Friday, February 4, 2011

What Remains of What is to Come

Black-eyed susans
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  1. Snow has fallen. Looks to be several inches. So bright out even in the still predawn.
    Not supposed to be above freezing until tomorrow. Sigh. Hard packed ice below the snow.

    Supposed to be in the 40s tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it.

    Have gotten some time to work on story which has been nice. Yesterday, Daughter made it to work and Hubby had fun painting at the church. Ah, the motivation of cabin fever.

    Stay safe and warm All.

  2. No snow here, just rain all night long. Stay warm, Lisa!

    I posted a Friday Flash, a more traditional zombie story, if anyone's interested.

  3. Several inches, Lisa?? Egads! I bet the Super Bowl folks are NOT happy. Then again, both teams are used to playing in snow...just not for the Super Bowl. Yay for getting story work done! Stay off the roads - I bet there are lots of crazies out there who don't know how to drive in it...

    You are a writing fiend, Farf! Your productivity never ceases to amaze me.

    Picture of the frozen fountain I woke to yesterday at my place. Supposed to get all the way to 58 today - fingers crossed.

    TGIF, y'all! Weekend ahead!

  4. Morning!!

    Slept in: glorious
    Overnight steel cut oats cooked in rice cooker for brekkie: yumtastic
    Day off: hoorah!!

    Lisa, glad that it's snow and not ice and that the end is nigh. The ice moved south, however, as I got pics from my dad this a.m. - San Antonio all iced in. Bad, b/c Mom is in hospital recuperating from knee surgery so that means Dad will be driving today. :( (yes, I worry!)

    We're back into below freezing temps with the possibility of more precip over the weekend. Ugh.

    Hoping that Andi & Jim are keeping warm and toasty.

    I'm about to hop on the recumbent for my morning "ride", then spending the rest of the day reading (AWESOME new UF book by Allison Pang - her first) and catching up on TV. Still need to see final ep of Downton Abbey.

    Wishing everyone a safe, warm and fabulous Friday!

  5. Warning Maria--Downton Abbey--Cliffhanger storylines.
    Really enjoyed that series.

  6. Yep, echoing Lisa Downton Abbey is a cliffhanger.

    But I really liked the series. Does anyone know if the DVD's are out yet and if they have commentary. The writer of Downton Abbey also wrote Gosford Park and the writer's commentary on that DVD is fascinating. He explains how they decided how much silver to include in the place settings at the dining table and why married ladies tended to take breakfast in bed on weekends at country houses (unmarried ladies weren't allowed to). So I'd like to hear him talk about the earlier period of Downton Abbey.

  7. Really sorry about the crap weather, Lisa. At least here we expect winter weather to be -- well -- winter weather. It's got to be hard to deal with when it's in a place it shouldn't be.

    Nice story, Farf. The though tone was completely different, it made me think of Shaun of the Dead.

    Wow Beth -- that must be freaking out Phoenix all to hell.

    Maria, joining on the Downton Abbey season ender -- the ARGGGH that went up from Jim and me could probably be heard three counties away.

    Mary, Amazon is showing that they have the DVD for the US region. The review says that "Extras include a featurette, in which cast and crew discuss the production, and an introduction to Hampshire's Highclere Castle, which doubles for Downton Abbey."

  8. Need to take this weekend and get the property ready for the rainy season and Spring. Need to do the roses... I'm so sick of the roses actually. They were here when we bought the place. I'd much rather turn that area into a herb garden area..

    Was supposed to ride our bikes along the Springwater Corridor which is a rails to trails so it's mostly flat riding. But was reminded that I have a follow up appt w/ doc today at 11. So that kinda messes up the schedule a bit.

    Sorry for all the bad weather. But the scientist have been explaining it for about a decade.

    Speaking of weather, the inlaws in Boston/NH area always complain that it rains too much in the Northwest for them. They've never been out here. In fact, it rains more where they live than we get here. We get on average 45 inches a year. But they are able to vacation (what they call "thaw out") every year in Florida. They take various grandkids with them. They've only see Wes and Dan once in all these years and that's cause we flew out there.

