Wednesday, March 2, 2011

But Meet a Forceful Advance

Taken February 20, 2011.

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  1. Green Shoots--WooHoo.

    Farf, the Mason pic is dreamy. The crossed feet,the footy pjs, and that impish grin=heartbreaker.

    Maria, glad spring is a coming for ya. And AWESOME Rider be you.

    Hubby has torn ligament in shoulder from fall on ice earlier and will be setting up orthoscopic surgery to fix it. Day surgery with a few weeks in a sling.

    Ready for Spring Break.

    Waves as off to visit storyland.

  2. Wishing much pain relief and a quick recovery to hubby, Lisa. And wishing many good words flowing from mind to you.

  3. Morning, gang!!

    Lisa, hugs to hubby & wishing him a speedy recovery.

    Spring is STILL HERE!! And today, I powered through the final 14 miles to Cardiff. 400 miles in 2 months on the exercise bike. Not too shabby, huh?

    Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday!

  4. Morning!

    Good shot Andi, it reminds me I need to get a shot of some dwarf daffs I noticed over the weekend. Thanks to all who like the Mason pic… you don't get to see the other side too much, the screeching tantrums (especially when Moptop has invaded his bubble a little too much). And he did NOT want to give up the pen!

    Lisa, hope the hubby does OK. I had knee surgery July 2009, and it was an in&out routine. That's saying nothing about the recovery period though. But you have to do what's necessary to get back in the game. Bring us something back from storyland, OK?

    Maria, send us some photos of Cardiff! and Hogwarts when you get there too!

  5. Got our Governor's disastrous proposed budget address yesterday. If this goes through I imagine Laura will start looking for a new job in University somewhere they still value education. Walker's a f***ing lunatic and he's going to do enormous damage to the state, some of it irrepairable.

    It's not really going to hurt us directly, Laura's an internationally known scholar in her field and my job isn't tied to any geographic location. We could, in fact, probably significantly improve our financial situation by moving to a private university elsewhere in the US or a university in another country with a real social support network.

    The main reason we've stayed here despite incentives to move elsewhere is that we like the location and Laura loves the work, but if Walker manages to destroy the state's educational system at every level, as he looks poised to do, we're not going to have a lot of choice. That's the real horror of this kind of short-sighted Republican bullshit. The long term damage to the state. We can move away fairly easily and so can most of the University system's best and most productive professors.

    Even if the Dems take things back in the next election the state is going to lose a big chunk of its intellectual capital over the next two year. And not just professors either, but also better off private sector workers who don't want to send their kids to the wreckage that is going to be all that's left of the public schools. Where does that leave Wisconsin?

  6. The very fact that Walker is getting away with this and the police and the courts haven't arrested him is a big sign that this country is fubared. So much goes unreported thanks to Reagan killing the fairness doctrine.

    Another reason voting is so important. I'm so sorry Kelly. But I'm grateful you have options. So many don't. We even thought of moving out of the country when "W" and Dick were destroying things. "Free Speech Zones" Now things are much worse and the bills that are being passed and even considred... my god! Miscarriage a crime?? They're taking our country back. To the dark ages.

    Note that if a Republican lived in an area that was 95% Democrat, they wouldn't have to be concerned for their safety or worry about vandals. But a Democrat or a Liberal living in a neighborhood of 95% Republicans... quite a different story there. And that's the difference between the two parties. R's are cowards and bullies whose only issues are God, Guns and Get the Gays. Big Corporations and beat down the little women. That's all they are.

    Democrats have so many voices and issues that they'll even fight amongst themselves but at least they don't terrorize or threaten.

    I think we need to start a campaign of mocking the Right. Like they do with Fred Phelps cult. Point and laugh. Since irony, history and facts don't work on them. Embarrass them with their own ignorance and hate.

    Like a 40 hour week with sick leave and paid vacations? Thank the Unions. Like fire exits at your work, like the fact you can't get fired because you're pregnant? Thank a union member. All the rest, thank a liberal or a democrat.

    Like a dirty river and big box corporations taking over your mom and pop stores? thank a greedy Republican while you're kids teeth fall out and they can't go see a doctor and they can't read a book.

