Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Out from Under

Taken January 22, 2011.

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  1. ... continued from last night.

    Hey Janet and Kelly. Can't be a movie of American Gods, Janet, until they re-do Neverwhere and get it perfect this time. ;)

    ... back to today.

    We're heading toward single digits tonight and even colder tomorrow night but back above freezing by Friday and a high of 50 (!!!!!) by Monday. So I guess sometimes we have to face the cold before the warm.

  2. Good morning Andi,

    This morning when I got up it was in the mid 50's in the house. We were supposed to be down into the 20's this am, but it's only in the low 30's.

    It seems in the last 8 months I've lost about 42 pounds. My GP got me an appt. with a gastroenterologist today. I shudder to think of test or procedures he will come up with, but what the price of geezerhood. :)

    Hope everyone stays warm today.

  3. Wow, Whit -- that's a huge amount of weight to lose. Good luck at the doctor's.

  4. Afternoon, all. Still here, still fragile but so much more human now! Getting ready for book launch tea party on Saturday - Miss Marple-style - and don't have to lift a finger as offers of cakes and help pouring in; everyone being lovely.
    And only (only!)5 more weeks out of action...sigh.

  5. Heyo,

    Andi, today's pic keeps making me want to brush my bangs out of my eyes;-) Yesterday's was gorgeous, BTW.

    Whit, 42 pounds? Oh my. Hope you get that straightened out. I could still stand to lose 10-15, but 42 is quite alarming.

    Nicola, glad to hear that you're on the upswing. Fragile is not a good way to feel at all.

    Everyone who comes in later, hallooos, and mad waves. Hope it's a tremendous Tuesday for all.

    -5 here at the moment, which means I might to break out the snowsuit to go snowshoeing with the pups later. It also means my office is a bit on the frozen side. Kabrrrr. I like winter a lot, but would prefer it hover somewhere between 15 and 25.

  6. Hi Nicky! Glad to see you out and about. Enjoy the tea - glad folks are pitching in to help.

    Good luck with the doc, FM. That IS a lot to lose, unless you needed to. But still, if you're not trying...keep us posted.

    BRRR to single digit temps! I used to love winter, Kelly. Wish I could feel that way again. Enjoy it doubly for me!

    At least you know it WILL get warmer again, though maybe not soon enough. I missed the nicest day of the year yesterday, sitting inside working. "Cool" front coming through today - if it doesn't freeze fountains, I'll be content.

    Off to transcribe tapes of drug deals - my job is rarely boring! Waving to all.

  7. Bob Marley does winter. Reddish, Greenish and there's some yellow snow in there somewhere.

    Good luck Whit. That's alot of weight. I hope they find that all you need is a prescription for ice cream :)

    Nicola, send photos of the tea party book gala. Just got the kidlets into Miss Marples movies. However, I think they dig Columbo more.

    Kelly instead of an autograph how about a gunpowder margarita, some great homemade chips and salsa, we holler at the kids to turn the Wii down so we can all talk like adults while we show off our kittehs to ya (only two) and we go out to a quaint but great Thai diner I know. IF you come to Portland, meaning IF you come to Powells. Do the one in Cedar Hills Crossing though.

    As to the kitties, I'm so glad you keep a housefull. The White One just comes in for visits? They all look pretty "experienced" and a tad bit elderly. Maybe too elderly to introduce a young one(?) I do like their pics on Fridays. I check em out while I have my ONE cup of coffee and make my grocery list for the week.

    I'm finding that it's a good thing to feed the birdies in winter. They're sure to come back in spring and summer and eat all the pesty pests. The Circle of Life. Several at work are very supportive as they know we tried last year but life and death got in the way and I kinda need this for healing/therapy. And you can't get arrested for it!! :D One co-worker is a "Master Canner" she has papers and everything LOL and I might go help her make her first batch of jam. Produce Manager brought me some Dragon Carrots seeeds to start. But we've got to keep it simple or I'll just get disappointed and find some way to put my butt or teeth in danger by trying to stop insanities. ...

    Yesterday, I was about to tell you how crystal clear the sky was and then all of a sudden it gushed rain. It's still raining. But that's what keeps us green. and mossy..

