Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Poetry Post

90 Seconds with Old Ryan

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The Constellation Orion
by Ted Kooser

I'm delighted to see you.
old friend.
lying there in your hammock
over the next town.
You were the first person
my son was to meet in the heavens.
He's sleeping now.
his head like a small sun in my lap.
Our car whizzes along in the night.
If he were awake, he'd say.
"Look, Daddy, there's Old Ryan!"
but I won't wake him.
He's mine for the weekend,
Old Ryan, not yours.


  1. Good morning Jim,

    I like the poem. I haven't been out to look at the stars in awhile. Then again, it has been a little cold.

    Hope everyone is doing fine today.

  2. Love the stars pic, Jim. Orion is one of my favorite constellations. Very visible in our winter early morning sky.

    Andi, I've loved your winter creature features!!

    I've been lurking. Trying to limit my online time and focus on getting my next story together. I can't just sit down like Maria and have the words flow and the story come.
    I'm pleased to have an overall plan now and an idea of what needs to be experienced by the characters in different sections of the story.
    March is my goal month to start writing.

    Nancy--a nomination--WooHoo.

    Jen, glad E is home and better. Hope Spring with spring up for you soon. Color and blooms will help all our moods.

    Nicky, hope healing continues FAST. Glad your book party went well.

    Kelly, glad you and the Mrs. are having some USA enjoyment before winging to the UK.

    Farf, sounds like you've been quite productive on the writing front lately. Maybe Mason will take after Gramps.

    Beth=Busy. Hope the jingle, jangles the right notes.

    Mary, wine bar sounds like a great break and outside time a dream.
    We have been in the 60s and 70s lately and it has been wonderful.

    Whit and George, glad you are visiting more often.

    Waves to Janet, O, CG, and all others that have been about lately.
    Back to lurk mode.

  3. What a lovely, sad little poem. I really like the fierceness of the love expressed in the last two lines.

    One of my sisters was to be named Orion, had she been a boy. Orion was also the first constellation I could find in the sky because one of my elementary school teachers was made of pure awesome and she starting giving us astronomy units in grade one. Then she took us all camping in the Everglades so we could see it writ large and bright and live. I still think of her every time I look up and find the belt.

    I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, relaxing and/or rocking out, as desires demand. Thanks again to you all for the kind words and good wishes, much appreciated. :)

  4. ah yes, the great Irish constellation O'Ryan.

    Waves to FM, Lisa and Jen.

    Went to a trivia night last night to benefit the Botanical Garden. We came in third, the last category broke us - Irish Music. But we aced the sustainability questions. And identifying baggies of spices. I was no help on that one but my cousin is a chef.

    Dogsitting Truman this weekend while sister is in Argentina for business. He has. cable so if there is any Sunday night cable show I should watch, let me know.

  5. One of my favorite things about Orion is that it can be used as to locate so many other interesting stars and objects.

  6. My high school physics teacher loved astronomy. We spent most of the year studying the stars, and a couple of weeks doing the physics stuff. Which was fine with me - never was much of a science person. :) And Orion was always one of my favorites.

    Another gray day in AZ, and loving it. Enjoy spring, those who are experiencing it! And now, back to work.

  7. Hi, everybody.
    Sweet poem, Jim. I love Old Ryan, but I'm glad to see a little less of him as our nights get shorter.