Thursday, March 3, 2011

And Counter It With Stiff Resistance

Taken February 25, 2011.

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  1. Looks like gigantic bamboo…

    Not much of note going on at the manor. I did get the pic of those daffs, which I'll use in Monday's White Pickups post since it too has daffs.

    Almost as bad as the situation in WI is the media brownout surrounding it. Fox Spew is lying about violence, everyone else is ignoring it in favor of whatever Charlie Sheen did this week. If not for Twitter & you guys, I wouldn't know much about it either.

  2. Pretty wintry pic. Would be a lot prettier if a Canadian cold front hadn't whooshed its way in last night. Brrrrrr. Spring ran off for a bit, methinks. :(

    re: Wisconsin - yes, exactly what Farf said. Sad to know that it's merely an aside to most folks. Without Internets, I wouldn't know anything about it.

    No bike miles for me today. I kind of overdid yesterday. Walked out to lunch because it was such a nice day, then got home to big boxes (of pillows I'd ordered) plus some other lifting/carrying things I needed to do. Finally caught a break around 7:30 p.m. My muscles ACHE.

    I believe I shall begin my journey to Hogwarts tomorrow.

    Thursday slipping into the weekend!!

  3. Re: WI, basically the same thing is going down here in Ohio, and in Florida too, while the news media continues the dispatches from Planet Sheen.

    And Counter It With Stiff Resistance

    My sentiments exactly. You know the cliche about history never quite repeating itself precisely, and I just think it's fascinating that Spartacus almost rhymes with Anonymous.

  4. Jen, yep, the war on public service, women, and community is in full swing everywhere the Republicans think they can get away with it. The one good thing I can say about it is it seems to have woken some of our local moderate Republican voters the f*** up.

    I know professors who have been quietly voting Republican for years thinking that they were still dealing with the Republicans of 20 years ago. It's gratifying to watch them waking up to the fact that being a public employee and voting for right wing Republicans is pretty much like being a deer and voting for hunting season.

  5. My dear friend used to say that oure "news" today was like the old news in Russia. And he should know. Canada just said that Fox News North is not allowed in their country as they don't do lies and propaganda. Those are our airwaves, I hope Anonymous or someone takes them over. Some people only know that the "unions are riotting"... Unbelievable.

    People are waking up which is good. First we attack the media than apathy. I think that what the republicans are doing to women, workers, the environment... is horrific, but I think people not caring or doing anything about it or doing their best not to be informed are actually worse. Something along the lines of: When good people do nothing...

    Last election a coworker voted for the first time in her life. She's a survivor of domestic abuse - and I do mean survivor. He left her for dead. He's in prison for attempted murder and rape of her 5 yr child. She stated that she didn't bother to vote. I asked her how she could let men make decisions for her and her daughter. Not being aware politically is being complicit in your own slavery. Now she's a voter.

    I liken women voting for Republican or Teabaggery as women who would support rape. That's really what the R party does on many levels. And now with the war on women and children - people should be riotting in the street... I don't know why they aren't. We've allowed so much to continue - torture, pollution... It's frustrating.

    Then someone says, "I don't do politics"... yeah, well politics is doing you up your butt. Eventually you'll start to squirm, too. But it's almost too late to do anything about any of it. Revolutions and change usually require bloodshed because democracy dies from apathy and then violence is needed to regain sanity. But you never get the rights back you let slip away. Never.

    Jen, it's happening in Washington state, too. Nothing on the damn "news". Just Glenn and Sarah making threats and Justin Beiber (whoever the hell he is and why would anyone care what he thinks!) saying that even young girls who were victims of incect should be "forced to have the baby".

    The streets are silent. Women and children will die. It will just take alot of them to die before anyone starts noticing.

    Family Man glad everything went smoothly :)

  6. one thing: Obama hasn't said a damn thing about the strrggles in Ohio, Wisconsin... His silence says much. And I'm not surprised.

    People say we are "taxed to death" our taxes are at their lowest. I tell ya what has happened, we have been "warred to death". Bail outs and illegal occupations is where our taxes went. My taxes are an investment and in this country you don't get a good return on that investment. "The greedy bastards" sucking it up are not women and children as Reagan's terrible "welfare queen" lie or how those damn liberals are giving it all away to people who should just go in a corner and die.

    As Rage Against the Machine sang: WAKE UP!

    This country needs a general strike. But the women of the USA aren't much different than most in 3rd world countries as they truly can't afford to go on strike and be heard. Slaves with really nice toys.

    Gotta go to work and next week I play and then make signs that the same women year after year will hold against a war that continues to drain our economy - even closing down schools to pay for their illegal occupations now. At our rallies, many get hurt and arrested - but we're not violent and we don't hate and we don't bring firearms. Flowers, strollers and children. And no news reporting it either.

    I don't belt out the National Anthem. "free and the brave" don't worry about 4 ounces of shampoo on their flight.

  7. Looking forward to seeing your daffodils, Farf. I really happy to say that there are signs of any flowers yet here since we're still having below freezing temps and the possibility of snow.

    When I've earned those sore muscles doing some rewarding work or play, Maria, I always find that resulting pain strangely pleasing. Does it work that way for you?

    Well I wasn't thinking of anything like that, Jen, when I named the post (just riffing on the current competition we're having between winter trying to hold on and spring trying to arrive) but your view works pretty damn well too.

    Kelly, I'm hoping that a lot of people in Indiana who consider themselves Republicans or Republican-leaning independents will realize that they don't want to be associated with any group of people who say that Dick Lugar has gone too far to the left.

    Janet, did you see that Haley Barbour decided it was time to revive Reagan's welfare queen fantasy -- only now it's Medicaid recipients picking up the medications in BMWs. I guess Cadillacs aren't good enough for Mississippi.