Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm Always Trailing Behind

Raccoon Tracks

Turkey Tracks
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  1. Good morning,

    Nice snow tracks. It's hard to believe, but we're expecting snow here again tonight and tomorrow morning. For a place that has snow every 5 or 10 years, this winter has been something.

    The doctor's appt. was really not much yesterday. Just some questions and set up for some procedures.

    Hope this new snow storm doesn't hit everyone too hard.

    Take care

  2. Morning, all!!

    Re: more snow - no, no and NO. Not accepting it. (though, admittedly we're probably not going to get much).

    Rode 12 miles this morning, putting me over the 250 mile mark!! That said, my ongoing med withdrawal process is kicking my behind today and I'm working @ the mimes from home so I can be close to my own loo. :)

    Lisa - I really hope you guys are spared more storms.

    Wishing everyone a great Wednesday!

  3. Glad the doctor's visit wasn't too bad, FM. Now here's hoping the tests are just as easy.

    Sorry about not feeling good, Maria, but you are rocking on your bike trip! :)

    Off to the mimes myself today - starting a PT temp job. Trying to be optimistic, but it's not work I enjoy. Hopefully it'll be better than I anticipate. Wish me luck.

    Here's hoping the Snow Gods smile on another continent today, folks!

  4. Janet, you here? I don't know if you ever read Booman anymore, but today he has a post about the site and you're in the comments. Oui links to an old diary of yours, and says, "Those were the days," meaning those were the days when the site was alive with great diaries, and underneath, wilderness wench says she thinks of you often.

    Waves and skedaddles!

  5. Thanks Nancy. I only go in there to get links for my old diaries or to find pictures I lost. Sometimes I like to read the old diaries and the comments in them before I go out and do an action.

    I made a comment to Oui and WW that turned more into a diary so I posted it as such. I don't know if I should have done that... but I follow my heart instead of my head as usual.

    I've got to get ready for work ACK!

    I had some stuff I wanted to share here about work last night but spent my time on a diary. Probably why I don't diary anymore ROFL :)

  6. Janet, I read your diary there. It's wonderful.

  7. Enjoy the snow, Whit. And I'm sure you'd enjoy taking some pictures of the pond in the snow. :)

    Hope you feel better soon -- though I think working from home is a great thing and more people should get to do it.

    Good luck, Beth! And even if the job isn't all that much, I hope you enjoy it and the people you work with.

    Nancy, how nice of you and what attention to detail -- I didn't even notice that. (I didn't know you ever went to BT anymore.)

    Off to read your diary, Janet.

  8. Sleet and snow closed school for today. Not too bad on the streets now, so who know about tomorrow. Won't be above freezing.

    Have enjoyed major bird television in the backyard. Threw out seed this morning. The cats are plastered to windows and sliding glass doors, chattering with ears back in stalk mode.

    Maria--I'm excited and jealous of your body morphing. You've worked hard and deserve all the kudos. This time of year is so hard to exercise and I don't have the $$ or desire to go to the gym.
    I HATE clothes shopping. Finding things that fit or fit my style is such a pain.

    Beth, that transcripting does sound like an eye opener. And now another PT job--good for you.

    21 right now. Time to stoke the fire.

    Andi, I'll be looking forward to those Spring Greens in the pics. I'm hoping that's where those tracks are leading.
    You and Jim stay safe and toasty.

    Waves to Nancy and Farf and Kelly and Janet and WooHoo Nicky getting well and being treated well.
    Great evening to all.

  9. Hi all,

    FM, "Being probed" is such fun. The worst part is spending all of that quality time with the toilet prior to the event. The best part is the 12-24 hours after it where you should not drive or operate heavy machinery.

    Thanks for the good find, Nancy.

    Maria, I am so awed by your ability to put in miles on your stationary bike. A half hour is about all I can stand. Even if I'm listening or watching something interesting on my iPod, about a half-hour is all I can stand. I'm ready for spring and summer, but not as hot as last summer.

    Lisa, argh, more snow days to make up! My last day with kids is 6/1. It is looking like my last summer vaction is going to be my shortest.

  10. Congrats (((Jim)))) on manning up and doing the colon cancer prevention check up. Mr. Wayne just did that a few weeks back and he doesn't drive... he bikes.

    I'm very very proud of you.

  11. Very nice diary Janet, good to read it.

    Hi to everyone else.

  12. Oh wait.. I misread. It's FM doing the preventative. Due to all that weight he's lost, which I have found some of it I think because I haven't rollerskated in at least two weeks. Yikes!

    I came home and reread the diary and the kind replies. I write horribly! I'd change it again if I could :) It's freakin' stressful, too. LOL

    Lisa, I hate clothes shopping, too. Especially pants or bras. Even when I was super skinny, I hated it. I'd rather do something "fun" like take a potatoe peeler to my back or stick thumbtacks into my kneecaps. :)

  13. Question for the authors... or anyone else :)

    I'm not advanced when it comes to technogadgets. I just got a cell phone when I moved here. I don't want an ipod, a Zen (what my husband keeps trying to push down my throat) or an MP3 player. I do dig my laptop and I love me some digicam.

