Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Know What I'm Seeing ...

... but I'm not saying.
Taken February 10, 2011.

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  1. Morning Andi,

    I don't know what's wrong, but I can't see the pictures on your blog. I checked and it looks like it began after the 20th.

    Our cold front has moved through and we're down into the low 30's. I guess even with my weather wizard skills I can't get rid of that.


  2. Morning Whit. The last time this happened you needed to change the setting that said "don't show images". Or is that you can see images everywhere but on my blog?

  3. Hey, I'm up with andi and FM for a change! Not that getting up at 4am was in my plans for the day I am.

    Eek, I'm not going to say what I see either, andi. But it's creepy!

    Hope you figure the problem out soon, FM.

    Supposed to have rain tonight - yippee! Although I'm learning not to believe the weathermen around here. I think they predict rain just for something different to say than "sun, sun and more sun."

    Hope everyone has a fun weekend planned! I'm hoping the rain holds off long enough for me to take in the Japanese festival downtown (I haven't been downtown yet), and an arts and crafts show in Fountain Hills (haven't been there yet, either). That's in between bike-schlepping trips...friend made it to Phoenix safely from CA so far, and will be staying here tomorrow night, I guess. Flexible is our word this weekend.

    Happy Saturday, y'all! Stay warm.

  4. Morning, all!

    Andi, I think the pic is the bones of winter as it dies. Pretty awesome!!

    No chat w/agent yesterday. I got sidetracked with errands & by the time I was done, it was after 5. Lost track of time. Oh well.

    Spending the day relaxing, in any case. :)

    Happy weekend!

  5. Andi I don't remember the last time this happened. I don't suppose there is a simple solution for this is there?

  6. I will: alien boneyard!

    FM, try clearing your cache. How that's done depends on your browser.

    Beth, some call that "Hebrews 13:8 weather" ("Jesus Christ: the same yesterday, today, and evermore.") :-P

    Andi, thanks much. Story's about halfway done. There's a little verse involved, which does tend to take more time, but it should be ready by Friday.

    I guess I'll take Mason to the park again. I hope it warms up quick.

  7. Who unearthed the mass Yoshi grave?

    Had a relaxing weekend planned but instead will stand with my family in solidarity with working class Americans. Yay!!!! It's happening Nationwide today, baby!

  8. Sounds like some grand and very fun (minus the schlepping) plans Beth. Hope there's rain but not until after the festival.

    Happy weekend to you, Maria. I hope the weather is improving.

    Whit, go to the Tools menu and choose Options. The select the "Content" tab and make sure that Load images automatically is checked.

    Hey Farf, that was my second thought and I think much better than my first one (which I will confess to later if nobody else comes up with the same).

    Good on you -- and all the people rallying -- Janet.

  9. Go Janet! And all who stand with you today!

    Looks like The Boy and Snippet are off again. Let's hope it sticks this time!

  10. Heap o' skulls! Hooray. Hello all.

    Maria, my sympathies on the between contracts thing. Had that happen '09/'10 and it took over six months. I was pretty basket-casey toward the end.

    Janet, congrats!

    Jen, oh-fer-cute…

  11. Ugh, Kelly. Waiting that long sounds like no fun.

    Hi Dina.

    And as for what I thought I saw: OMFSM, it's Munch's The Scream reimagined by Salvadore Dali!