Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pining for Spring

Taken March 17, 2011.

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  1. I pine, lordy, do I pine!! DC expects rain/snow. Boston expects snow/rain. Everywhere in between = the same.

    Le sigh.

    Took Kit to the vet this a.m. He'll be boarding there while I'm gone, plus have his shots, get his teeth cleaned & back claws clipped. So not a happy kitty. He does not like the carrier one bit.

    I feel all sorts of weird separation anxiety!! No kitty cuddles until Monday night. :(

    Lovely free brekkie @ work, though. Building management sponsored a continental breakfast (yummy fruits, pastries, juice), so at least I got something nice out of the a.m.

    I did get my story back from Trisha Telep, so now it's off to beta (it truly needs editorial fb), then I'm planning to offer it up as an e-publication. This should be interesting. My first foray into doing it myself. We'll see how it goes. :)

    Happy Wednesday!!

  2. Andi, this is the image that comes to mind when I think of "spring" and "pine" in the same sentence. (post from 2008) Speaking of pining, i sure hope the current forecast holds up, and this rain goes away in time for the weekend!

    Maria, has Kit had The Big Snip yet? I'm sure he'll be drama-queening THAT one if it's yet to come! Good luck with the short.

    Janet (from yesterday), they've found traces of plutonium in the ground at the Fukushima site. It's way too heavy to be carried on the wind, what's getting blown around are the lighter elements like cesium and iodine (both of which have short half-lives) and the concentrations are very diffuse after being spread over thousands of square miles of ocean. Not worth worrying about on this side of the Pacific, at the moment anyway. The detectors picking up the radiation are ultra-sensitive instruments used to enforce the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

    Not trying to make light of what is obviously a very serious situation — latest info is that one of the reactors has melted down and possibly breached containment — but outside of Japan and the immediate environs, lasting effects are going to be in the background noise. What I *am* saying is that Japan needs those KI tablets a lot more than you or I do.

  3. Congrats on standing up for others Maria!!!

    KMc, loved the photos! Banning dogs from the famous dog... :)

    Farf, yeah. The water, the ground, the people in Japan are going to be fubared for a long time. Only hope is that the Japanese have always been a resilient group and if they pull through this, I'm looking forward to them being the front leaaders in alternative energy.

    Want to put a stake through a Sheik and the good ole boys of crude? Kill your dependency on their damn black waste called crude. Everything most people know about wind power or solar has been poisoned with lies by the oil and car lobbyists.

    But whatever the outcome, I think we're going to see more NO NUKES movement happening. My good Pink friend is part of Chernobyl Internation, which is all about the children in there who are sick and dying. Still. Hardly any schools there because the population all are dying of cancers. I'm not reallly worried about what will happen in my own backyard. I'm scared to death of what is happening across this planet. It may not impact me personally but today there are other mothers out there who will never know what happened to their children's bodies. Not just in Japan, but Uganda, Afghanistan and still in Iraq. Now Libya.

    Mothers who will never hold or wash their child's hand again.

    I think that concern is what makes me a little bit different from the reality tv crowd's concerns.

    Andi, had a talk with my store about the truffles and I'll need to rent out a licensed kitchen. But in the meantime I'm experimenting with dipping techniques and flavors (perfecting the cake from scratch) on my co-workers. Till I get it perfect. I can also probably sell them - as well as do some marketing research, at one of my friend's indy coffee shop. I don't know why by Wayne is all over it. He thinks it's a good idea. Whatever happens, I want it low scale.

  4. A couple more of the UK trip albums for those what might be interested: 3, 4, 5

  5. KMc!!! I can't wait to show my kids the ones of Dr. Who!!! Too. Damn. Cool!!!! They are going to fuhreak out.

    Those are awesome. What fun!

    Now I had really get myself off to work. Tonight a friend from San Jose has business here in Portland so we're heading out to a fave Thai place to eat and chat. But not Danni - she's out with the flu. Got sick AT school right outside computer lab. She's mortified, of course.

  6. We had spits of snow today but nothing serious, Maria. I hope you get off as lightly. Let us know when you get your story e-published because I'm sure a bunch of us want to buy it.

    Major *snort*, Farf! Love the picture.

    As an encouragement to you, Janet, my niece did all her development of her cupcake recipes in a two-burner stove in a kitchen that was about 8 feet long and 6 feet wide.

    Tardis! Daleks! How cool, Kelly.

  7. Drive by hi - back from LCC and very tired.

  8. Back in PHX. Missing the ocean and my fam already. But it was a lovely vacation.

    Can't wait to check out the pix, Kelly!

    Janet has me wanting cake...but it's back to dieting, after too much fun this week. Salads will be my friend.

    Safe travels, Maria - hope the weather gods smile on you. What a crazy winter...

  9. Oh look, a Fibonacci!

    I've spent 3 days in the wood with 6th graders.

    I'll work on coherence tomorrow or Sunday maybe.

  10. Andi, had some talks with co-workers - I may be able to go in with another on a kitchen rental. OR go in business with another.

    But first... several months of experimenting. And using my co-workers as guinea pigs. None of them are complaining about it either. One young man said it was the best dessert item he'd ever eaten.

    Wayne's mentioned building a workshop kitchen out back that would be up to spec. All I'd need is a convection oven - counter one, even. A rack fridge and maybe a hotplate.

    Can't sell anything here without a license and paid off inspections. But that gives me time to perfect my craft. Even my boss came up today and wanted to buy a dozen asap. But I'm not ready to sell I told her. This whole thing is sorta weird as it kinda fell into my lap. I made them and everyone filpped the eff out on them. But I'm going to do some artsy stuff on them like paint willow branches onto pale green truffles. Skull and bones on black with red velvet inside.

    Can have them laid out in rows that make a picture. Like each truffle be a part of Starry, starry Night. But the fun part is first part. Getting it down to perfect. Freedom to explore.

    Oh look, a Jimonacci.

    Yes, I know what a Fibonacci is. I live with an autistic mathlete. :)