Monday, March 28, 2011

Blooming Flowers Meet Blooming Idiots

Taken March 24, 2011.

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  1. Hiya Andi and everyone!

    Don't know why, but the computer appears to be working at the moment. For how long, I guess only the FSO knows for sure.

    That hated dreaded look of green is starting to show up with the grass growing and weeds a blooming. AARRGGG!

    I went back to see the doctor that did all the procedures, and he said everything is fine. Still don't know why I'm losing weight, but from his end (or I guess both of mine) I'm doing fine. ;)

    Hope everyone is doing fine out there and take care.


  2. Howdy FM! So glad the news was good. I'm sure you shouldn't be even thinking about cutting grass between the anti-slackerliness of it and the horrific possibility of killer snakes. This is clearly a job for one of the rels.

    Nancy, so sorry about Kansas. It was like someone put a lid on the basket. But now you can root for Butler to get revenge for you.

  3. Oh no, Kansas lost?

    Sorry about the weight loss, FM, but glad your computer is working this morning.

    AndiF - what would you do without your blooming idiot to give you such good captions and titles? :)

    Hope everyone's week is off to a good start!

  4. Morning, gang!!

    Still brrrchillycold here, but I'm surviving. ::g::

    Shorter than usual week for me as I'm only working through Weds. Hoorah!

    FM, glad the computer is working & that your doc seems to think your body is, too. :)

    Just scheduled Mr. Kit for his shots & teeth cleaning while I'm away in Boston (boarding at the vet). I can't WAIT to see what the total $$ damage is. Le sigh. Oh well, at least he will be immunized & have pretty teeth, right?

    Happy Monday!

  5. Hi Fam! Glad the doc said everything's okay. Guess that means you can eat all the ice cream you want...

    Maria, def try andi's restaurant suggestion in the North End. I had black pasta with garlic, I believe - it was beyond amazing. Small place - get there early, or prepare to wait. But it's well worth it.

    No, Nancy, my family doesn't like college basketball, so I had to track the score on my phone. I think I'm glad I missed it - sorry. :( My bracket was toast a few days ago, so now I'm just rooting for the underdogs. I head home Wednesday, so won't miss any more games.

    Huge storms in FL early this morning - an hour of oohs and aahs. The pool is almost overflowing, and all of the plants are saying Thank You! Me too.

    Love the spring flowers, andi - one of the best parts of spring (except for the allergy part).

    Trivia tonight, otherwise no clue what's going on. At the mercy of folks with cars, so might be reading today. Have a good Monday, y'all!

  6. I know, CG. I am insufficiently grateful to them for all the opportunities they provide for me to laugh at them, not with them. ;)

    Cold here too, Maria. I hope your cold isn't doing anything bad to cherry blossoms.

    So you missed the Butler-Florida game, Beth? If so, too bad. It was incredibly exciting. P.S. I think you had the black pasta with calamari (I remember what other people eat when it's one of my favorite dishes).

  7. I have to get things ready for the school tour that is this Thursday. Lots of confusion on the date already by the store manager. Had us all in a tizzy last week.

    Made cake truffles again last night and they came out perfect. No crackage of the coating which happened to a few last time.

    Doing a 9 to 5 today - WHEW! Spring Break is over so no kids on MY couch as I drink coffee. :) Suhweet.

    (((Family Man))) you can have some of my weight.

  8. Such a great title to go with a great pic! B-ball isn't much my thing, so I'll just let you guys talk about that. :D

    FM, good to hear you got a good report. I'll follow Janet & offer you 20 lbs.

    Last ep of White Pickupswent up this morning. Funny how I felt relieved, even though that draft has been done for a few months now. If I post the sequel, it'll be a little while before I start because I have a lot of stuff to get lined up. Sooner or later, I have to start doing something with the mess, I mean MSS — either prostrating myself to the agent and publisher deities or just throw it out there. Either one is going to cost me a lot of writing time, and I have several things competing for mindspace… I guess that beats the alternative, eh?


  9. FM, good news that nothing is wrong with you except that you are becoming svelte :)

    In our office pool (the no-think, luck of the draw pool) I have Butler. They are making it exciting for me. :)

  10. Hi Janet. I'll bet the school tour will be a grand success.

    And the amazing thing is that the blooming idiots stayed still on enough for me to get it, Farf. And congrats on finishing White Pickups.

    I expect Butler will continue to make it exciting, Mary, and I hope they'll make it exciting right down to the championship game.

  11. I DID see the Butler game, andi - I plunked myself in front of the TV and grabbed the remote. I just couldn't bring myself to do it two days in a row. Saw the end of the Pitt game, too - Butler has been heart-stoppingly fun to watch. Too bad they have to play VCU - would have been fun to see how well they both do against "big" teams. Either way, I won't miss the rest of the games!

    Congrats on the last episode, Farf - I still think the writing part is more fun than deciding what to do with it next.

    I hope they go all the way, maryb!

    And yes andi, I think that WAS what I had. Heaven on a plate....