Friday, February 25, 2011

My Softness Is Entirely Platonic

Taken February 15, 2011.

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  1. Oh look, I'm first today! OK it's mid morning here so I have an advantage. Hope you're all well - I'm gradually getting less weak and wobbly but still have 2 wks to x-rays and consultation when I hope to be given the all clear, tho it'll be a while before my wrists are really strong.

    For once we have a lovely day (and yesterday was another): spot of sunshine and some flowers in the garden: yellow and purple crocuses to cheer me up, snowdrops, mahonia and winter jasmine, plus my favourite - primroses.
    The kind of day to gladden the heart! Plus, small girl has come for the day so we're all going out to find a nice country pub lunch later on.

    Hope your day is looking as hopeful!

  2. ... continued from last night.

    Hi-bye Kelly.

    Woo hoo, huzzah, and mazel tov, Janet! I'm sure it was a well-deserved raise.

    ... back to today.

    Hi Nicky. Glad to hear you're progressing. And oh, flowers sound so nice as does the rest of your day.

  3. Whoa… what *is* that thing??

    Janet, raises are always good — here's hoping it wasn't the token doesn't-keep-up-with-inflation crap I've seen way too much of.

    Hi Nicky — good to hear you're getting better. One day at a time, huh? Mrs. Fetched broke a wrist falling off a horse in her teen years; my mom had a bicycle wreck for hers. I guess I'll get it sooner or later.

    About to tear off for the mimes.

  4. Morning, all!

    I'm having a bit of a lazy morning so far. Raining out and it's just blech. Wanted to try out my building's gym but I'm procrastinating. ::g::

    Nicky, glad to hear you're progressing!

    Mom got the knee staples out Weds evening, and has graduated to a cane! She's extremely happy.

    I haven't heard from my agent. :( Think I may call him a bit later today to see if he has time to chat. I do love him, but sometimes, he's a busy, busy man...and I'm an impatient, impatient woman.

    Janet, hooray for the raise!!

    Farf, hang in there. Saw your posts about the Boy's insanity.

    TTFN, ya'll!

  5. Morning! Laptop is back from the fixers, with a new body and hopefully improved mind. Or heart, or whatever.

    Friend of Phil's arriving tonight. He's biking across the country alone - for the second time! So I'll be schlepping boys and their bikes around the Valley this weekend.

    Here's to healing and melting and the weekend arriving! Stay safe, y'all.

  6. Icy green, that's about the tone of things here too.

    The lingering winter weather has induced the outside cats I've been caring for to start venturing inside, so now I can make some introductions. This is the mama-cat I've been calling Ruby Tuesday (the picture is a blurry cell phone shot but you can see what she looks like), and I managed to get a decent picture of her kitten, whose sex is still mysterious (but we think he is a boy) and whom we've been calling Fred.

    Nicola, I'm so glad to hear that you're on the mend! I hope your day went as wonderfully as it sounded. And Farf, my sympathies regarding all the stressful happenings going on out there at The Manor. I hope things clear up soon in whatever way is best for your whole family.

    Best wishes to everyone, as always!

  7. It's just moss, Farf -- green, fluffy moss.

    Hope the call goes well, Maria. And if you ask me (but hurry about it), impatience is a virtue.

    I hope you take some time to have some fun for yourself, Beth.

    I was a little surprised to wake up to snow, Jen, but it's already above freezing so I guess I can deal with it. Like the new cats -- especially Fred who must have been named after Fred Astaire because he clearly is very debonair.

  8. I continue to expect this frozen nonsense in February, but if this March is anything like last March then I'm going to have to send nature some nastygrams.

    E chose Fred's name, and I think it was less about him being any sort of debonair (he is actually hilariously dopey) and more about E engaging in a stealth campaign to eventually have enough pets named after Whedon characters (eg Wesley) that she can reenact favorite scenes from old episodes of Angel, heh.

  9. I like the idea of staging Angel episodes entirely with cats ... and I most definitely want to meet the cool cat who gets to be Lorne.

  10. Is that thing smokable?? :)

    It was a very good raise. Got high remarks from all sorts of people. I actualy cried during it and so do my boss at one point.

    Jen, shhhhh we'll still let my Wesley think the orange guy was named after him. Oh tay :) All in this family like to share in the news of who is caring for the kittehs. We ooh and ahh and like to know that our various friends are rescuers and concerned caregivers. It's medicine for our souls.

    No snow here, very bright and sunny but in the 20s. The Meester wants to take me out to lunch since I was to crabby (aka tired) to go for a nice roll in zee hay this morning. Then we'll go and check out some furniture and some frames.

    Andi, you'll have to sign the photos we eventually hang. (I might require one or two more high res emails in the future from ya) Wayne has spotted some photos while I post here over my shoulder that he likes, too. My walls have been bare for so long. Two exact photos that Oleg (our friend) had and the Peace Wall murals from Prague (not all framed yet) and now we have a buttload of ideas for your stuff. I LOVE the idea of having your art on my wall. Gawd, I'm a big emotional moosepuppy today. :P

  11. Aww, Lorne lives forever, but a moment of silence for Andy Hallett.


    Janet, we can sell that story easy-peasy. :) Congrats on the raise, too.

    You might want to keep those ooohs and ahhhs handy, because now that Miss Ruby is spending time inside and I can observe her more closely, I strongly suspect that she is pregnant again and somewhere between 50-90% along. We were really hoping to get her inside and to the vet before this happened again, alas. I've spent my entire day reading up on cat gestation, watching cats give birth on youtube, and weeping.


  12. awww Lorne.

    A green parakeet might be an appropriate pet.

  13. Friday afternoon, I have the happy dance playlist going in the iPod…

    Yay Beth for fixed laptop! Good luck shlepping the the bikers around this weekend.

    Jen, I think Ruby moved, the dish in front of her isn't blurred. Mason does that too. :) He scarfed the pen & Moleskine out of my pocket this morning; I guess he wanted to do some writing… I got a pic I'll post this weekend. I watched my cat give birth when I was like 6, it was fascinating.

    Andi, can I link that "ice dragon" pic next Friday? If things go the way they have, I'll use it for the next #FridayFlash.

    Janet, very good raises are very good!!! :D

    Off to the manor…
    Maya hee, maya hoo, maya ha, maya ha ha!

  14. ::momemnt of silence::

    ... followed by: say Mary, what song would you like to sing?

    Farf, you're more than welcome to link to the ice dragon image. And I'll be looking forward to reading the story that goes with it.

  15. whoops -- hi Janet. I'm sure almost anything is smokable; it's the buzz that's in doubt.

  16. Andi, that would make a great bumpersticker :)

    Jen, you really should take your pooties over to Planned Parenthood and get them some contraceptives. You ain't running a "cathouse" ya know. :D

  17. I finally figured it out. The does it smoke question made me realize all the problems in the world today go back to Woodstock. The Teapublicans must not have heeded Wavy Gravy's warning about the brown acid.

    That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.