  8. Out from under the green and into the snow? isn't that a little backwards? :-D Wow, that's quite a temp swing you've got going there — whipsaw weather. Mrs. Fetched thinks that's the kind of weather that brings on colds.

    FM, if you've been trying to lose that much weight then congrats!!! Otherwise, uh-oh… hope everything checks out. Mid-50s is fine, as long as you're outside; hope you can get some heat soon.

    Nicky, enjoy the pampering while it lasts… you know it won't.

    Kelly, my bad, I must have mis-read the post. Whoever it was, they're still great pics. We got single-digit temps here last winter (or was it winter before last?) for the first time in like 8 years. This winter, it's just been annoying cold, dipping into the teens a few times.

    Beth, that's… a little scary. Transcribing a recorded drug deal? Ick.

    American Gods was the first Gaiman novel I read. I enjoyed it immensely, to the point where I'm almost afraid to read anything else of his lest it doesn't measure up. Not completely true, I read Neverwhere after that and it kicked butt too. I'm trying to get back into reading some after spending most of my free time the last few years writing… I'm unbalanced. The Kindle is nowhere near full but the listing now runs four pages, and I found the swap-library at work. I'd listened to Odd Thomas (Dean Koontz) on audiobook a while back and didn't realize there was a whole series (there for the grabbing). I finished Forever Odd last night and grabbed Brother Odd this morning.

    Ramble off. Mason is hitting Terrible Two early, he can throw some impressive tantrums. I hope that means he gets out of it early. Need more sleep.

    Janet, good luck with the canning & gardening. And I'll ditto the invite to Kelly. We only have one cat, but he's big enough for three…

  9. Psst Andi, I had mixed feeling about Neverwhere. I sincerely doubted any effort to turn that into a fantastic movie. Neverwhere was just too magical and had too many levels. I loved it because of the movie that happens in my head when I read a good botok. Nothing on film can compare to it. However sometimes a really good film can exceed your mental expectations and that is when a movie is GREAT. :)

    However Danni really enjoyed the two parter but it's MirrorMask she pulls out when she wants to float away.

    After taxes we might be getting actual furniture for the living room. About time. No excuses from the mister about the kids or the cats will destroy it. We have a crappy sofa and two xbox chairs. Enough! We were going to pull out the carpet and put in hardwood like the rest of the house and get some furniture. But we felt that it was better to save Shinobi.

    I'd best get ready for a crappy shift 12-8. I hate those.

  10. ((Farf)) and you're invited, too. I'll teach you how to make a great margarita and you can show me how to make a mint julep or some Sleazy sounding Southern concoction :)


  11. That's a lot of trouble to go to in order not to have serve cake at your book launch, Nicky. Check with me next time -- I'm a wonder at getting out of social obligations ... and the only pain you suffer is the kind you get when people disapprove of your behavior. ;)

    I think 20-30, Kelly, is just about the perfect temperature range for winter. I wish I knew how to arrange it.

    When you stop back by, Beth, you're gonna have to explain why you're transcribing drug deals (movie plot? depostion? undercover work?)

    I think with all that CGI can do now, Janet, a really cool movie could be made from Neverwhere.

    I won't mind that whipsaw too much, Farf, if those 50s hang around for a few days (like until it's time to warm up for spring).

  12. Uhm, how'd it get to be 2:00 p.m.????

    Feeling much better today. Rode 11.57 miles on the bike this a.m.

    Weatherwise, we had a couple of warming trends over the weekend to be bitch slapped in the face by winds today as a cold front moves through. Winds up to 50mph. Ugh. SO. OVER. WINTER.