    When our nephew Alex was killed in a car accident a year ago, I got a call from my father-in-law that changed my daughter drastically. He called to tell Wayne what happened. Wayne was still on his bike and couldn't be reached so I was trying to get a number from him for me to be able to have them connect. It's a tricky set up they have at Wayne's work. He works deep inside Intel. No cell phones and such allowed and he's usually inside ... inside. :) Anyways, he's hemmming and hawwing over how to call him back. Finally he's not at his house, or his grieving daughter's house or even in florida.

    He's in Arizona!!! Checking out another son's timeshare because that's the place to be for baggers and bigots apparently if you're an angry white man who listens to Rush (which I believe excludes Beth :) ) and touring the McCain mansion. Danni said, "they're in Arizona?!?! They can't ever see us but they are in Arizona?!?" She said something loudly and I can't remember what it was but it's message was clear to the inlaws. Don't Bother. It's their loss.

    Got a ton of free goodies at work yesterday. They removed a ton of slow movers from the cracker, chip, glutien free aisles. We all got hundreds of dollars worth of non-expired yummies. Mostly school/after school snackers. Bennie!!!

    My weekend has started.

    Farf, I love me some zombies!!! I'll read that later. I've been enjoying a compilation called "New Zombies" great short stories.

    The Householders Guide to the Universe is a bit too much for me. Great ideas in it though but way too extreme for a newbie. I can't stay home so I can make homemade soap to save a few bucks LOL...

    Portland has some great books about urban pioneering and city dwellers who love the planet. I just got to keep my own journal and map out my own path. I miss Iowa Victory Gardner. I have so many questions for him.

    And yep... Codepink is in Cairo. Has been for 6 days now. Got a fantastic email from Medea about it. I, however, am still wanting to go to Iraq and Jordan. I haven't forgotten and I still believe.

  9. Beth, I just realized… you mentioned a frozen fountain pic, but the linky didn't get in there. BTW, I tend to write in bursts — and yeah, when I'm really in the zone, I can keep the keyboard bouncing. What you don't see are the long stretches in between. :-)

    Maria, I hope your dad does OK driving, especially if he's not used to those conditions. I heard something this morning about a possible 6" of snow in Dallas for SuperBore Sunday.

    Thanks for the kind words, Andi. I think I saw part of Shaun once, kind of by accident. :)

    Janet, your rose situation sounds somewhat like Olivia's: just something that came with the place. You could always dig 'em up and pass them on to someone who wants them. We have a vining rose that was in the back yard; Mrs. Fetched & her mom transplanted it next to a dogwood at the corner of the driveway, and it sprang back up from the roots. So you might have trouble getting shut of them. Hope you enjoy the story, drop a comment if you are inclined!

    Oh, Snippet finally returned yesterday. I don't think The Boy missed her much, and I know Mason didn't (and she sure doesn't act like she missed him). Or the rest of us. If I'd known her getting a vehicle would make her disappear for five days, I'd have gotten her mom to hand it over months ago!

    C'mon weekend…

  10. I'll comment indeed Farf :) I'm very inclined in that regard LOL.

    I'm going to leave the roses for now. One went wild and had to be taken out. I'm thinking of planting herbs around that area right next to the borders. For now.

    Back from follow up appt with the worlds greatest GYN doc. No cancer, no broken valves or anything wrong under the hood or elsewhere. I'm just extremely low in vitamin D. So going to do a 12 week mega dose of the big D. 50,000 uis of it actually. I just finished a 4 week mega dose but that's because the insurance company fubared that instead of doing a 12 week right from the beginning.

    Common thing for us Cascadians of Swedish heritage, SPF moisturizer, sunglass wearing, chapstick addict, blonde, blue eyed, non-dairy freaks.

  11. I think you should plant a herb garden, Janet. It's something I've always thought about doing but haven't so maybe I could take inspiration from you.

  12. Drive by hi. Real Life sucks right now.