Monday, February 7, 2011

How to deal with Mondays: Wallow in 'em

Taken January 11, 2011.

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  1. No overnight freezing temps in my corner of Dallas. WooHoo.
    Means work--Blessing, curse. Amazing how lazy I can get in such a short time.

    Kelly and Mrs. Mac--Wow is right.

    Here's hoping some warm temps wash over all before the next cold snap.

    Marvelous Monday to All.

  2. Monday.
    Not wallowing, though not going to work.
    Tummy issues still beating me up.
    Going back to bed.

  3. I'd like to wallow in bed for a while, but that ain't gonna happen.

    Lisa, wishing you a speedy recovery from the Super Crush. Oh, and I think that was the photographer's wife in those pix with Kelly. I might shuck my shirt in the snow for the camera, but I'd have to have some fortification first…

    Maria, hope the tummy issues get better quick!

    Getting ready to head for the mimes. Lobster's carpooling so I can't fart around much.

  4. Monday. Argh. Though even Monday wouldn't make me wallow in the snow...brrrr. Even with a warm fur coat!

    Tummy issues here too, Maria. Hugs. Stay in bed, get better.

    The woman in the pix wit Kelly? The White Queen? That was Mrs. Kelly, Farf. (Right Kelly?) They were great! :)

    Sorry about work, Lisa. It does get to be a habit, having time to yourself.

    Good game yesterday, even though my team wasn't in it. Though the one I was rooting for DID win!

    Have a great day, y'all.

  5. Just started snowing here. Blecch. Where's spring when you need it?

    Glad to hear that things have stayed about freezing, Lisa. My sister is driving home (to Columbus, IN) from Dallas today and she needs decent weather along her route through tomorrow night.

    Sympathy and feel better soon, Maria.

    I'm smiling at the image of in-the-proximity-of-a-lobster-farting-Farf.

    Beth, Sniff and Bebo had -- for them -- a great wallowing in snow motivator: they were working on some deer leg bones they'd found.

  6. I loved the photos of the White Witch (Doc Kmac) and the puppies and of course Kmac. I went to work with a smile on yesterday only to find out that not many people I work with know who Neil Gaiman is. Imagine!!! It almost made me sick. Really? You don't know about one of the most creative, gifted minds is? Blew me away. Felt like I was hitchiking on another universe or something.

    Super Bowl. My son watched it cuase he's doing the pool at his program. I came home and read Urban Homesteading.

    I have to say though, the commercials this time around weren't that good. Some were Meh. Some were Huh?

    I have a co-worker whose partner works at a domestic violence outreach. She was saying at work that the night of the big game is the most brutal for women. They get the most calls afterward. Poor losers, or machismo let down. Not sure why. But that Superbowl to them is busy as Thanksgiving is to a grocery store.

    I dunno guys, seems they spent a ton of money of this party. 1 out of six kids went to bed hungry last night in America. Seems kinda barbaric no matter how you swing it. But then we're spending how much a month on illegal occupations while our schools are going bankrupt?

    I decided on who my charities will be this year. We all decide before tax day. Usually we pick three each in the family. Mine is going to be just two. Amnesty International and Planned Parenthood. Wes is doing Oregon Food Bank and he's checking on an animal shelter. Course, Wayne's is Loaves and Fishes - Meals on 2 Wheels. Danni is doing UNICEF for the 11th year. Don't know what else she's got in mind. Tax time is our deadline.

    Do some good today. Or... don't throw snow-slush-ice balls at anyone's face. If ya gotta get em, get em down the neck. No fat lips that way.

  7. Halloo all,

    Just coming up from the web deluge that getting blogged by Neil generates. Fun ride the last 48 hours, but wow, been very very busy.

    Andi, from yesterday. They are indeed a lovely couple of dogs and wandering around the woods with them is always a pleasure.

    Lisa, thanks. It was a ball to do. I think we're going to give it another go if we get the right kind of light some time later this month. Hoping I have time to make some hooves first.

    FarF, Beth, the white witch was indeed my wife. Physics professor by day, White Witch by, well…day. But generally a different day. Thanks for the compliments was a fun shoot.

    Janet, yeah, I'm always fascinated by relative fame. Neil is so much more so than I am that it looks from here like everybody does know him. But then I get out of the world I normally hang out in and find out how very many people don't pay attention to any authors less famous than Steven King.

  8. KMac, well I still want your autograph!! As well as Ms. Pickards and a gentleman I did meet in DC after blog/chatting with for a year who goes by BostonJoe. I've read your guys' books.

    I always had you in my head as Bill Nighy type (like from Pirate Radio) not the step dad zombie in Shaun of the Dead. :) Great pictures!!! Amazing stuff. And let Gaiman know he has some crazy radicals in Portland who really adore him. Make a damn movie out of American Gods!! I'm waiting. :)

    Hope Gaiman's blog (I never knew it exhisted till it was linked here) generates some moolah for yooah!

    While I've got you on the "horn". Kitty Fridays: I've noticed a new one, "Bonus Kitty" the all white one. He always looks so sad. Do you pick up rescue cats? I just love the one of the black kitty with his belly up and his paws out. I love anyone who loves pooties like that.

    As to fame, anyone following the show in IFC, Portlandia? The scene depicting a New Seasons Market dumpster was not at all correct or real. Shock. Gasp. Most of the stuff there we would have composted or recycled. Neener.

  9. Heyo, somehow skipped over Sunday's comments entirely.

    So, from yesterday.

    Maria, thanks for linking that here, and for the compliments. I hadn't expected Neil to actually blog about it, instead of just giving it a twitter link. Seeing a Neil web-tsunami from the inside is a fascinating experience.

    Nancy, :-)

    Janet, yeah, I've tended not to talk about the friendship very much on the web as Neil likes to keep a fairly low profile on some things.

    …and back to today.

    Janet, :-) anytime we're in the same city I'd be happy to sign something. Bill Nighy? Cool. The white cat is one of Neil's and an absolute dear, though I'm told she was a terror a decade ago when they first rescued her. She'd just had surgery in that last picture and was a little down but glad for the some gentle affection. I'm holding very still in that picture for her sake and drinking my tea and everything else one handed. Haven't picked up a rescue cat myself in a while, but all of ours are rescues originally.

    And now, I really need to wander off and collapse in a heap because a long (but fun) weekend lead straight into what's going to be a hella long week.