Thursday, March 31, 2011

Easing toward Spring

Taken March 17, 2011.

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  1. Looks like a perfect picnic spot to me — and at this time of year, you wouldn't to fight for it…

    Have to tell y'all about this. I dreamed that Beth was wintering in India, and had a video on her blog of some kind of glider tour over an urban river. The gliders would swoop down to the water and dodge water traffic, then soar back up. The city was actually the name of one of my co-workers (Narendra).

    Off to work… oh wait, I just have to swivel the chair around. I love working at home. :D

  2. Hallooo,

    Still under water, but the rest of the pics are here 6, 7, odd ends. BTW, Laura did a series of trip diaries, but they're only available on facebook and I don't think they can be looked at if you don't do facebook. Will post links if people are interested, or, if y'all are really up for it, perhaps I can get her to let me post them at Wyrdsmiths.

  3. hola, all!

    Arrived in Boston after fairly uneventful trip. Weather was gray/overcast, but only a little drizsnow during part of it.

    Resting before we have to venture downstairs for the reception.


  4. Hi all. Been gone all day doing fun stuff with family. Fun stuff with family!?! What will they think of next?

    We need to a Jungian psychologist to hang out here, Farf, and explain your dreams to us. :)

    Oh boy, more pictures. Thanks for linking to your albums, Kelly. They have been great fun. I'll look for the diaries on facebook.

    Have a great time, Maria! Hope you have some time to check in to share all your adventures with us.

  5. Boy, that's a preferable way to travel through India than any I tried, Farf! You avoid the squalor, and only see the beautiful parts. Too funny...

    Haven't had time to check the pix and stories, Kelly, but it's on my list.

    So today was the unveiling of my big secret. If you haven't stopped by my place, a jingle I wrote is a semi-finalist in the Folgers jingle contest this year. There's a link to vote each day for the best video.

    The only down part is, the guys I worked with have completely left me out of the picture, claiming I'm not really a musician so can't be credited. I've been getting emails all day spreading the good word about "their" jingle. I'm trying not to cry, but it kind of hurts. I talked to them earlier about omitting me, and they swore they'd make it up by including my name in all the advertising. So far, nada. I'm not one that needs credit, but hoped I'd get some recognition for my writing through it.

    So kind of a down day. Bittersweet making it this far in the contest (I never win anything), but not being acknowledged as being part of it. Without the words, it's just pretty music.

    Anyway, hopefully tomorrow I'll find the bright side of it all again.

    A few hours more of work tonight before I can crash. Get some sleep for me. Thanks for letting me vent.