Friday, February 11, 2011

Not Quite Among Us

Taken January 25, 2011.

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  1. Good morning Andi,

    Nice picture. I guess it shows spring will sooner or later get here. We're at 18F at the moment, but this week we're supposed to get up to the mid 60's.

    One good thing about the cold is I put George out this morning and stepped back in the house since it was so cold. With the cold and dark I didn't have to call him once to come inside. He was back at the door before I knew it. Usually when I call him, he just look at me and then ignores me until he figures, "well I've got him mad enough so I might as well go in."

  2. Morning, all!!

    FM - ack - 18F - no, thanks. I'm with George on this. :)

    Woke up early early today (4:30) - my sleep patterns are all wonky thanks to (1) getting off meds and (2) exercising. I did get in a full 7 hrs though...just not prepared to fall asleep at 9:30!! ::g::

    At least I was productive and posted on my blog.

    Since I"m normally off on Fridays, I usually keep this as a "no bike" day - after all, one has to have at least one day of no-exercise. I'm working @ the mimes today, however, and I feel all discombobulated now with my routine off kilter.

    The good news: Book 5 is officially accepted as of yesterday!

    I now have absolutely NO contracted writing to do. ACK. First time in years.

    Next step: write up some proposal teasers for my agent so we can discuss which to pursue. Weird position for me to be in. Good, in that I have so much leeway. Bad, in that I have so much leeway. ::g::

    Things will work out, I'm sure.

    Wishing you all a great Friday!!!

  3. Andi - I nearly forgot to mention how much I love today's pic!! Perhaps it's my new possibilities peeking out through the snow? ::g::


  4. Our warmup is starting too! We're 13 degrees warmer now than yesterday at this time (2 vs 15) and heading toward the low 30s, then 40s and finally 50s toward the end of next week!

    Huzzah for book acceptance! Way to go, Maria. Gonna take a victory lap on your bike? Or maybe it should be an inspiration lap for your next book proposal. (With the warmup, most of the possibilities involve dogs with muddy paws).

  5. Congratulations, Maria. Can't wait to read it. A victory lap sounds good but so does a day away from the bike. Solve the problem with chocolate!

    Andi, love the picture. Here's hoping it is some good picking out for all of us.

    Off to my TRX class.

  6. My comment was apparently eaten.

    Congratulations Maria! Free time is a precious thing. I have some today as I'm off for the holiday. Maybe I'll get to finish my current painting and start a new one. And put some more pieces on Still frigid here with more snow expected for Sunday. Sigh.

    Waves to all!

  7. That really is a cool shot, Andi. The contrast really makes you focus on the center/plant.

  8. Late to answering Janet's question, but, yes! Get an e-reader, get two if you want. I'm all for them. I'm getting an iPad myself because it will do comics really well and double as a travel computer. The Kindle is probably going to dominate the market for at least a little while, but I've heard wonderful things about the color nook and prefer Barnes and Noble to Amazon in terms of choosing between giant corporations.

  9. Jen, insulated greetings back and big hugs to you.

    17 below when I got up this morning, so I think I'll keep my shirt on for snowshoeing with Dr.Mc and the invisible dogs in an hour. But it's supposed to be above freezing so I might need to wander around in the snow topless again.

    Another note on e-books. I'm thinking I'm going to do a couple of unsold backlist titles as ebook only releases this spring, to test the waters. Looking at the numbers, I can release them myself for 2/3 the cover price of a mass market and sell 10% as many as my large press releases and make the same money. If I can sell 20% what my big press releases do that starts to look like an awfully nice secondary revenue stream.

  10. That is, it's supposed to be above freezing _tomorrow_

  11. KMc! Thanks. I'd love to have an iPad as a mini laptop but the Meester said converting our stuff would be costly and futile. I wish we were a Mac family. It feels like I'm on the wrong political party lines since we're PC ROFL. We're PC and we hate it.

    The Barnes and Nobles here are closing. People here are really into being locovores. So it hasn't done well, neither has Borders - since this is Powell land.

    I'm going to order the Kindle3 today with this really cool leather cover. I'm going to get CyberMage, too, for it. :p I know Danni will love it because she's totally into Greek/Norse Gods and any type of "myths" like that. She was really into the Lightning Theif series.

