Monday, February 28, 2011

Hunting for Gold

Taken February 17, 2011.

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  1. Glad to see the pups aren't trudging through ice and snow. The warm weather here has the weeds perking right up.
    Daffodils and even a blooming fruit tree here or there are ushering in spring.
    Now need a bit of rain.
    We always seem to be in need of something.
    Gas at $3.23 when I filled up the other day. Scary where that will go. Afraid the economy will take another hit has our dependence on foreign oil bites us in the butt.
    Good I'm less that one song away from work.

    Marvelous Monday to All and Goodbye to Feb.

  2. Tornados last night. No damage here but the commute will be interesting, lots of downed power lines. Hope the two of you are ok.

  3. The pups have just finished trudging (and splashing and digging and nosing) through puddles and mud, Lisa. There is a certain upside to ice and snow ... not that I want it back. :)

    Mary, I'm glad you are okay. The only damage we suffered was to our night's sleep which was beset by a lot of sound and fury (aka thunder and lightning).

  4. Spring is here...but we're also getting the t'storms & such later today. Under a tornado watch until evening.

    Lisa, that's our normal gas prices! I haven't looked, but I'm sure they are higher here now, too. One of the many reasons I love my Smart--I haven't gotten gas in > month.

    Monday, Monday. I really would rather be at home, even though I spent a nice quiet weekend. Oh well.

    Farewell winter & hello pollen!

  5. Hallooo

    FarF, nice work on the ice dragon piece. Very well done.

    Pics aren't loading today :-(

    Had to smack someone for trolling on my facebook feed this morning. Hoping it will be instructive and I won't have to block them since once upon a time they were a high school friend of mine. Sigh. So not a fan of the current version of the conservative movement.

    Gotta go get some words in.


  6. Hey all! Lunch time…

    Lisa, we jumped from $3.13 to $3.30 in the space of two days. It's stayed there for the last two days, so maybe we'll be OK. I really need to get that new m/c battery though. :-D

    Mary, Andi, good to hear you weathered the storms OK. We're supposed to get whacked pretty hard this afternoon as a squall line forms up. The best part about that is when the line is past & you're still standing, you're OK.

    Maria, good to hear you've got a "Smart" fix to the gas prices! I think my bike gets even better mileage (55-60 depending on the season) but the tank is only 4.25 gal. so I'm still filling every few days.

    Kelly (and others), thanks much for the nice words about the poem. I think I'm going to change one work in the last line. I got the rest of the story drafted out last night, so now begins the tweaking…

    OK, let me post this before my 10 minutes of quota time are up… damn firewall…

  7. Gas here is right under $4.oo but I don't whine about it and I sure don't instigate wars for it either or think we need to "drill here, drill now" or "drill baby drill" crapola by mucking up our most pristine lands for black goop - because I'm working toward the day when we don't need the planet polluting means of puttering around in gas guzzlers.

    Solar and wind power is available. We get our electricity through wind power. Children's rate of cancer skyrockets near those refineries... watch "Fuel" or "Crude"...

    Tornadoes, that's some skeery stuff, ladies!! I'm glad you're okay and hope all are safe. I so wish the person had called it Extreme, Violent Weather Changes, maybe then people would be trying to conserve the planet.

    KMac, sorry about your troll. But keep your freedom of speech and your right to your opinion - especially on your own site. I hate the mantra of "don't discuss religion or politics" - those should be discussed - especially amongst friends. I think that mantra is one way that keeps people numb and dumb. And... Danni, my daughter has been the target of some christianistas because of her being agnostic. Of course, these girls are some of the school skanks... but irony and hypocrisy never seem to be eye openers.

    Wesley won the Oscars ballot contest at the party he went to last night. He guessed the most winners.

    Pouring cats and frogs here.

  8. Wayne had a off scheduled meeting at work. One of the biggest whiners about gas prices, ironically drives the biggest gas guzzler. He was complaining that he cost him $52.00 to only get half a tank of gas. He was asking others what their vehicles get MPG. One guy stated that Wayne gets 12 miles to a gallon of water because he rides his bike to work every day. The whiner complained that he couldn't and wouldn't ride a bike to work... but he only lives 6 blocks away!!! But he's bellyaching about gas prices when he's the biggest part of the problem. People who are addicted to being lazy and can't think for themselves.

    Of course his priorities in life are kinda strange. He and his wife have no children, but have a 4 car garage for 5 cars. They get all their food from Wal-Mart. Then wonder why they are so fat and sick.

    They also complain about there not being any decent jobs for Americans... so why are they shopping at Wal Mart and building up China's economy?? They don't realize that they are THE problem. Simple life changes, changes in routine and they wouldn't be "angry, white man ready to do war with anyone who gets in the way of his lifestyle".

  9. I guess Mary and my thunderstorms headed even more east, Maria. I hope your night is much quieter than ours.

    I hope you sent a goblin to get that troll, Kelly. :)

    Ugh, those gas prices are almost enough to make me want a motorcycle, Farf, but they'd have to go a lot higher to get me past my fear of hitting the pavement at 60 mph.

    Mazel tov to Wesley, Janet. I got he got a good prize.

  10. $10 g/c to a local ice cream joint. So he's stoked.

    Gas = 3.89

    One reason we're a one car family. Looking forward to test driving the iMiev in the Fall.