Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Coming To Light

Taken March 2, 2011.

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  1. Ooh, love the misty sun filtering through the trees. Gorgeous!

    Breaking the VGW early this a.m. as I'm at the mimes for the last of my long days this week. Came in @ 7:15ish.

    Spring definitely sprung here: birds chirping, trees budding, rain falling, eyes itchy & watering, ATCHOO! The dulcet sounds of allergy sneezes punctuate my office. Ah the immortal words of Emily Litella: it's always something!

    Wishing you all a great Wednesday!

  2. Love the picture. Very gloomy, rainy day here which seems appropriate.

  3. Still Revved up!

    Had a great time. It was a Private party put on by Jack Daniels. Free show, free food, free water and drinks, free whiskey, free t-shirts and schwag.

    Show was awesome. They had a Johnny Cash tribute band there. I was right up front and things got a bit hairy. But we stayed till the first encore - and we sat up in the balcony for that. I don't mind being in a mosh pit (might be from all those peace rallies LOL) but screw slam dancing!!! That stuff is for the feral.

    I got to meet the Texas Reverend and I said that I didn't have anything for him to sign or a camera - that I just wanted to thank him for making such great effing music. We laughed and talked - he held my hand the entire time. Said to call him Jim. Was a good night.

    My brother got into a fight though. But everyone made up. It was covering his slight friend who is also epilectic, stutters and is extremely dyslexic... anyways, he was bulldozed so my brother kinda saw red. Glad it all turned out okay though.

    I got hugged and kissed my the Punk PsychoBilly Freakout man himself :) Suhweet!

    Happy Day After Ms Mary!

  4. This pic looks to me like spring shining through after a long winter. Or maybe that's just hopeful thinking after our freak snowstorm on Monday.

    Janet, your day to day life is more exciting than any single day in any year of my life. :)

  5. Ooh, trees budding. I'm very jealous, Maria. That would definitely be worth sneezing over.

    We finally got some sun today, Dina, and it's going to be 70 tomorrow! I hope the sun and temps will find they're way to you.

    Dammit Janet, that sounds like a damn fine time.

    It would be pretty to think so, Mary, but I'm not enough of an optimist to believe that the weather gods will be so nice to us (see St. Louis, freak snowstorm).

  6. Kittens are wearing me out, can't make good sentences, can barely make links.

    2 days old

    An extra one for Dina :)

    3 days old mama watches

    Hope you are all well!

  7. Oh love that wonderful face in the first photo, Jen. For some reason, it makes me think of the Cowardly Lion. As long as you have photos, you don't need sentences, good or otherwise. :)

  8. Jen, those babies are puh-recious! Stick some sprinkles on em and even Martha Stewart would call em a good thing.

    Mary :) I live on Planet Autism, each memeber of my family is an "extremist" in their own charitable, compassionate way. We try very hard to walk our talk and when we play, we play hard. When we slack, we slack even harder.

    Yup, it was a very damn good time. I just could have done without the slamming and the spiling of drinks or the "texting". Who the heck texts while at a punkabilly show where EVERTHING is freeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Even the water was free. Usually they give you drink tickets (two or one) and then charge you up the butt for water.

    But I did flash the peace sign with the fight broke out and the staff came over. Brother knocked down the wrong slammer and it all got worked out.

    The preaching man from Texas even flashed us the peace sign. It was AWESOME! He said to tell anyone that there's one Proud Texan that says I'm alright by him and that would get me through Tennessee, too ROFL.

  9. Andi, I thought the same thing when I saw his puddy face.

    That would should be called "Courage". Even if you don't do the whole Peace, Strength and Hope thang.

  10. andi, I'm sure there are places I haven't lived, but that doesn't mean they're not on the list. :)

    Big hugs, Dina.

    Send the rain this way! I'd trade a sunny day in the desert for a gloomy one on the Oregon coast any time.

    Hang in there, Jen. Kitties will grow up and be gone way too soon.

    Hope Whit finds his way back - doggone technology.

    Off to see the Mariners under the lights tonight. Have to squeeze in baseball before it's all gone.

    Happy Almost St Patty's Day, y'all...