    Lately she has a hard time getting any time to read for pleasure. One of the drawbacks of high school. This is a kid who likes to read 4-5 books a month and collects huge library fines (her way of supporting them LOL) During school she just can't get in reading time for herself.

    Holy cripes she got into a row on her FB last night. She posted a story of a "lady" killing her dog with a bible because the puppy chewed on it. The sh*tstorm was because she said she was an atheist (mom and dad are agnostics) the christian taliban came out in force and she was really upset and didn't even want to go to school today. Her dad is keeping an eye on it to watch for threats.

    Maria!!! Hooray!!! Back in the day, when I exercised regularly, I was told that it was meeded to take time off from it or do it every other day. I had concerns about doing things while "Aunt Flow" was visiting and many said it was good to just ease up on those days. Also I made the mistake of biking before bed. Not a good idea. Any exercise before bed aside from Yoga can keep you up.

    Saw a flyer for another cat shelther seeking a family for a cat that has been in it for months and has gone from a friendly cat to a sad, given up on life cat. I was telling the fam about it last night and we were getting choked up about it but knew we couldn't bring in another so guilt was settling in. Dylan jumps up on my lap and just stares right in my face. As if, "Well I waited 5 years for you guys, and look how great things worked out, don't feel bad" :)

    The picture... it kinda reminds me of a festering scab. I find it more interesting-gross-cool. But I see scary in Andi's pretty pond/fog photos :)

    So, it's my weekend and instead of pretty, sunny skies, it's going to RAIN. I'll take it.

    Thanks for all your kind Kindle help.

    I'm oing to 'flip' the worm bins today. Oh joy. Vermicomposting is so dainty.... not.

  12. We've started a decided thaw here, Dina, and I hope the same for you. I'm hoping it lasts till spring but February is rarely that kind to us.

    Are you having good response to what you put up at etsy, b2? It seems like much more of a craft-y than arts-y sort of place.

    Wow, three posts from Kelly -- your creative flow must be thawing with such a rush that we luckily get a lovely splash of it too. :)

  13. Family Man, your post about George made me laugh outloud for real. I think most dogs do the "I'm just puttering around till you get annoyed" routine on all of us.

    Shinobi likes to sniff an area for a long time. This is usually right before I need to head off to work and I'm letting her out for a quickie.

  14. Oops, x-posted with Janet. Good luck with the venture into techno-books!

  15. I ordered it! I popped my ebook cherry!! :P

    I meant Webmage. But I think Danni has already read a few in that series... not sure, she's at school right now.

    Does this mean I can read KMcs Poe Bees? :)

  16. Janet I guess what get me so mad at George is when I call he'll look at me for 3 or 4 seconds and then turn away and start walking and sniffing. Then when he finally decides to put the screws to me, he'll run to the patio and stop about a foot away. The whole time I'm telling him to come on in, he'll look at me and sniff, look at me and sniff. By this time I'm blowing a gasket and I'll go up to him and use that you'd better get the hell in here or there will be hell to pay voice. He'll give me a final look and trot on in the house like he hasn't a care in the world. AARRGGGGGG! :)

  17. I popped my ebook cherry!!

    So tell us...was it good for you? ::g::

  18. Well, I didn't fake it, Maria :) It's silly, I know, but I also got the leather cover for it. Squeee! It will get worn and marked from me handling it. I feel like a kid with their first library card!

    Hey! Pigs Do Fly! And I'm not talking about Rush Limbaugh flying down to his pederast camp in South America.

    I'm talking about Chickadees! Piglets with itty bitty wings.

    I went to the local, family owned hardware store here "Faulks" and got them some pre-made, high energy suet. My peanut butter, oatmeal, seed pantry couldn't keep up with their demands.

  19. Finally able to come around, and it's gotta be little more than a drive-by…

    FM, are you sure George isn't a really loud cat? That sure sounds like what a cat would do.

    Congrats, Jen, on your new toy! And if Danni needs to find a Xtian with a little more balance, send her my way. I don't mean send her to Planet Georgia, I'm surrounded by wackos here, but we're not all American Taliban. I mean, I do what I can to inject a little reality into everyday lives, but it's a losing battle. :-P

    Had lots of nice comments on my #FridayFlash today. Made a day with impaired net.access a little brighter.

    See y'all around tomorrow…

  20. Mazel tov, Janet.

    Hi Farf. Glad you could make it.

    And good night to everybody.