Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Great Ice Storm of 2011 - Part I

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  1. Good morning Andi,

    Lovely ice pictures. From what the weather is saying, we're only down into the low 50's this morning and we might hit 70 this afternoon.

  2. Morning Whit. Now that the ice (and snow) is gone, I can enjoy how pretty it was. It going to warm enough here (around 50) that I'm not too jealous of your 70s. :)

  3. Morning All,

    60 this morning in the predawn. I'm liking it just fine.

    Escaped to Cherokee this past weekend. So nice to sit on the deck with Atticus. Sun and plenty of warm breezes.
    Hot water handle blew off the faucet in the back bathroom when I turned the pump on. So steaming guyser. Couldn't fix, so collected water in pans and pitchers and made out just fine with no running water. Hubby will have to fix that situation.

    Staying focused on my plotting and so been busy in the A M and not dropping in like I have been. I have been checking in.
    Nicky--You know I love your lingo and definately Helen Mirren/Kate Winslet. That's the vision I have. Hope the wrists behave and heal quickly.

    Hubby has to go for MRI of shoulder. Torn something likely.

    Sounds like situation normal for most.

    Waves to All.
    Weds. waving Wildly at Friday.

  4. Wednesday: check
    Warming weather: check
    Whistling while I work: check

    So far, it's a good day. ::g::

    I sent off a list of 6 possible projects to my agent Monday night. Hope to chat with him this week. Everything from a 6th Blood Lines novel to a couple of YA novels.

    ::Keeping fingers crossed::

  5. Love the ice storm pictures. Beautiful.

    Maria, good luck. I vote for a 6th Blood Lines!

  6. Well, what do ya know... we've got the damn snow now.

    Waves mittens at all you all. :P

  7. As long as you don't have to drive in it, ice is gorgeous. I remember the first time I saw it coating a tree, in college - I was stunned. Thanks for the memories!

    Stay warm out there, folks - spring is on its way.

    A weekend in Cherokee sounds great, Lisa. I might have to make some time to get out in the sun've inspired me. If I can get my work done...

    Good luck on the projects, Lisa!

  8. Hiya Lisa. I'm so glad you stopped by to catch us up -- I'd been missing you.

    Maria, I'm checking off all your checks.

    Dina, I'll give this to ice storms -- they are much more photogenic than mass of mud the warm-up has brought.

    Janet -- too weird. It's 58 here and I'm letting the wood stove go out for the first time since early December.

  9. One of Wes' enterprising friend and classmate has created a social club for young adults with developmental disabilities and challenges and it's website is now running (sort of) :)

    That's Wes in his ever present hoodie with a gawdawful Bronco's t-shirt. Conall is the kid in the white t-shirt right next to him. They just did a fantastic pizza parlor party last weekend and soon they are going to do an Oscars party at Conall's house. We're thinking of taking the class to a Winter Hawks hockey game as a group. They'll get a free hat, dog and soda. Plus their school name will be up on the Jumbo Tron. :)

  10. Hey all!
    Nice day here, had to come into work because I packed the laptop last night but then left the bag in my cube. Took the car just to tweak The Boy. He's not working tonight anyway. It's in the upper 60s here, I think it'll hit 70 tomorrow. Works for me!

    Lisa, is there no cutoff for the sink? I would think you'd have been able to have running water everywhere but the one sink. Oh well.

    Maria, good luck with the projects. Hope your agent picks the one that just gets you writing…

    Janet, Conall had a great idea & run with it there!

    Mason alternates between hilariously funny and screeching obnoxious now… sometimes within the same minute. Babies. If this isn't the terrible twos hitting early, I don't want to see the real thing. :-P

  11. woohoo!!!

    Just learned that our Ms. Nancy's Scent of Rain & Lightning was nominated for Best Novel (Agatha Awards)!!!!

    Congrats, Ms. NP!