Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Poetry Post

Up the Driftwood River at the confluence with the Flat Rock.

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Holy Waters
by Joan Osborne

On a pitch black highway lookin' for a road
Sleepin' on a stormy bed, honey, who will be your coat
Came to be my drivin' wheel, you came to be my man
Now you're rollin' like a baby boy in the backseat of a van

Holy waters, holy way
Holy waters, sweetest way

Mississippi and Missouri
Where the sun swims with the moon
Rainbows run through chapel rooms
Pourin' honey by the spoon
In came to bring you watermelon
Bring you scented wine
Now I'm burning up in hot breath
And the rivers rollin' out of time

Holy waters, holy way
Holy waters, sweetest way

I listen to a seashell out on a purple shore
I heard a song so wild and sweet it moved me to the core
So while the road is dancin' you let your love know how
Move it like the ocean and the waves from here tonight

Holy waters, holy way
Holy waters, sweetest way

Holy waters, holy way
Holy waters, sweetest way

Holy waters, holy way
Holy waters, sweetest way

Holy waters, holy way
Holy waters, sweetest way


  1. Soothing Poem and Pic, Jim.

    Hey, All.
    I've been doing less online, so mostly lurking.

    Life just seems boring here, same old work and home. No great events to report. But then no news is good news.

    Spring Break coming up in a couple of weeks. WooHoo.
    The kiddos are pouring in at work, so look forward to respite.

    Maria, here's to a breakthrough for you.

    Beth, good of you to let the Guys have their time. Spring Training is coming soon for you to enjoy.

    Glad the bitter winter in waining and we can see some color soon.
    Waves to All.

  2. Hey all!

    Nice song, is it blues? I'll share the verse that's part of the Ice Dragon story… a first draft of sorts, I need to work on the last verse.

    “What, you don’t remember the rhyme?” He recited:

    When winter winds moan,
    The ice dragon’s bones
    Can be found alongside the river.

    The blood of the pure
    Shed without fear:
    The ice dragon comes to deliver.

    The frost spider spins
    A white snowy skin
    And blood brings the dragon awake.

    But impure blood burns,
    The dragon shall turn,
    The bones of the impure to break.

    Lisa, hang in there. Sounds like the kiddos don't know how to hang & are getting busted ahead of spring break. You ought to threaten 'em with having to attend school through break, THAT would straighten 'em up! Spring break has already started for Daughter Dearest, but she had to take off early — she has a (token pay) position in a church choir over by the campus and it is Sunday.

    Winter's drawing to a close, it's March on Tuesday after all…

  3. Good morning all,

    Very nice poems Jim and FAR. I don't know why, but I can see Jim's picture today, but not the rest. FAR I did what you suggested and it was already checked, so I re-checked it again, but....

    It has been raining down here a little bit which is good. Not that I don't like rain, but just not the monsoon type.

    Everyone take care and stay warm, or dry or dry and warm - whichever suits ya best. :)


  4. Great poem, Farf!

    The cops have joined the Civil Rights Movement!!! Great turn out in Salem yesterday! Since when were politicians allowed to be dictators?? Oh yeah... since Teabaggers and Warmongers thought they had power. Well, they have power over "teh stupid morans" ;) And the apathetic. But not the rest of us.

    Some of us will remain truly free and brave. Go Wisconsin! Go Labor! Go Working Class America!

  5. Well, it rained all night, but clear skies now. I should have sat up all night to watch it. :(

    No festival, andi - the traffic was horrific trying to get there, and I realized I wouldn't have time between schlepping duties for the boys once I finally DID make it. So I gave up. Doggone big cities.

    Pretty tranquil picture, Jim - thanks!

    No bike schlepping today, just a social gathering with strangers. And work. Looking forward to next weekend, when a GF will be here to celebrate our birthdays.

    In the meantime, peaceful Sunday to all.

  6. Really like your poem, Far, and your song, Jim.

    Speaking of songs, I've fallen in love with Teddy Thompson's new album, "Bella."

    Janet, thank you for standing up.

    Andi,I loved yesterday's cool and spooky photo. What *is* that stuff? If you said, I missed it.

    Howdy to everybody!

  7. Hi everybody.

    It's just ice, Nancy. Here's my theory for what creates the "eye" effect: Where the water flows over the rocks and then freezes, it makes little bubble domes. When the sun comes out, the domes get more of the sun and thus are more likely to thaw and when they get thin enough, they collapse.

  8. Here's a link to Joan Osborne singing "Holy Waters," Farf. I wouldn't call it bluesy. Neat poem about the ice dragons.

    Hi Lisa we have round one of statewide testing starting next week and my mathaletes have their competition on Thursday of the following week. Then we have spring break.

    Enjoy what's left of Sunday, everyone.

  9. Farf, I love the dragon poem -- especially the frost spider stanza.

  10. Off work and off to take Wes to an Oscar Party put on by a fellow classmate. We brought some "manly man food for manly men" appetizers... Beef Pepperoni Sticks. Argh!

    But these are made at my store so they're super good. :