Thursday, February 24, 2011

Return to the Gold Standard

Taken February 11, 2011.

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  1. I've definitely conquered the VGW today! Was up even earlier than the post. ::g::

    Weird sleep patterns abound. Crashed at 9:30. Woke at nearly 2; drifted in-out of sleep until 3:30 when the body decided it was time to get up, damn it.

    Oh well. Good thing it's my Friday, isn't it?

    Liking the implications of warming trend in today's pic, Andi--our weather is complying, too. After the OMG-Back-To-Winter crazy of Monday/Tuesday, today we're back into the low 50s for the high and no sign of major regression in the near future.


    Still contractless, but hoping to touch base with my agent tomorrow. I may jump into the self-publish game with a short story--assuming I can produce one that doesn't suck.

    Wishing you all a fabulous Thursday!

  2. I think this might be your first first, Maria. Too bad it came from an incomplete night's sleep. We've warmed back up too, though only to the 40s. But since it's Feb. I'm okay with that. Hope the agent has good things to tell you tomorrow.

  3. At least it's been productive?

    Got about 850 words of a short story banged out. May submit it to the MWA Anthology. Theme: Dark justice. It's not a nice story. Written in POV of a really not so nice man. Working title: Shag, Marry, Cliff.

    On that note, I may venture out early so I can round up some fancy-too-expensive coffee somewhere.


  4. Indeed, the implied thaw looks wonderful. Rain is settling in, pretty typical for a false spring here.

    From yesterday: I like the idea of the ice drago waiting for its snowy flesh to form. I thinking that it has to wait for an ice spider to spin an ice web over its bones to catch the snow. ← I'm getting a tickle from this… maybe it'll develop into something. Spending my writing time trying to hack 25% of the verbiage out of a story to get it down to #FridayFlash trim.

    Maria, sounds like fun. If you go self-pub, I'll copyedit for you if needed. Dark justice… sounds like the draft I sent you, huh? Your title sounds like a very succinct plot description.

    Well, mime'ing at home today. The Boy may or may not be on my butt to take the car again, if he does I'll pack up & head for the office. Tired of his crap, I am.

  5. We've got snow. Just about an inch though. But more is on it's way and it's supposed to freeze tonight. Not sure what to do about work as I have an 11 to 7 shift. Tail end of the evening is when the snow is "supposed" to hit.

    Kids are home.

  6. Glad to hear there was some payback, Maria.

    It's completely thawed here, Farf. We've had some colder temps but they haven't lasted. I'm crossing my fingers that any returning signs of winter will just be a brief fling.

    Be careful, Janet -- I'm sure people will be having a lot of trouble driving.

  7. Hey all, just passing through as I'm behind today.

    Janet (from yesterday) this: "First and foremost, I'm just gonna' write for me." is solid gold. Write what makes you want to write first and foremost.

  8. Thanks Kelly, the Gov got caught saying he thought about putting thugs out to instigate some riot/violence. There are kids/students out there. As a street activist, I find this so upsetting. I've always known that the 'anarchists' that upset peace rallies were just GOP/COP plants. Now your Police Chief wants Walker to explain what he meant by considering to plant troublemakers - which could have hurt citizens and law enforcement.

    You couldn't make this up. :) Well, you guys could cause you're all writers :)

    It's my Friday! Hooray!

    Marmotinis for everyone!

  9. yay! had my review. I got a raise today!!!

    And while Obama was in Portland last week at Intel, he met with two other CEO's... one of which was my boss. Our store is a "recession proof" business. :)