Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Great Ice Storm of 2011 - Part II

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  1. Good morning Andi,

    Beautiful pictures. I especially like the top one with the light at the top.

    I'm having my procedure this morning and there will be nothing to it, but I hate not being able to have a cup of coffee first thing in the morning.

    Everyone have a good day.

  2. Me too, Whit -- morning's are just incomplete without coffee. Anyway, hope it's as "nothing" as you expect and that they find nothing serious.

  3. I love the top one too! Did someone mention coffee?

    FM, good luck with the procedure today. I hope everything goes smoothly and you're back home having coffee in short order.

    It's going to be a great day today - first up, sorting out how we wrap up our ongoing projects for the client from h-e-double hockey sticks. Next on the agenda, prepare for my San Diego trip on Monday. And today is the last day for my not-so-beloved coworker. Yay!

  4. Did you have obfuscate the "bad" word, CG, because Finny is watching you type? :)

  5. @ the mimes.

    Today's forecast: Mostly sunny and dry. 64-68F


  6. We were supposed to have sun yesterday and we got snow. Supposed to have snow last night and today and we got rain and now sun. But I'm going to stock up on some food tomorrow when I do the shopping as Winter is here for a while. Watch it snow like a bastard tonight then. :)

    FM, the procedure will go fine. Wayne had one a few months ago and he fretted about it. Worse part was the three days before of having to be near the toilet. The next day he rode his bike for Meals on Wheels. I wouldn't advise that but ... you'll be back to normal in no time.

    Got my Kindle3 last night when I got home from my late shift. So much to read about it, but I'm loving it already!!! I read the instructions in bed on it last night and NOTHING hurt or cramped. My best friend is thinking of getting one now for bed reading and for her husband who flies around at least twice a week. He lugs around 3 books as he jets. You can even do audio books on it!

    Now, who do I read on it first? I'm almost tempted to do Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy :) The Kindle is very Douglas Adamsy :)

  7. Hello Everyone,

    Just got back from the procedure and it was nothing. The doctor said they didn't see anything looking down into my stomach, so he set me up for another procedure. This is the one with the laxatives the day before, so I'm not exactly looking forward to that. The worst part of today was no coffee.

    Hope everyone is enjoying the good weather.

    Take care

  8. It's warm here too, Maria, but the wind has been howling all day and its been overcast so I think I'll be a bit jealous of your lovely-sounding day.

    Have fun with your new toy, Janet!

    Oh-oh,Whit. Been there, done that (twice) and it ain't no fun. But at least they knock you out for the procedure itself.

  9. I could have sworn I left a comment this morning…

    Good to hear FM's procedure proceeded without problemos. You know, coffee tends to prevent afternoon naps.

    Janet, links to all the current freebies in the Kindle store if you just want to fiddle around. The genres aren't represented evenly, but there's plenty to choose from. I figured it would be compatible with lying down, I often use mine in that position. As you don't need to get off the couch to get another book, I figure FM will be all over it before too long. :-D

    Off to get my own cuppa joe… then maybe take Mason for a stroll.

  10. Janet, all of my books are available for Kindle as are many (if not all) of Nancy's. :)


    Today has been GORGEOUS!! Did a quick drive-by signing @ B&N during lunch. Tempted to just stay outside. That said, now that spring teaser is here, so is pollen teaser. My sinuses were *very* unhappy with me after lunch.

    Ah, spring: I have such a Love/Hate relationship with you.

  11. Maria, thanks! I've read all of Nancy's fiction and Danni, my daughter, wants to read you this summer. A few of her friends are getting into the vampires NOT from Twilight. :) grown up vampires. :)

    HOme. Awaiting the rest of the vertigo symptoms... stinker is it's my Friday, I probably won't be able to read my kindle and my hair looked fan-fraeking-tastic. Damnit!

    Thanks for the linkydink on the goodies.

  12. ::facepalm:: posted to the wrong day!!


    Just learned that our Ms. Nancy's Scent of Rain & Lightning was nominated for Best Novel (Agatha Awards)!!!!

    Congrats, Ms. NP!

  13. Hope you have a nice cuppa and a stroll with Mason, Farf.

    Thanks for the news update, Maria.

    Woooooo hoooooooo Nancy!!!! (hope she's lurking)