Friday, February 18, 2011

Oh Winter, What Big Teeth You Have

Taken February 6, 2011.

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  1. Good morning Andi,

    Great Googley Moogly and Bar the Door Katey!!!!! Nancy got nominated for the Best Novel. Woooooo Hooooooooo!!!!!!

    OK now back to sedate decorum. :)

    Wonderful picture this morning. I looked at the picture first and thought, "now what does that look like." Then I looked at the heading and thought, "that's perfect."

  2. Thanks Whit. I am pretty pleased with that title. :)

  3. The Great Meltdown is beginning… the snow can't eat the entire world anymore. ;-)

    Go Nancy!!!

    Mason's snoozing on my bed. I'm getting ready to head for the mimes. #FridayFlash is posted & tweeted. I think I'm good to go!

  4. YAY Nancy!!! Happy dances all around!!

    The pic reminds me of the Bumble, the monster in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Or his mouth, anyway, before Hermey plays dentist. :)

    Calling for rain all weekend - I'll believe it when I see it. From 80 last weekend to 60 on Sunday. Still winter in the desert.

    Wrote a jingle for a contest this week with my songwriting friend - he's filming it on the beach in FL on Monday. Where's that private jet when you need it? Sigh. Wish us luck!

    Happy Friday, all!

  5. Like a winter jack'o'lantern made by nature.

    Big congrats to Nancy!

    The only writing award I ever won was in grade school. I worked for 6 years to win it. This other girl won it every year, then she moved away, and I finally won it during my last year at that school. Tainted, but oh how I loved my trophy, my little shiny golden precious...which fell out of my bag on my bike ride home and was immediately run over by a car and smashed into a googlezillion teeny pieces. And that's the story of my writing award. (Which I only told because my recollection is that Nancy enjoys these lolsob kinds of tales. ::raises a mimosa glass to the mystery writer::)

    Meanwhile, my bestie went into the ER yesterday with heart trouble, this is an ongoing thing, but last night they kept her, which they usually don't, so I am in and out and then back to cardiac wing hospital business. Lately I feel like this blog's merchant marine uncle who only comes around once in a while, tells weird stories, drinks all of dad's good beer and then bolts again, heh.

    Best wishes to all of you!

  6. Heyo all,

    Congrats to Nancy for the nom!

    Likewise to Whit, for the procedure going well. Hope the second is likewise a good result.

    Jen, good wishes for bestie. And likewise on the merchant marine. I've been a lot more in and out than I might like.

    Melting here like nobody's business. Lost maybe 15 inches of snow in the last three days. Was way sloppy for snowshoeing with the stolen dogs.

    Going dark for the weekend shortly. Off to the lake and the hot tub. Happiness is a responsible housesitter and we're hopeful with the new. Which is good because we'll be in the UK for 17 days in March.


  7. Morning, gang!!

    Andi, we've won and winter's teeth now bashed in and GONE. A balmy day today, expected to get into the 70s!! My windows are open and I'm enjoying the quiet birdsong.

    Jen, hugs to you & to bestie.

    Kelly, have a great time at the lake!!

    I did my 11 miles this a.m. after a nice long night's sleep (didn't set the alarm). Followed by a bowl of Weetabix w/banana & strawberry.

    Next: reading Stina Leicht's debut novel: OF BLOOD AND HONEY - I am utterly captivated so far.

    Hoping to hear from Mr. Agent today re: book projects.

    Happy Friday!!

  8. Hope you've had a pleasant ride to work, Farf. It's wonderfully so balmy outside here, I can't believe it's February.

    Beth, I wish you ever bit of the good luck that you so abundantly deserve.

    Thinking good thoughts, Jen. Hope she comes home soon.

    Sounds like a grand weekend, Kelly. Ain't unusual February weather just the grandest thing!?! :)

    I don't trust Winter not to get a new bridge and some replacement crowns, Maria, but I sure hope you're right.

  9. Congratulations to Nancy! So glad to see the book nominated.

    Good thoughts to Jen and beastie.

    Good luck, Beth.

    Love the picture and love the fact that the snow is melting here as the temperature is 60!

