Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Reaching Out

Taken March 2, 2011.

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  1. ... continued from last night.

    Hi Dina and Farf. You're such a good hubby, Farf. :)

    ... back to today.

    Happy Birthday, Mary! And many, many more.

  2. Good morning Andi!

    Happy Birthday Mary!

    omg y'all, my entire life right now is revolving around pussy service, and not in the way I usually think of it. I went from having a reasonable 2 to a crazy 8 in my house without sufficient prep time. Sometimes the universe just selects a group for a little adventure tour, I guess, heh.

    Total count on the kittens turned out to be 4; have not checked them for sex as it will not matter for a while. Colors are: full gray (head and tail show tiger pattern), gray and white (probably will be longhair and gorgeous), tuxedo (probably has Fred's same daddy), and white and dark gray tiger/tortoiseshell (shy and difficult to see well yet). Today Fred is off to the vet for The Works, including neutering as he is getting to that age, hang tough, big guy.

    Here's a moment of awwww from yesterday.

  3. Oh, they are so tiny and so cute -- they're like tribbles. ;)

  4. KITTIES!!! OMG, so cute! Yes, I'm a total sucker. ::g::

    Thanks for the new pic, Jen.

    MARY!! Wishing you a FABULOUS birthday.

    Couldn't deal with another 7 a.m. mime day, so came in at my (now) usual 8. Will have to stay until 6. Ugh.

    Of the good, VA Festival of the book is this weekend, and I'm speaking on a panel Fri night. This is an awesome 4 day festival with MANY well-known writers from all genres. I've been attending since the beginning and have only missed one or two. This is definitely a sign of spring.

    Wishing you all a great Tuesday.

  5. Oh, kitties! Squeee indeed! Nice way to start the morning - especially since this picture ISN'T a spider!

    Hippo birdie, Mary!!

    Hope everyone's adjusting to the time change. I'm trying to remember that it's three hours to the east coast now, and we're on North Idaho time.

    Wish I could zip over to C'Ville, Maria - I've heard what a great conference it is. And in such a beautiful place - I lived there June-Sept 2006.

    Off and running. Waving to all who follow.

  6. Happy birthday, Mary.

    Love the kittens - keep them coming. Tonight is the first viewing and it will be rough. I need kittens!

  7. ((((Dina)))) take care.

    Happy Birthday Ms. Mary!

    Maria, I missed the first time around the photo of your Kitty Boy. What a handsome guy he is. Looks like he keeps you in good company.

    Jen! Holy PussyRama! I'm hoping you can find wonderful families for all of them. Another reason I wished you lived right next.. town to me :) (next door and we'd drive each other insane - but in a good way) ... I'd probably take the all grey one or the grey/white one.

    Raining hard here. Two days of heavy winds. Where the rain was coming at you sideways.

    Rough day at work yesterday. We had a varied crowd. Mostly apathetic types. Then there were a few survivalist freaked out types who were buying all the water they could. Then there were the "expert" types who felt that there was nothing safer than nuclear power. *Facepalm*

    My daughter is very scared about the future. She doesn't know why three reactors have gone down - one blowing the eff up - and the "adults" don't really seem to care.

    Met a young Coast Guard dude on his way over and he was pissed off. He said the Coast Guard won't let this country ram them through a radiation cloud. He said he'd rather be out helping with a wind farm. So... some hope. Even some in the military are wanting energy alternatives because they are sick of the risks and the stupid wars.

  8. Hello Everyone,

    It appears my new/old computer is starting to die on me. It cut off with a message saying NMI:parity check/memory parity error. Then I tried to run a diagnostic on it and I got IDE device failed. This suddenly went from a good new/old computer to one I'm not sure will be on in the next minute. So gotta go before it shuts down.

    Everyone take care.


  9. Hi everybody. Jim and I are back from a rainy trip to Cincinnati. We had a nice time visiting his mom, made even nicer when my baby (yeah so she could join AARP, she's still MY baby sister) was able to take some extra time for lunch and meet us.

    Sounds like you have a very fine weekend ahead, Maria. Looking forward to hearing the recap.

    Beth, 'fess up -- is there anywhere you haven't lived? ;)

    Virtual hugs to you, Dina.

    Janet, I just can't seem to read past the phrase 'Holy PussyRama' -- but getting hung up (so to speak) there isn't necessarily a bad thing.

    Damn, Whit. I was really hoping your computer woes were over.

  10. We've got severe weather warning. That Emergency Broadcasting thingy even came on. Expecting hail and funnel clouds.

    But I'm still going to the Reverend Horton Heat. I need a psychobilly freakout HARD. I haven't partied with the Rev in over 7 years. Gonna get my freak on. :) The floors at the Crystal Ballroom are hardwood but bounce.

    See ya from the mosh pit.. hopefully.

  11. Thanks for the BDay wishes everyone.

    Jen that pic is so full of cute it just screams cuddle!