    But I've been toying with the idea of looking into, possilby, maybe a Kindle 3. It looks like a good merge for me. However....!!!

    I don't want to anger the Author Gods.

    And I would as always continue to purchase "real" books. hell, I live next to a Powells. I'd still buy tons of books, mostly cookbooks, picture books, books I just got to have and read and reread over and again and then buy again when I wear them out. (I've owned several copies of Lee's Jeet Kune Do & Douglas Adams various books)

    But it was in obtaining my latest copy of The Hitchhikers Guide and my wonderful daughter and loving husband bought me a copy that had ALL of the Guides in one big, damn book. I can't read that thing in bed. It's gi-nor-mous! I've told these pipsqueaks NOT to buy me whole series or "big damn books". But they continue to disobey. Frankly, I'm thinking they want me to fall asleep reading and have the book crash on my nose, thus thrusting my nose into my brain -- or simply making me get Carpal At the End of the Tunnel Disorder.

    I've noticed that since that cyst thingy was taken off my wrist a while back and since arthritus in various parts of my body, it really is hard to read in bed. Maybe that's how I hurt my collarbone... reading big damn books in bed.

    Also, it's not just the heavy books, paperbacks barely open all the way and I find myself twisting the book into yoga positions just to make it readable.

    So I thought a Kindle3 (I know they don't like it called that) would be perfect for me to read in bed and use to take with me on voyages and whatnots. I even found a leather cover for it that looks like an old book....

    But... I really don't like Amazon. Barnes and Noble, EW and their Nook seems to be crashing.

    I don't like hurting bookstore business (which I don't think I would do as I still buy a buttload of books I woudln't want on ebook form) and I love giving books as gifts. And... I don't know what I'd do if I could never been in a bookstore and not be able to buy books.... So it's not an either or for me.

    But I don't know the political dynamics, fallbacks or upsets by this. Environmentally, it seems like a no-brainer. But not really, I think there's some drawbacks to that even.

    I just don't want to screw over the author, but I see that Nancy Pickard and Neil Gaiman both have some downloadable material and I just heard from my libary that they do ebooks lending.

    Any feedback, thoughts, opinions or thwaps upside the head?

  14. And that was all flubbed up...

    I also don't want to anger the extremely impotant of all "Library Gods". Life worth not be living without books or the libraries that treasured and kept them for us all - imnsho.

  15. Sheesh, I'm really bad tonight! Extremely IMPORTANT of all Library Gods

    and Life would not be worth living witout books.

    Okay I can haz reading book in bed time now? Goodnight!

  16. Janet, I'm struggling with the ebook thing, too. It'd be convenient to have so many books in such a small space, to always have available. But I love my bookshelves, and being able to point to them and say I READ THOSE. And lend them to friends. And feel the pages of a "real" book.

    I think if I ever did get a Kindle, I'd still buy the real books of ones I liked. So it would cost me a lot more in the end!

    As an author, we still have to write stories, whether they're published on paper or electronically. But Nancy et al would have to address if they see a different financial result from ebooks. I just don't know that much about that part of the biz.

    I would miss bookstores and libraries!! I just hope there continue to be enough of us dinosaurs that we always have "real" books around...

    Oh, the job went fine. Easy peezy. I still prefer working from home, but this will be fine for now. Nice people, simple work, comfortable environment. It is what it is. I'll survive!

    Night all -

  17. Go thee and buy an e-reader without guilt. Almost every published author I know loves the fact that we're selling more books because of them. A lot of people are willing to try us at 9.99 or less who wouldn't plunk down more for a physical book. Plus, there truly is the business about weight of books, adjustable fonts for eyesight, etc.

    I had a Sony and ended up hating it because of its dim, dark screen. Then I downloaded the free Kindle app only my laptop and read there and love it.

    Ebook owners report buying the same number of physical books as they did before owning their reader. Ebooks get them to buy *more* books than ever.

    As for $, I make a lot more on ebooks than I do on physical books. A lot of authors are benefiting by the greater number of books they're selling.

    Indie bookstores are jumping into the ebook business. Even without that, there is still hope that indie book stores could come out ahead if the big book stores collapse their (the big stores) physical book sales. Indies may go back to being the place where you can get the books you can't find anywhere else.

    Personally? I'm reading more, not less, as a direct result of ebooks. I'm buying many more books as a direct result of them. I'm also making more money as a direct result of them. Hard for me to see the downside.

    As our old friend katiebird likes to say, we have to keep our eyes on the ball, and the ball is the content of a book, not the vehicle in which it's delivered. Physical books are no longer objects of value in themselves unless they are antiques or special editions--that feeling of luxury and preciousness vanished long ago with mass merchandising and its cheap covers, cheap paper, etc. At the heart of this, what matters is the book. Some people like reading it one way, others prefer reading it in another way. It's a good thing to be able to have such easy access to so many books.

    Get an ereader with this author's blessing. :)