturday. Portland Winter Hawks vs Everett Washington. Our local boys are doing goooood.

    Have a good day folks!

  8. I'll pretend I didn't notice you pretending, Farf. :P

    kb, if you're in a closet-cleaning mood, could you come here and work on ours once you've finished yours.

    Nancy, the water is nippy but not as bad as last month when it was do-bad-things-to-brass-monkeys cold.

    Ah, Janet, the start of the hockey playoffs -- that means we only have 6 month or so until the Stanley Cup. ;)

  9. Jen, is that kitten flashing gang signs?

  10. Andi, I didn't get to the closets today but, I'd be happy to come and do yours!

    I was just thinking about how much I like our little group. I'm so glad you have this blog to give us all a place to meet when we can.


  11. Well you're invited to come organize me any time. :)

    I'm grateful that you all come and grace my blog.