Thursday, February 10, 2011

Good Night Blue

Taken January 29, 2011.

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  1. ... continued from yesterday.

    Lisa, I cannot believe the weather you all have been having. Somebody must have done something very, very bad to the weather gods. :(

    Hi Mary.

    Janet, the diary was fine. I don't like reading on the current gadgets so I don't have anything to say about that. But I do like listening to books and podcasts while I take my walks in the woods. The books I listen to are all public domain (and free -- thanks Librivox) so I don't have to feel guilty about it at all.

    Happy to hear the good news on the job, Beth!

    ... back to today.

    On more cold day and single digit temp night until the warm-up starts -- 32 tomorrow, 41 Saturday, 48 Sunday and Monday. Sorry the weather gods like us better than you, Lisa.

  2. Good morning Andi,

    We got our snow last night. Not much but some is still there. George got me up first thing to go out and he did his usual funny walk on the snow. One good thing is he didn't ignore me when I called him to come in.

    Hope everyone is fine today.

  3. Sorry Andi out of batteries. Plus that button you have to push to get the pictures sort of confuses me. Do I push all the way or do I push it half way and wait? Things are so confusing now of day. :P

  4. Wow, you guys were rather chatty yesterday!

    Mary - from an author standpoint, I actually make more money per book sale on eBooks than I do per physical book sold.

    Re: device - I LOVE my NookColor. Love it! I buy eBooks from B&N plus from Mysterious Galaxy (indie store) - now that Google Books has gotten into the picture, many indie stores can now offer eBooks. The format is epub, which can be read by Nook, NookColor, Sony Reader.

    Kindle: well, I still have one because I use it to read non-purchased books. I have bought eBooks from Amazon in the past, before they got all stupid, That said, as my "I need more income" self - I really don't care where you buy it, as long as you buy it and not pirate it.

    My advice: Go to Barnes & Noble and talk to the Nook representative there. Stores usually have a nice set up where you can try both versions out and ask questions. If my B&N is anything to go by, they are really awesome and aren't hard-sell at all.

    I don't think eBook vs. print book is necessarily a zero sum game. I buy both. Depends on a LOT of factors. For me, the best part of eBooks is that I can buy 100s of books and not have to figure out how to store them. I also continue to buy print but must be more judicious about my purchases as physical room will always be a limitation.

    At the end of the day, it's totally up to you. Are you comfortable reading on an eReader - no matter what kind. If you're as uninterested in tech gear as it seems from your post, you may want to rethink this. I'm your polar opposite - I own all the toys and love them, so it's really tough for me to guess what might be comfortable for you.

    Hope this helped!

    In other news: winter.

  5. Hey, where's Jen? Did Beck put "surveyor marks" on her?

    My chronic illness has been amped up since last summer and then shortly ago my roommate brought home some nasty little bug (bout of bronchitis for her, lingering sinus infection for me) so I've just been in lurk mode because I'm miserable. Can't breathe right, can't sleep right, can't eat right, impaired sense of humor, sketchy ability to brain. Fortunately, the experience is not much like a collection of bullet wounds, but also not much like a weekend in the rack with Starbuck either, so, you know, ::taps foot, sighs, waits for this, too, to pass::

    Germ-free greetings to the lot of you -- insulated greetings to the crazy-ass topless faun in the snow, good lord, lol and wolf whistles -- I hope you're all holding up better than I am right now. :) Also, big hugs to Whit, I hope your procedure goes as easily as it can and that everything turns up okay.

  6. Hey Jen,

    The little procedure I'm going to have is nothing compared to what you're going through. I hope you get to feeling better very soon. Big hugs to you too.


  7. Yello… firewall at work was being a right barstid yesterday, swallowed my comment whole. So anyway, I have a Kindle. Maria hinted at some dumbshit moves that Amazon has pulled in the past (I think it was the "1984" incident), but there are compensations.

    A blog called posts links to whatever Kindle books are being offered for free and does a pretty good job of reviewing hardware. Kindle freebies are often "first of a series" or romance or religious, but there's a pretty wide selection overall. It can sometimes be a good way to discover an author you might overlook otherwise.

    The Kindle Store is not the only pond to fish in… Smashwords and Gutenberg offer many ebooks in MOBI format, which Kindle reads. (AZW is basically MOBI with DRM.) Even if the book you want is only ePub, there's a program called Calibre (open source, runs on Mac/Doze/Linux) that manages your library & converts between various formats.

