Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Poetry Post

The heron's fishing spot is closed for the season.
Opening soon; I hope.

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Damselfly, Trout, Heron
by John Engels

The damselfly folds its wings
over its body when at rest. Captured,
it should not be killed
in cyanide, but allowed to die
slowly: then the colors,
especially the reds and blues,
will last. In the hand
it crushes easily into a rosy
slime. Its powers of flight
are weak. The trout

feeds on the living damselfly.
The trout leaps up from the water,
and if there is sun you see
the briefest shiver of gold,
and then the river again.
When the trout dies
it turns its white belly
to the mirror of the sky.
The heron fishes for the trout

in the gravelly shallows on the far
side of the stream. The heron
is the exact blue of the shadows
the sun makes of trees on water.
When you hold the heron most clearly
in your eye, you are least certain
it is there. When the blue heron dies,
it lies beyond reach
on the far side of the river.


  1. Good morning Jim and Andi,

    We're pretty cold down here tonight. It around the mid 20's at the moment. We still haven't gotten the heater fixed, but I have a trusty box heater which keeps my room manageable.

    I saw where next week you've got even more snow. Who says winter can't be fun. :)

    Stay warm.

  2. Got up to 55 yesterday and didn't freeze overnight--WooHoo.
    Unfortunately, Hubby took a spill on some ice in the shade yesterday while working at the church. Shoulder hurt, but strong men don't go to docs. We'll see how it feels today. He had to sleep some in the recliner.

    Superbowl mania can come to an end today. Afraid merchants may not have done as well this past week as they'd hoped with all the ice and snow. Can't get really excited for the game myself. College would be a different matter.

    Stay warm and safe.

  3. I like this picture alot. It's going to stick with me all day.

    Pigs fly, Andi :) I'll share that with Danni.

    I'll have to wait till Danni wakes up to see KMc's photo. I don't have facebook.

    Forgot what I was going to say this morning after I read Lisa's "Strong men don't go to the doctor." I think there's an entire campaign out right now to get men to see the doctor as well as returning troops to get help.

    My guy just completed a series of lenghty health "committments" at work. It consisted of several physical exams as well as a colonoscopy (by our own hospital) He was the only one on shift who did it. The other guys were just too fat, too scared or too lazy to do it.

    He figures the only way to stay fit is to keep track of his health and maintain a working relationship with his doctor. Maybe it's because he's so active in the community, sports and he has to be healthy to even get to work by commuting by bike rather than just sitting on his butt all day and plopping his butt in a big SUV at the end of it. But then he's a New England snow plowing, hockey man... no stubborn bone in his body (yeah riiight) :)

    He spoke to his parents last night about the VA and his knee. They said he should just use his own insurance... He explained that this was service related and what if he doesn't have insurance or a job when he's 75. Once a non-VA type doc touches his knee... but I don't think most civilians understand that.

    No snow here, but I've got a blanket of kitties on me making me not want to get out of bed and go to work.

    Kicking myself out of bed.

  4. Morning, gang!

    Not doing the bowl thing today as I'm (a) not a fan of the sport and (b) having wee bout of tummy issues--nothing major, but just enough to preclude me having fun at a colleague's gathering.

    Kelly!!! Totally awesome pics, dude. (Link goes to Neil Gaiman's post about said pics.

    Lisa, glad the temps are higher but sad about hubby's spill. Rest is a good thing.

    Janet - yes, staying/getting fit really does boil down to mindfulness: both in eating & exercise. Working relationship with a doc is also key to making sure little things don't turn into big things.

    Mom is on day 3 of recovery post replacement of old bionic knee (it had pretty much disintegrated!). She's bored, reading and supposed to go home tomorrow.

    Rode 8 miles today and a bunch yesterday. I'm at 216.5 miles in my fantasy bike ride. :) Now, I'm going to spend the rest of the day watching good movies and avoiding the hype.


  5. I really like the poem, Jim. Thanks.

    Andi, if you squint your eyes funny, that becomes a photo of a tree that fell on and murdered another tree. No, really, it does.

    Kelly, wow for many reasons. :)

    Maria, I do like football, but I'm not interested in this game, 'cause I have to have a team in the game.

    Waving at Mr. Mundane, Janet, Lisa, and All Who Arrive Later.

  6. I just fell out of my chair at work.

    OMG those photos are freakin awesome!!! Thanks for the link Maria!

    And OMG2!!! KMac is a neighborly, tea sipping neighbor of Neil Gaiman. OMFG.

    Danni's favorite author, movie maker... and humorist. And I'm quite taken by him as well ROFL. Yeah, we're fans but who isn't.

    MirrorMask is amazing and I think Danni has read everything so far by him.

    I'd always envisioned KMac as a tall, redhead, bearded, spiffy dresser Bill Nighy comes to mind. Don't know why. :) But I'm so glad he takes off his shirt and sports some antlery hornage.

  7. Hey all… sorry I wasn't in earlier, but FAR Manor does odd things to time as well as people. Very nice day here, not quite as good as a couple weekends ago when it hit 70, but still kind enough to cut wood and not get cold. Lobster helped load and unload, and was duly impressed by my free-standing stacking technique. :-P

    The StuporBore is going on out in the living room. M.A.E. is watching and pulling for the Steelers. Me, I don't care. Mason zorched out at 8:30 after not napping today.

    Hope everyone had a good afternoon… I'm going to read some since there's no writing that I particularly want to do.