  10. (((Nancy & Jen))))

    This is just disgusting:

    Ray McGovern beaten, bruised and left bleeding in jail by Clinton's goon squad. Irony is that she was discussing freedom of speech. He stood as a silent protest of her hypocrisy. Unreal. If you remember, I've met him a few times. I don't understand how baggers and the gop can scream, bring guns, use hate speech and a peaceful man gets beaten for standing up and turning around.. and he had a "nasty" t-shirt on.

    My gawd. What is happening to our country? I'm totally sickened. Another reason to bird dog Ms. Hillary.

    On a lesser note: I bought two small books for my kindle. I wasn't sure who to read first. I almost went with Douglas Adams but I decided to call my Kindle "Janet's Galaxy Guide" but remembered that Neil Gaiman wrote a fantastic intro to the Complete Guide of h2g2. One that I can't read because it's too fat for bed. So I got to thinking of Mr. Gaiman... instead of a novel. What about a novella or a volume of short stories. I got Fragile things Vol 1 & 2. So far.

  11. Something I've been needing to share

    The young man in his mid to late 30's who wears a trenchcoat to mask his slightly smaller arm from a childhood stroke came up to me and thanked me for "always being so pleasant". I blushed and blathered on about how it was nothing. He caught me with a serious look and said that he was more than something and hoped that we could one day talk.

    That one day came.

    He asked me if I remembered the dark night I was working over in the cafe section of the store. I remembered because it was during the time we almost lost Shinobi. He remembered, too. Because he almost lost his mind.

    He told me of how he sat at one of our tables watching me go from one customer to the next with my "elegant kindness and slightly raunchy, self-deprecating humor". I passed out cookies to the diners with kids. I gave him a cookie and asked him if he was okay. He wasn't. I kept trying to make him laugh. I did, several times. He sat and watched for hours. We have several that come in and do just that. Usually they have laptops though.

    He told me that he had decided to kill himself in a public place with a gun he had taken from his father. He said he simply couldn't kill himself, not with me around. I had told him of how me and Guppi had sat in Shinobi's blood for half the night and how that impacted us. I had shared with him my story of what we were going through since the loss of my mom, cat and dear family friend... and then scuttled two more cookies into his hand and went about my work duties. He said he didn't want me to be the one to be the first on the scene. He couldn't do that to me. So he came back the next night and there I was happy to see him again.

    That night he told his only friend and together they went back to his father's house to return the weapon and to seek help. He explained that he's been in inpatient therapy and now doing outpatient and living with his father.

    He gave me a hug and again thanked me for being so pleasant.

    It's taken about a week or so for me to wrap my head around this as you can imagine.

  12. That read wrong:

    It wasn't untill last week that he told me any of this. He didn't tell me and then I start talking about Shinobi.... it was THAT night where I was talking about Shinobi and sitting in her blood that he was plotting. I had no idea untill last week when he told me.

  13. There's nothing better than unseasonable temps, Dina. (Okay maybe there are a few things better but it's way up there.)

    That's quite a story, Janet. I'm so glad it had a good ending.

  14. As I told my hockey friends, it was a good thing I told him my Worst Night at the Animal ER story and didn't do the Woman with Kidney Stones While Pregnant story... or it could've been very bad.

    Kelly, before you run off globetrotting... I read and shared your catblog with my friends today and I followed Gaiman's blog about his cats and finding Cabal. I shared that, too, with my friends. You two taking care of cats the way you do and being so genuine about it gives me hope on days that I am feeling pretty low about things. I cried belatedly over the loss of Zoe and cheered when Cabal found a new life. I feel like I've been visiting your neck of the woods a wee bit today. Thank you.

    It's been a long 24 hours of vertigo and coming off vertigo meds. I've read and written far too much.

    xoxo all


    Andi, how would a person go about purchasing that photo and enlarging it to a 16"x2o"?

    I really like it and it would work with my other tree photographs I have framed throughout my home.

  16. You don't have to buy it; I'm happy to give it to you. I'll email you a hi res version. Actually Jim will send it because for something that large we have to be somewhere with much higher upload speed than our satellite so it may be a day or two before it gets to you.