Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Taken January 13, 2011.

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  1. Well the first round of freezing rain wasn't too bad -- it arrived later than they said and rained less -- I think we have maybe a 1/10 inch. Next round, which supposed to worse, doesn't start till later in the day. Hope Mary and Jen are doing okay.

  2. Neat pic.
    Too slick for school.
    Summer's getting shorter.

  3. Ice ice, Baby! Not too much here, just enough to kibosh the morning commute and cause accidents.

    Even though my office is rather close (2 mi) there is a TON of traffic between here & there. I'd rather not risk it so I am working @ the mimes from home today.

    ::sending good vibes to Mary & Jen::

    Andi, love the wee weed/flowers(?) - what are they?

    Hope everyone keeps warm & safe today!

  4. Power is gone. :(

    Later- -- probably much later.

  5. Chestnut cluster? Too bad you won't see this to answer for a while. :( Stay warm…

    Hey Maria, could you skate to work? >8-}

    From yesterday… thanks Janet. Those shoveling & suet feeder stories were pretty funny, too. I did a lot of shoveling when I lived in Michigan. Dad had a snow blower when I was little, but it wore out & I guess he figured he had two boys to do the work…

    Mary, you doing OK? I saw a forecast for an inch of ice… that's a for-sure shutdown. Looks like the northern half of the country is getting whacked today, ice some places, heavy snow/blizzards in others. Sheesh.

  6. Jim, I'm home too. Got out to the store while it was still slushy at 5:00 a.m.
    So I'm set to make lasagna and turkey chili and chicken soup. Doesn't look to improve for another day or so.
    Hate losing those bad weather days. But got plenty to do as am following Karen Weisner's First Draft in 30 Days this month to try to clarify my story and come up with a good outline so major writing can commence in March.

    Roaring fire inside and daughter made sure the birds have plenty of seed outside, so we have a wildlife extraveganza in the backyard.

    Nicky--hope you are on the mend.

    Maria, good to stay safe.

    Andi and Jim, snuggle on the couch with pack. Hope power returns soon.

    Off to do writerly things. Then start cooking. Bought a box of gingerbread mix. Sounded like a nice treat on a cold day.

    Cyberhugs to all.

  7. Wow, it does sound like most of the nation is getting walloped today. Be safe, everyone! Glad you all decided to stay home and work from there, where you could - just not worth risking your life to get to a job.

    Gingerbread and chili and a hot cocoa sound pretty wonderful to me...I wouldn't mind sitting inside and watching the weather rage, as long as I didn't have to go out in it.

    I think I've tweaked the new blog for the last time. New platform, new look. Easier commenting. Hope you stop by and check it out - pix of our bike ride along the Arizona Canal featured today!

    Take care, everyone!! Hope andi and Jim come back soon...

  8. Power is gone. :(

    BOOHISS. The back end of this storm system is a little scary. We're still powered and okay for now. Hope our luck holds, the Fs only have to endure a short outage, and that everyone else in the storm's path fares well.

  9. So far so good. We got less ice last night than they predicted (only about 1/10 of an inch) and now we're into sleet which they say is better because it doesn't stick to trees/powerlines as much. But they've increased our estimated snow accumulation. But at least sleet has better traction. I've seen power trucks going up and down our alleys. I don't know if some people's power is out or if they've divided the city up and are doing preventative stuff. The snow is about to start hitting in an hour. Apparently this is the first time in memory that the city of St. Louis has been given a "blizzard" warning. :)

    My sister says that Truman has taken his current favorite toys out into the yard and dug a deep hole and buried them. So apparently he thinks a blizzard is coming and he'd better prepare.

    Hope the "F's" get their power back. Keep safe Jen.

  10. I almost feel bad for saying that it's 65 degrees here and the sky is a brilliant blue. Not even one cloud up there. The sun is causing a glare on my laptop.

    Hope you all stay safe.

    Just three words of advICE for Andi & Jim: Shared. Body. Warmth.

    Jen, hope you loved Pirate Radio as half as much as I did. :) "Governments loathe people being free"

    Starburst looks like what I imagine the flu virus is.

    Farf, chickadees are loving the suet out back. Squirrels and raccoons around here must be less than simple as they haven't ruined a good thing... so far. :) Snow Blower!! That's the word! I used snowplow instead. Oops. Yeah, they had these mini snow blowers when he was in Boston.

