Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Where We're Going Is Where We've Been

Taken January 30, 2011.

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  1. Good morning everyone,

    Lovely picture Andi. We're at 40F this morning which is a nice change from the mid 20's.

  2. Good morning! 40's sound nice, FM. ALmost tropical, at this point. :)

    I'm off to work again today. Down to the last 9 days with the wicked witch of the west..

  3. Morning, all!!

    Mother Natures slammed us with a cold front yesterday night following a warm day. Oh well, it was too good to last. That said, the temps will be in the 40s today, so that's better than what it had been!

    Things seem to be better on the tummy front (thank goodness!) so it's off to the mimes I go today.

    Wishing everyone a great Tuesday!

  4. Going around in circles, in other words? I can relate.

    Conference call scheduled *way* too early, but it means I phone in from home and have a chance to say hello!

    FM, it's about 40 here too. When this call is done, I'll jump on the motorcycle & head to work. Ah, Spring #4.

    CG, 9 days? Cool. You got something else lined up or are you just chucking it in?

    Maria, hope the tummy bug stays away & the mimes don't give it an excuse to come back!

    OK, back to the call…

  5. We got down to low 20s last night, Whit, but for at least next week we're going to stay above freezing and there's even a day in the 60s in the forecast. It's almost like being in Alabama -- but without the accents and with better trees. :)

    Warmth is on the way, CG -- even before that trip to San Diego.

    Yay for feeling better, Maria. Hope there are no relapses.

    Going to be riding you cycle soon, Farf?

  6. Well that Valentine's Day sucked. Spouse "spaced it". Yeah, after our daughter gave us cards in the morning and your son went shopping with his class and I got things for the kids a week ago. So excuse me if I don't really care about hearing what when on at work with one of the guys. I didn't accept the weak apologies - he should feel bad, cause I sure did. I'm not big on this "holiday"... but he knew I was preparing for it. He knew it was giong to be a hard day at work for me because my Mom really liked this holiday and when shopping for groceries last week, I about broke down because of the Valentine cards displays.

    One thing for sure though: I'm not working on Mothers Day. Not because I "honor" that BS holiday as most of you know. It's an Anti-War proclamation day that was twisted and apparently is just fine by many, even progressives. But I don't want to be surrounded by people talking about their Moms that day. Capiche?

    Kindle still hasn't arrived. That'll be my heart gift for me, from me.

    Wish I could take one to two days off a week from work. I could do more at the house & anti-war stuff, be here more with Wes AND go back to school. As part time, I'd still keep my benefits at work. I'm hoping Wayne's job gives him a huge promotion, pay raise so that we can afford to do so. I need some fulfillment in my life before I crack up LOL. Wayne thinks I need a "better" job, I just have better things to do with my time ;)

    The rain is definitely back. It even hailed yesterday. Oregon is warmer than Georgia... weird.

  7. By the way, Manny has a wonderful diary up. And I broke a rule... I posted comments. LOL

    Cripes, I need to get ready for work. that'll teach me surfing the nets before a shower...

    have a good day everyone!

  8. It's almost like being in Alabama -- but without the accents

    Pray tell, do all other parts of the country not have accents? :P

  9. I'm from Worshingtun. No accent here :)

    None whatsoever in Bahstun, either :P

  10. When I lived in Germany my landlady told me that people that live 40 or 50 kilometers from them had different accents. Seeing that I wasn't fluent in German I couldn't tell.

    It's funny if you look at it, but people that don't live that far from you, say 100 miles, will have a little bit different accents. That is unless you live in a big city where accents abound.

    Seeing that I was away from here for over 30 years, I lost a bit of my accent. However, no matter where I went I could never give up saying "Y'all". ;)

  11. There's at least three distinct accents in MIchigan. Predominating is the Midwestern accent (aka "talk normal") that pretty much everyone reading news on national TV uses. The southern counties are the northern extent of Midland, which extends from Iowa to Ohio — the "ah" sound becomes "ar" (as in "wash" → "warsh") and "ee" becomes "ih" ("creek" → "crik") and so forth. Where I grew up, it was the poorer families that spoke like that. Finally, in the Upper Peninsula, a Scandinavian lilt creeps in.

    FM, I adopted "y'all" as the plural form of "you" long before I landed on Planet Georgia. It's a form missing from other dialects & I did what I could to seed it there. ;-)

    Andi, I'm on the motorbike today. About to ride home.

  12. I'm from North Dakota. The accents in the movie Fargo are not really an exaggeration, though they're technically more iron range Minnesota than ND. Mine has mostly been suppressed by years of theater training.

  13. Sorry about the Valetine's Day miss, Janet. I'm sure he'll make it up for it.

    Well my part of the country doesn't have YOUR accent, Whit. :P

    Well then, Farf, this song is for you. :)

    No wonder Wisconsin winters don't bother you, Kelly. They must seem positively balmy in comparison to your home ground.

  14. I've softened up over the years, but yeah, every time I've moved it's been to someplace warmer.

  15. Wisconsin is WARMER, Kelly? Ha! Too funny. I moved to the desert when I wanted warmer.... :)

    I've always said y'all, but my mother's family is from NC. So I grew up with a strong Southern influence. And I learned to say "crik" in NE Warshington. :) I call my car my "rig." That's Idaho. I guess I'm just mixed up in general.

    Late to the game...with a lot of work to do tonight. Just wanted to pop in and see what's shaking!

    Night to those of you on your way...

  16. Believe it or not, I have a wonderful Georgian accent. :)

    At least, I can DO a wonderful Georgian accent.

    I had one of the female leads in Crimes of the Heart. I was the suicidal blonde with a crush on her lawyer who was helping her after she gut shot her nasty husband. It's a dark comedy. Kinda like my life.

    Plus I'm a storyteller/reader, I love doing acents and sometimes I make em up. Like witchiepoo voices and bubba bear happy laugh voice.

    IF I could make a living reading books to groups of kids... I'd be so on that!

  17. We were in S carolina once when a woman said: talk some more, I love your accent, you sound like the Beatles. Aaaaaaaaaaarrgghh - I was appalled; not in a million years I don't! I sound like like Kate Winslet crossed with Helen Mirren, kind of!