Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Praying for Spring

Here's the church, here's the steeple, and here's the moon instead of people.

Taken March 12, 2011.

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  1. I'll take the spring prayers for $100, Alex...ahem, Andi. ::g::

    Still bloody chilly with a side of hey what's that? Could be snow. Awesome way to enter a long weekend road trip: Not!

    Still haven't really packed.

    Still feel disorganized.

    Can I blame the weather?

    I know I'm blaming the upcoming trip for my insomnia. Fell like a log, then woke up at 3. Already have put in my 30 mins on the bike, paid some bills, had 1st breakfast. It's not even 6:30.

    Going to be a loooooong day.

    Happy Tuesday?

  2. Mooning a church? Can't you go to Hell for that?

    Maria, I'm with you on the looooong day. Between Mrs. Fetched snoring & Mason waking up, I didn't get any sleep before 2a.m. Good luck with the road trip!

    So you know, guys, if they win, the headlines will read "The Butler Did It."

    Run awaaayyyyyyyyy…

  3. Sleep is aprecious thing, especially at casa boran where the night owls prevail. May you get some soon Lisa. Good luck with the trip.

    It's stillcold here with a few patches of snow on the ground. And maybe more to come.

    Temporary single parenthood awaits as Madame boran prepares for a brief business trip. Just me and a semidomesticated 12 year old for the next few days.

  4. Arch. Should be Maria not Lisa.

  5. Halloo all,

    Home. Exhausted. Elated. Digging out. Pictures up at Facebook. First two albums one and two. More later.

  6. I've made my obeisance to the weather gods, Maria, but it doesn't seem to have done much good -- we have a chance of snow tonight and tomorrow. :(

    Hey Farf, I thought about making the comment "here's the church, here's the steeple, and here's the sky mooning the people" but I didn't want to see what kind of hits that might get me from google.

    I'm sure you and the boran boy will find all sorts of fun trouble -- I meant things -- to get into b2.

    Woo hoo, Kelly. Welcome back and thanks for the links to the pics. Really enjoyable. Are you going to put a blog post about the trip (and explain the "trick" room)?

  7. Hola Boran and KMc! Crap, I don't have facebook. There's a reason I don't have it. It's just easier getting death and rape threats to "Codepink Commie Socialst Fascist (which is like calling someone a "vegan meateater" -rather than my whole real name followed by "and we know where you live and we have your kid's names, too"

    A very wild proposition came my way yesterday at work. One that kinda blends in with a few of my notions over the years. I took about 28 of my cake truffles into work. People LOVED them. One lady said they should be called CFM Truffles... like the style of shoes.. CFM shoes. LOL.

    The idea was this... to make the cake truffles and have them sold at the medical dispensaries that are legal here in Oregon.

    We were going to get paperwork for a very close loved one who suffers from autism. The doctor was even onboard with it all since he is no longer a juvenile. But the law doesn't cover autism or the ability to speak, or the ability to not sib - self-injurious behaviors. Or the ability to focus better.... So someone needs to get a "stoner loophole" reason... "cramps". Don't you just love hypocritical prohibition? Bud Bowl on Monday Night Football. People smoke cigarettes that if you use them correctly as directed will kill you as well as the people around you. But an herb that has numerous medicinal qualities and doesn't make people violent and you can't even OD on it... that's bad. As Lords of the New Church sang, "it's sick, the price of medicine." in their song President Gas - which was about the great destroyer of the middle class working man, Reagan.

    I just have a lot to think about where I'm heading. I've got to get my stories written out.... plant my garden, continue baking and find out what I want to be when I grow up. ACK.

    Hmmm radiation levels being found all over. But no mention of the Plutonium levels. And people are still saying that nukes are "safe energy". ARGH.

    GE the company that has tons of war contracts, doesn't pay a penny in federal taxes but the GOP and our "media" spews that it's the teachers, unions and working man that has destroyed our economy...
    Republicans = the American Taliban. Hows that endless war economy working out for ya? We're closing schools here instead of closing the MIC.

  8. Andi, thanks, will probably blog it at some point if I can get it all down in the interstices between dealing with revisions on book one of the new series.

    Janet, that link should work even if you don't face book. I set my permissions for things like that so that they're open to non-facebookers. If it doesn't, let me know and I'll make fix.

    And back into the revision.

  9. Thanks Kmc! I'll check em out tomorrow. I have a 12-8 shift today. Blech.

    Sorry for the rant. Well not really sorry... Sorry that I have to rant, I guess.

    I see that Newt is using Palin word salad, too. Radical Religious Atheists will destroy Christianity by supporting Islam...? "Religious Atheists"... see, "vegan meateaters".

    But word salad is okay when youre audience is teabaggers.

  10. I'm sure your truffles, Janet, would make all the pot brownies jealous.

    I hope you find the time, Kelly. I love reading about people's travels.