    BLOOD SACRIFICE is revised & final tweaks made on editor notes from revision. I can haz final book, yo. Just waiting for the "accepted" email so my agent can bug S&S for the check...which I need to buy some new clothing. I've stopped weighing myself b/c the scale doesn't reflect the amount of effort I'm making, nor do I care about that. Now, since I'm gaining loads of strength/muscle, I'm more focused on feeling better overall. I have dropped 4 sizes in pants, 5 in tops and have no bloody clue what bra size I'm supposed to get. I put in measurements in 4 online calculators and each one gave me back a different answer!! So, when I get said advance payment #2, I'm going to Lane Bryant (which has the awesome comfy bras I like) and having myself measured by their specialist. Why this is not standardized, I have no idea. ::sighs::

    Speaking of non-standard, I've been buying jeans on eBay recently, as I didn't want to pay full price for new jeans until I settle into a size. The SAME bloody size jeans from the SAME bloody manufacturer - DON'T fit the same at all. One is too small across the hips, the other fits me perfectly at the waist, but is baggy in the hips. SAME EXACT SIZE. Only, the ones that fit in the waist are the "new" version of the Right Fit jeans (which are cut in 3 body styles - curvy, straight and apple shaped). Honestly, this makes me crazy. I hate that I now have 4 pr of jeans that don't quite fit right but have a size often GREATER than the ones that do. IDEK.

    Cheers to all.

  13. Batsh*T Crazy American Taliban Spokesperson Glenn Bulletin Board Beck has just made a fatwah against CodePink. Didn't know that CP and Muslims were the cause for what's going on in Egypt.


    Hey, where's Jen? Did Beck put "surveyor marks" on her?

  14. Way to go, Maria! Yay for the book AND the need for new clothes! But true, sizing sucks.

    I transcribe any kind of video/audio, andi. From movies to TV documentaries to town meetings to NASA training tapes to - well, you name it, we transcribe it. I did calls from prisoners to their girlfriends for a while - it's amazing how many ways one can use the word M-F-er in a sentence. My ears burned.

    Now it's covert drug operations. Doesn't pay that well, but it can be interesting. I don't know how the undercover guys do what they do...

  15. Janet, that works for me. I'm always up for a new type of Margarita, and I love Thai. Oh, and Princess doesn't visit me, I visit her. We like to sit in the library together.

    FarF, no worries. BTW, if you want to try another Gaiman, I'd recommend either Stardust or The Graveyard book, both of which I like better than Neverwhere or American Gods though I also like Neverwhere quite a bit. American Gods I like, but it's a little weird to read for someone who lives in the place that underpins so much of the story.

    Oh, and funny bit of trivia on Neverwhere. The book is actually based on the movie/miniseries rather than the other way around, though Neil is responsible for both.

    Maria congrats on getting fit. That's great!

    Beth, I will indeed enjoy the cold for you. I still love it even if snowshoeing made my lungs ache a bit today.

  16. The Graveyard book

    Wholeheartedly 2nds, 3rds and 4ths that rec! I first bought the audiobook and fell in LOVE w/NG's reading of it. I then bought the hardcover, as well.

    Also loved the Anansi Boys.

    re: Neverwhere - this was the 1st NG book I read. Came across it about 12-13 yrs ago at my friend's bookstore in a bag of used books. She sold new & used mystery books and didn't know what to do with this one (part of a trade in). So I offered to take it off her hands.

    Kelly, I didn't know the book was based on the series - interesting!

    Our OMG!Storm is now meh, flurries for tomorrow, thank goodness.

  17. Great news on the book, Maria. And on the success you're having with losing weight and gaining muscle.

    What a mix of stuff, Beth. I guess the variety helps keep it interesting. And maybe get some ideas for plots?

  18. Janet, that's how it works for me too. The movie's in my head. It's rare that any movie can measure up to the book, IMO. And naturally, if you find yourself marooned on Planet Georgia, we'll find something decadent to drink!

    Maria, keep up the good work! (book & bod both getting into shape)

    Hey Beth, you getting any story ideas from the transcriptions?

    Kelly, thanks for the rec's. If my reading pile wasn't mostly in a Kindle it would be waist-high, but I'll keep it in mind.

    Mason's still awake. No tantrums, although he's shown flashes of wrath. Need to see if Mrs. Fetched is going to get him to sleep or if I need to take over…

  19. Oh yeah. I wrote a 600-ish word flash piece today, based on a photo prompt. Some of these prompts grab me… or maybe they grab Olga, who starts smacking me with the riding crop to make it let go. :-P

    It kind of feels good to get back to writing short stories for a while.