Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Retreat in Good Order

Taken February 17, 2011.

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  1. Good morning Andi,

    I still don't know why, but I still can't see your pictures. I see Jim's picture from Sunday, but not the others.

    It continues to keep warming up here. I just wish it would stay at these temperatures.

    Hope everyone is well.

  2. Hi Whit. Do you have a different browser you can try to see if you can seem them in that?

  3. Il n'y a pas de neige.
    Il n'y a pas de pluie.
    Il y a du soleil.
    C'est le printemps!

    Spring, baybee!! No snow. No rain. Sun! Temps a little cooler (50s today) but oh, so gloriously NOT winter.

    On the flip side, the allergies begin. ATCHOO!

    On the fitness front, I am but 14 mere miles to reaching my initial goal on the recumbent bike. Then, it's off to Hogwarts, a journey of 450 miles. (I plunked Hogwarts in the middle of St. Andrews College).

    Wishing everyone a happy Tuesday!

  4. Yello! The arc of triumph (of spring) has been laid down.

    FM, I wish I could suggest something other than clearing the cache or using a different browser. I know some browsers have a "full reset" that blows away all the junk it's collected over the years, but it takes things like passwords along with it & I'd hate to lose you again…

    The strongest storms went south of the manor. We had a tornado warning at the office, but we only got a heavy gust of wind & lots of rain, maybe a little hail. The NWS is getting a little trigger-happy about tornado warnings these days; they go up when the storm "is capable of producing a tornado" rather than one actually forming or formed. I guess they want to err on the safe side, but I wonder if it's a "cry wolf" situation in the long run.

    The Boy has finally returned with my car. I will marvel if there's any gas in it. If he wants to celebrate being Snippet-free again, that's no problem (oh, did I mention that? go check it out, there's a great Mason pic in there too).

    Off to catch up on Twitter, then it's mime time!

  5. That's weird about the pictures, FM. I hope you can figure it out soon.

    Spring, woo hoo! Here's hoping Old Man Winter has breathed his last frosty breath on everyone. I love spring, for that very reason - rebirth after the deep sleep.

    Hopefully this time it sticks, Farf...

    Congrats, Maria, that's awesome! You're an inspiration!

    After snow in the valley this weekend, we're warming up again. Hoping to do some thawing out myself today.

    Hope everyone has a great day!

  6. Farf, he's gorgeous! I'm so glad he has you and your wife to take care of him, love him and nuture him. I don't think he'd be capable of such a wonderful smile that lights up his whole face if he didn't have you two.

  7. I'm not willing to go as far as you, Maria -- I don't trust either the weather gods or the evil eye. And congrats on almost reaching your goal!

    Oh Farf, Mason is beyond adorable ... and I'm sure he's ready to write brilliant thoughts in the Moleskine.

    Howdy Janet. Has spring sprung for you?

  8. Nope. March is supposed to be a "wintry mix" of rain and snow.

    Barometric pressure has been messing with my ears, too. Makes me feel like one of those old geezers who can feel rain coming on cause their knees ache or something ;)