Friday, March 25, 2011

The Dots Are Connected

Taken March 19, 2011.

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  1. Cool pic! Like a wee green bug with sparkly bits.

    After a discombobulated week thanks to my sinuses, I'm sort of back on track. It's Friday, and I'm off (though I still woke up at 6 a.m.)

    Copyedits done & returned via email - weird doing in MS Word instead of from a marked up printout.

    Next, errands to bank to deposit advance check (part 2 for Blood Sacrifice), then to Apple store to spend some of said check. ::g:: (yes, it's a sickness!)

    Wishing you all a fabtastic weekend!

  2. "They" have landed.

    Going to chill out at home today and make cake truffles. Or "cake balls" as they are called on the internet. Can look up to see what we're doing. Not doing the cake pops with sticks. Just keeping it "simple". Next week, I'm going to bake a Red Velvet cake. Veganized. :)

    Final week of regular hockey. Sharks are in 3rd in their conference. This week is all about hard hockey. Each game is important. I love this type of stress. Go Sharks!

  3. Hi Maria and Janet. Quiet day -- maybe everybody has already started enjoying the weekend.

  4. Cake Truffles! Cherry Vanilla cake covered in green candy coating and pink piping.

    Cats didn't help at all...

    Zee Kitchen is zee beeg mess!

  5. Cake truffles sound wonderful, Janet! And I love the dewy green pic, andi.

    No baseball game after all - tickets were sold out. So I'm home watching basketball while the fam watches the Red Sox. Kind of strange being back in Port Charlotte, after selling my house here last year. Familiar yet not home any more.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend. Plans include suntanning and meeting with high school friends - pretty low-key.

    TGIF continues!

  6. Andi - your daff bud resembles the APOD over on the right. Neato!

  7. But the cats are way cuter than the truffles, Janet. :)

    Darn, Beth. I hope you get another chance to go to a game.

    Well their green light show is a bit niftier than mine.