Friday, March 18, 2011

Knot That I Know

Taken March 10, 2011.

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  1. In case you haven't gone back to yesterday's post, Janet posted her recipe for the cupcakes there last night.

  2. Can it get any better than this? Mostly sunny, breezy. Mid-70s to near 80.

    I do not think so!

    Off to hang out in our building's library in a bit waiting for my friend to pick me up to go to C'ville. (Cleaners coming @ 8).

    Planning on doing a nice lunch when we get there, then wandering around the walking mall for a bit until its time to meet up with the panel at 5:30.

    Tomorrow, Crime Wave - the mystery track of the festival. Looking forward to seeing friends there (yes, friends that live near me, go figure).

    Wishing you all a fantastic Friday!!!

  3. (waving)

    I think I'm finally adjusting to the time change.... Why don't they pick one (DST or ST) and just stick with it.

    Nothing planned for the day. All grocery shopping done.... I don't have to buy water anymore for my parents.... Ah -- I knew there was something!

    I've been babysitting my 2 year old great niece 3 afternoons a week. Something really clicked with us and we are like best friends. It's kind of amazing!

    Or maybe not. Maybe it means that I've just found the right level for me with a 2 year old best friend?

  4. Amazing what nature can do, andi. Thanks for the gorgeous pictures, as always.

    Have fun, Maria! Sounds like perfect weather for walking the commons, and seeing friends.

    If she's anything like my cousin's 2 year-old, KB, it's not a wonder. I would have a bunch of kids if they were all like her. Enjoy!

    Hoping for a good weekend here. TGIF, everyone!

  5. Hi, all. Beautiful day here.

    Janet, thanks so much for the recipe. It sounds so good.

    Quiet day today which is nice after the last few days.

  6. (((Dina))) I don't really know you well, all that I need to know is that these people here love and are about you. And that's good enough for me to know you're a good person. I'm so sorry for your loss and pain. I haven't any words. You'd think I'd have some advice or wisdom since I've seen enough death lately - but I don't. All I know is to you to watch your health and it's okay to laugh and smile when you think of funny things about Angelo. I think when we smile or laugh about our loved ones, it brings them close to our hearts.

    The Store Manager came up to me and asked me to run a tour of the store. Normally we have school kids and businessmen tours. This is for 10 High Schoolers who are disabled. It's going to be a new tour about Job Skills. I have one week to figure it out. LOL & ACK. But I was very honored to be asked.

    Sign making party was good. Free Bradley Manning - was a main issue. The war on American by the Republicans was big, too. But the new and improved War President... that was the biggie. Danni went into the garage to help Malcolm from Veterans for Peace (he and BOHICA are always around) and they got along super. He said, "why are peace activists children always such great kids?" :) Danni wasn't the only teen there. Two other girls were. Whoot! And they all loved the cupcakes. Saturday we're having a rally for Wisconsin. I hear Indiana is protesting, too. Wouldn't know it from the "liberal bias news" ROFL. I guess the baggers have to eat that lie about the news being liberal, eh?

    Off to run some errads.

    FYI: Cupcakes, like privacy in the oven. Don't open the oven door untill the time is up to check on them. And if you have an oven thermometer - use it. I have a new stove but it's way off.

  7. Tangled up and… green!

    Andi, Janet, I might have to try that recipe some weekend. This one's going to be busy with taxes and getting Mason outside though.

    Maria, that's about the weather we have here. I came outside this morning and wondered why I bothered bringing a jacket!

    KB, a well-behaved 2 yo is a treasure! Mason's hitting his Terrible Twos a little early, maybe…

    Beth, how many weekends in Phoenix *aren't* good? :-D

    Dina, what Janet said!

    Janet, your life sounds like a different kind of crazy from mine, but at least yours has a useful purpose. Keep fighting the good fight!

    Back to work, my 10 minute blog quota time is probably up…

  8. Thanks, guys. I went to visit my friend, Chris, today and she is such an amazing woman. I think the only time she broke down was yesterday at the graveyard.

    We are all making sure she has the support she needs.

    And maybe some cupcakes too.

  9. Sure it could be better, Maria. There could be green leaves to go with those temps. Or maybe you have those already. We're a long way away from that.

    If you can get along with a kid in the terrible two's, kb, I think it says fine things about your equanimity and your very healthy sense of fun.

    I think that's an example of nature being very playful, Beth.

    Dina, I think Chris is very lucky to have you for a friend.

    Janet, I expect you'll do a very good job on that tour. It's interesting to me how open grocery stores are to the disabled (my niece who has Down Syndrome has worked for Kroger for years and has been very successful there).

    Greenbriars are always green, Farf, but there is a tiny bit of new green sprouting up here and there in the woods. w00t!