Saturday, March 26, 2011

Life Imitates Art: Mosaics

All photos taken March 16, 2011.
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    BUSY week at school. Population continues to be onesided--more coming than going.
    I just signed my contract for next year, so at least I have a job-- which is something many struggle with.
    Ten weeks to Summer and Counting.

    Andi--I LUVS Water. Thanks.
    Jim, here's hoping the pups allow you to sleep in a bit today and tomorrow. May some good biking weather be in your near future.

    Nicky--Continue Healing. Dancing in our minds may be the wave of our future.

    Nancy--we did meet in RL at WRW and then again in your neck of the woods. Having friends in Chile, the UK, Australia, Cananda, and all across the US because of the internet is AWESOME.
    I love visiting INDIANA every day. Though I've done more lurking lately.

    Waves to all as off to storyland.

  2. Morning, gang!

    Still cold & bloody chilly here - expecting a light dusting of snow tomorrow morning. Brrrr.

    Lisa, congrats on the job contract and imminence of summer hols!!!

    Woke up to the sad news that Diana Wynne Jones, one of my fav YA fantasy authors had died in the night. Expected, as she was ill with cancer, but still a blow. :(

    Lots of kerfluffle over past couple of days re: Jessica Verday's short story. Read her 1st blog post, then her followup. I had been solicited for a short story by that editor for Paranormal Romance 2. She accepted it, then "discovered" she'd accepted too many stores - to the tune of 100K words too many. So she withheld my story, along with several others and was holding mine for a future antho that would come out late this year.

    Because of what happened with Jessica V., I wrote to the editor yesterday and withdrew my story altogether. Bad form on the editor's part to reject Jessica V's YA story saying that the publishers didn't want a same sex romance in the antho, when she'd not even checked with the publishers. Bunch of hooey.

    I still haven't heard back, but I'm *sure* she's gotten my email. Several authors have already pulled out of the original YA antho in protest and have blogged about it.

    Bah, humbug.

    In any case, once I get the official release, I'm going to rework my story and epub it.

    Today, I shall spend relaxing and prepping for a fun trip to Boston next weekend - road trip with a friend and then a gathering of like-minded women. What could be better than that?

    Cheers to all!

  3. LOVE that first pic, andi! Great colors. Always love water pix....

    Good for you, Maria, although what a pain. Amazing and sad what still happens in this day and age.

    Yay for job security, Lisa, but too bad that so many kids can't figure it out. They're lucky to have you to help them.

    Probably won't get another chance at a game, unfortunately. Oh well, it might rain this coming week, and that's almost as exciting as a ball game!

    No big plans for today. Just hanging out with my family. Hope you all have a relaxing weekend ahead!

  4. Morning all! The patterns in the water remind me of turtle shells. It's pouring down rain at the manor right now, with thunder and lightning on occasion. Days like this make me glad for laptops and iPads, which run quite well on batteries. I finally got a BT keyboard for the iPad, which I'm using now, and it's SO much faster than the on-screen keyboard. I could totally see myself using this getup to write first drafts.

    Of this crowd, I've only met Beth & the Fs in real life. I'd love to meet more of you. No preferences really, just any of you any time!

    Lisa, good to hear you've got job security. It seems like you've always got more kiddos coming than going, and I get this mental image of y'all moving to a lecture hall just to fit everyone in…

    Bummer about the antho, Maria. If you're going to epub your short, you might want to use Kindle Singles — it seems designed for that.

    I posted the fourth and final piece to the ice dragon story last night. I've been pretty pleased with the feedback.

    Later! Big V and Skyler are coming, which you might think would mean he and Mason would keep each other out of everyone else's hair, but it doesn't work that way (naturally). ;-)

  5. First off some important annoucements:

    • Way to go Kansas, the last remaining #1 seed.
    •Go Butler!
    And the best for last:
    •Go Marlo! My niece was the cover story in the current issue of Entrepreneur Magazine. Here's a picture of the cover [LINK] and here's the article [LINK].

    Weather not so wonderful here right now, Lisa, but thanks for the thoughts. Have a fantastic weekend!

    Maria, I've always felt lucky and proud to know you and your actions are just one more excellent reason for feeling that way. I'll mention to you -- as I did to Beth who was happy I did -- that I love Boston's Daily Catch restaurant. It's has several locations but my favorite is the original location on Hanover Street in the North End.

    Bummer on no baseball game, Beth -- although I guess since you're in Phoenix, you'll have lots of opportunities to go to games.

    Lovely ending to a fun story, Farf. But I have to admit to wishing there had been a bit of the dragon in action -- I didn't get my bloodlust satisfied. ;)

  6. (((Maria))) That's walking your talk, baby. Bon! Consider me as one of the people in your corner from now on. :)

  7. Andi!! Your neice is a goddess!!! Cupcakes and booze! A Cupcake Bar!! Fanfreakingtastic!

    And she's green and uses big words like, "sustainable"...and "badass" Whoot!


  8. Thank, Janet. You would think she was even more awesome if you'd ever had one of her cupcakes. People think they are amazingly delicious and it's not just doting relatives -- she's had great reviews by the NYC media and she's been on several TV shows (Martha Stewart, Today Show, Unique Eats, Bobby Flay's Throwdown). Why yes, I am a proud aunt. Why do you ask? :D

  9. I read every bit of that site and her blog. She's amazing! No Plan B. Love that!!! Sexy, Edgy... liquor, savories and cupcakes done up in parchment... what's not to love? She's pure inspiration.

    I finally found something that turns Mr. Athelete Healthy Eating One Potato Chip Sampler Dude into an eight-year-old junk food junkie with a whole set of sweet tooths. Cake Truffles. Mr. Spouse called them outrageously addictive and evil.

    Winning! :)

  10. Never fear, Andi, when I rewrite it as a single short, there will be a scene of the ice dragon in action.

    Go Junk Food Janet!!!!

  11. I'm glad I could "introduce" you two, Janet. :)

    Yay for blood and guts and gore, Farf! :D

    And yay Butler! (but please stop making it so damn nerve-racking)