    Now the thugs are going after our libraries. Disgusting. Maybe it is time for a "civil" war. Or at least a change in how we work with the opposite party because we're being eaten alive now. It's simply not working.

  7. I still have some hope that we'll be able to defeat this, Walker's positives are plummeting and the protests seem to be working, but I'm so tired of having to fight these fights. American taxes are the lowest they've been in fifty years, but the Reps pretend they're astronomically high and people believe them and vote them in. A relatively tiny tax increase would solve the problems here and we'd still be paying much less than our parents did.

    People want roads and sewers and schools, but too many have been unwilling to pay for them for too long and that leads to things like the 94 bridge collapse and what's all too likely to happen to education in Wisconsin.

    Again, it's not going to kill us. Even if Laura didn't want to look for a new job, she's a full professor with tenure and chair of a growing department in the sciences. Short of them closing half the universities in the state she's got a better paying job than many for as long as she wants it. But this is going to close so many doors for the most vulnerable among us. It makes me sick at heart.

  8. I see my taxes as an INVESTMENT in my country, my community, in my fellow human beings. As my friend from Denmakr says, "We pay a bit more in taxes but at least our bridges aren't faling down like yours"...

    The irony is: our taxes went to fuel a war and bail out bankers... yet Republicans will brandish their guns if you dare speak of using taxes to feed, clothe, educate and shelter fellow Americans. We have more than enough money in this great country to take care of everyone. But we have spent so much on helping the rich get richer (even at the cost of human lives, the enivornment, our children's educationa and future.

    I had a woman yesterday tell my boss that she and her husband, newly on food stamps, only come to my store (and my line) because they went elsewhere and were treated like scum in front of their children. Her husband remembered me saying that my taxes were an investment to feed children... They once voted Republican. Never Again.

    Sometimes bad times wake people up.

    I think a big step would be in getting the fairness doctrine back and working so we can call a lie a lie and get rid of most of the "news" in this country.

    March 19th is coming up. Been called in to do a sign making party. Danni wants to come along as she loves Codepink ladies and loves going to Marianne's house - where we seem to always make signs. :) Our signs will be handmade, spelled correctly and won't be inciting violence. :) The only violence will be done to little old ladies in rocking chairs or with pink scarves. I probably won't bring anything electronic with me. LOL

  9. I love seeing green peeking through- spring is on its way!

    Congrats, Maria - you are awesome!!

    My teacher friends in ID are also facing awfulness. Luckily they're close to retirement, but it's very very scary. I keep hoping sanity will return, but I've always been a Pollyanna. Sigh.

    Worked most of the night. Off for coffee and a little down time. Have a peaceful day, folks.

  10. lest I forget: Weather here: Rainy. With a chance of rain. Rain forecasted.

    On my way to the mimes. Have a slight head cold so my ears are wigging out, been walking like a drunkard due to it. Vertigo made a quick appearance Monday. Symptoms have changed drastically. But I don't like this feeling of being stoned and dizzy.

    Oh... today is Senior Discount Day. They want there "liberal handout" for sure you betcha. "Did you give me my discount!?!" it's always the snarliest, grumpiest ones who have the flag on their coat and have an air of entitlement to them. However, we have some pleasant people that use the 10% discount and return it right back as an offering to the Oregon Food Bank. Usually they have their own bags and most of them have some type of a progressive message on them. Not many, but enough to give me some hope.

  11. I'm relieved, Maria, that you got through Cardiff without getting all Torchwooded. ;)

    I'm sure he didn't want to give up the pen, Farf, because he hadn't met his daily word count quota yet. :D

    Kelly, I hope it leaves Wisconsin with some incentive to remember its history as a progressive state and try to make its past its future.

    Janet, hope my fellow geezer behave themselves today.

    I'd believe that about spring, Beth, if we didn't keep having below freezing temps at night and a chance of snow on Saturday and Sunday.

  12. Good afternoon everyone,

    Just got back from another procedure being done. Everything went well.

    It's definitely starting spring down here. Flowers are starting to bloom and the trees are getting some color other than brown.

    Hope everyone is doing good.


  13. Glad to hear it all went well, Whit. Next up, a battery for that camera so you can take us some pictures of those pretty flowers. :)