Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Poetry Post

Late Winter's Early Night

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by A.E. Stallings

The hounds, you know them all by name.
You fostered them from purblind whelps
At their dam’s teats, and you have come
To know the music of their yelps:

High-strung Anthee, the brindled bitch,
The blue-tick coated Philomel,
And freckled Chloe, who would fetch
A pretty price if you would sell—

All fleet of foot, and swift to scent,
Inexorable once on the track,
Like angry words you might have meant,
But do not mean, and can’t take back.

There was a time when you would brag
How they would bay and rend apart
The hopeless belling from a stag.
You falter now for the foundered hart.

Desires you nursed of a winter night—
Did you know then why you bred them—
Whose needling milk-teeth used to bite
The master’s hand that leashed and fed them?


  1. {{{Dina}}}

    Been there, experienced that. Bah, humbug.

    I did sleep last night, but only after the raging munchies attack. I blame it on the weather change...though, I'm *not* complaining about said weather change! It's going to be in the 60s at some point this week!!!!! \\0// happy dance.

    Off to ride the recumbent bike, then another lazy day.

  2. Yep I get insomnia too Dina. Nothing more frustrating sometimes. I hope you can get some naps in.

    Maria we're warming up too. Hope you have a lazy slackerly day.

  3. Thanks, guys. I can't nap usually but I have been up so long I just may try one today. Maybe in front of the TV.

  4. The Weather: It's moist outside. Been raining all night. Wayne's on his bike riding into work, I need to get in the shower.

    The Good: Wes went to a social outting yesterday at a pizza parlor with about 30 of his fellow students. This event was put on by a student and his family. They all had a good time.

    The Bad: I'm up at this hour on a Sunday.

    Sat down and planned out the garden/canning.. "plan". It started to get a bit carried away. So we decided to do build 3 4x4 garden containers. Our main focus - Tomatoes, beans for drying and then an experimental one for carrots, garlic, beats and chard. We're going to buy a tiered planter for herbs which will be used fresh, dried and also pureed and frozen in these little cubes. As to canning, we'll go on picnics to the U-Picks this summer and get some berry jams done. Something about plans, mice and men... But it seems like a sound plan.

    The Ugly: I need to get my shabby self vertical. Bye!

  5. Ooo, Jim, great poem. Thanks.

    Dear Dina, a lullaby for you--

  6. That was beautiful, Nancy. Thanks even if I am still awake.

  7. Rats. Not so much as a yawn? Hell, it made *me* sleepy!

  8. Unfortunately, when the insomnia fairy visits, she be most cruel.

  9. Oh, oh, lullabies. I have to do a Sunday delurk to offer up my favorite lullaby, Wendy Waldman's Pirates Ships.

    P.S. Sorry the sound quality isn't better.

  10. Andy, that's nice! She's new to me, so I've gone a'searchin' for more on UToob.

  11. Headin' on up into the 60s today, there are mini-waterfalls everywhere. Sending it east. :)

  12. She's a long time favorite of Jim and me and goes all the way back to 70s. You can hear more of her music at her website.

    It's already here, Mary. It's in the 50s now.

  13. Thanks, Andi. Poor sound yet still lovely!

  14. Hi all, middle part of the grading period, swamped with papers. Enjoy your break in the weather.

  15. 80 here today. Tried to do a bike ride along the canal, but fried my brain. I'm a fairweather biker, I guess.

    Sorry about the insomnia fairy. Hope the weather continues to warm for everyone.

    Sleep well tonight!