    You guys, hope you got some good board games, some wonderful oil lanters and keep your pooties and dooogies close by for extra snugglage.

    Dylan wants me to get a smaller laptop so that he doesn't have tp "perch" on my boobage and rest his head and paws on the scroll area. Makes for some tough typing.

  11. Power is back. I guess there is a virtue in being the first. But the second wave isn't till later so I'm not being hopeful that we'll keep it. But I'm glad to have it back.

    Maria, those are some kind of weed but I have no idea what they are.

    Hi Farf. It looks like right now is a good time not to be anywhere north of Kentucky or east of Oregon.

    Lisa, I hadn't realize you guys were having crappy weather too. Much sympathy/empathy.

    Blog is looking very good, Beth. I like that picture of Squaw -- maybe -- Peak.

    The next round is going to be the scarier for us, Jen. I hope it misses you.

    I've been through one blizzard, Mary, many years ago when we lived in Columbus. Snow blew into the house through the seams where a previous owner had added on a room and the sliding glass door froze shut ... from the inside. So (even though I'm sure I don't need to say this I still going to) be careful and stay inside.

    Janet, we heat with wood so staying warm isn't a problem. But Sniff is always glad to snuggle up and share his nice warm body.

  12. What kind of wood?

    Morning wood or Norwegian? :)

  13. Morning wood or Norwegian?

    SNORT!! Janet, that totally needed a spew alert!

    <3s liek woah.

  14. Janet, we are geezers ... which should tell you everything you need to know about the kinds of wood which can give either of us lasting warmth. ;)

  15. well, we've still not switched over to snow and it's been sleeting all day. There's probably a couple of inches of sleet on the ground. At least sleet gives some traction. I cleaned off my back steps and made it back to my garage to get another bag of de-icer, just in case.

    There are 12 inches of snow already on the ground in Jefferson City - 2 hours west of here. I'm ready for some Snow!

  16. Good to hear Andi's back (for now) — stay powered up, y'all. We're not getting anything but rain out of this, so we should be OK unless some yahoo plows a power pole (too early in the week for that) or a squirrel gets inside a transformer.

    Went looking for popcorn this afternoon and (re-) discovered the company library. I didn't realized Koontz had several "Odd Thomas" sequels out — my mom gave me the original on audio & it was great. Yeah, the reading pile is getting massive. I should probably take my current downtime as a sign to start *reading* for a while. That at least I can do in the living room… if Mason will only let me…

  17. Checking in to make sure everybody's okay. Glad you got your power back, Andi.

    I've told Mary this on fb, but it just got a lot worse here in KC. We already have about 9 inches, but really cold blustery wind that's undoing the work of the road crews. Tv is predicting 6-12 more HOURS of moderate to heavy snow. I feel very very lucky to be warm and snug and looking at it from the inside.

    Wishing warm, safe, snug, and POWERful to each of you.

  18. Freezing rain still coming down here. It's a mess but at least they've already canceled Jim's school.

    Mary, I hope you get off easy. Sleet is nasty but it's way better than freezing rain and better than a foot of snow.

    Ugh, Nancy. This storm has just been incredible. You know how people are always claiming that natural disasters are some kind of punishment -- well I say this storm is the weather gods punishing us for the Republican's getting control of the House.

  19. Andi, no kidding. I hear the weather gods Are Not Amused by people who deny climate change.

    Power to the people. Esp. to you and Jim tonight and tomorrow.

  20. Nope, I'd take a foot of snow over sleet any day. In fact I feel robbed!

    Sorry for your freezing rain.

  21. ... which makes me really afraid, Nancy, to see how the critter gods' lack of amusement at people who deny evolutions manifests itself.

    Well Mary, my thinking is that a couple of inches of sleet will disappear pretty fast with some above freezing temps but a foot of snow takes a lot longer to go. But I will sympathize at your being denied your chance to build a big snowman.

  22. The storm's even touching the desert. 45 degrees with 44 mph winds howling around the building. Dropping to 25 tonight. High of 50 tomorrow. Yes, that's balmy for most of you, but crazy here. 10 degrees in Flagstaff, just a couple of hours north.

    Watching the coverage on TWC - be safe out there, everyone. Stay inside with a warm stove/dog/partner/book/cuppa.