    Finally, Amazon's customer support is top-notch, right up there with Apple (and that's saying something). When my original Kindle went FUBAR two weeks past warranty, they sent me a new one.

    OK, enough happybabble. We got about 1/2 inch of snow last night, just enough ice to make things interesting. The ice was kind of pebbly, so there is still traction. The highways are all salted & even the side roads are drying up where the sun can hit.

    Here's hoping Jen & FM can get healthy & hale soon!

  8. Hugs to Jen - glad to see you out and about. And sympathy hugs for weird weather that won't stop to those dealing with it.

    Guess i better go figure out what "business" clothes I'm wearing today - I got rid of all that stuff when I started working at home, so I have to be creative...why can't we just go to work in our jammies?

    Have a good Thursday, y'all -

  9. OMG, OMG, trying not to get my hopes up, but it's soooo hard.

    The Boy was griping last night about how Snippet hasn't been at the manor much (less than 24 hrs in the last week+). He said he was going to tell her she had to choose between her friends, and him & Mason. [Let me interject here, he wouldn't care if she went and visited friends a couple times a week, but abandonment is another thing entirely.]

    So he got in this morning. I asked him how things went with Snippet. He glared, shook his head, and went upstairs. With Mason. YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I have it on good authority that they sell batteries for cameras in Alabama, Whit. :P

    Come on, Maria, you're a big name author -- surely you can use your influence to get some spring instead of that winter. ;)

    Feel better soon, Jen! (E too)

    Beth, isn't everything all casual these days? I'm a little out of it having worked from home for 21 years.

    Here's hoping, Farf!!!

  11. NancyP!!!! I love you sooooooo! Thanks! And thank you Maria and Farf!

    I didn't get the Kindles when they first came out because 1. Amazon 2. I had heard of the inconsistencies and stuff. I always wait to get any gadget because I am a technophobe because of all the bugs and early edition problems.

    When I latch on to a gadget.... I never let go. :)

    Many books I'll still buy at Powells. Cookbooks, reference manuals, "pretty picture books" Books about James Bond or Dr. Who. My kids inhale books.

    I'd heard that authors were getting a bit more money because of the lack of s&h, printing costs. And there's no "Printed in China" :)

    Majority of my pleasure reading is --- in bed ROFL. But my eyes and body just can't handle it anymore.

    I'm going to get one with some of my profit share check from work. I do want to see what my good friend who has been with the San Francisco Public Library for 3 decades.

    Whit and Jen get better dammit!

    Bright, shiny sky today. Supposed to rain like the dickens this weekend though.

    Off to do my Friday shift.

  12. Farf, a technical question that just popped up. Google eBooks which are through the "cloud" system is that available to Kindle? Curious because Powells books do various ebook readers. Gag, I hate being a newbie.

  13. Hi, all.

    Missed you all but RL hasn't been easy recently.

    As for ebooks, I adore my Kindle. Makes it so much easier to read. But I also have a JetBook which reads a lot of different formats.

    I don't recommend the Sony ebook. Too many problems buying books and loading them.

  14. Janet, I think Google eBooks is ePub only. If they're not DRM'ed, you can use Calibre to convert them to MOBI.

  15. To follow up on Farf's comment - yes, Google ebooks are ePub and many are DRM'd (digital rights managed). Some are not. If it's from a NY publishing house, then count on DRM.

    ePub is readable on Sony Reader, Nook & NookColor (counting 3 of the more well known ones).

    Kindle reads mobi or azw (azw is mobi with AMZ DRM on it).

    Any non-DRMd electronic book can be converted very easily using Calibre (which Farf mentioned). Calibre is free donationware (e.g., Kovid Goyal, the developer has a donate button on his site).


    Hope we didn't muddle too many brains. ::g::

  16. I ought to copy all these comments, Janet, so I won't have to be a newbie like you if I ever break down and get an ereader. :)

    Dina, so sorry to hear that. Hope things get better soon.

  17. We need a drink called "Brain Muddle" it could be a summer fruit, rum drink that is muddled.

    I'll get on it :)

    Thanks for the info guys. I'll have to print this off when I get home.

    Still at work.

  18. Looking at that pic, all I could think was "looks like more snow moving in.".

  19. It was the opposite, Mary -- the clouds were breaking up and the snow had moved on.

  20. Didn't Bones use to be on at 7:00 (central) or is my memory wrong? I so rarely see it in real time.

  21. It used to be on at that time but now it's on at 8:00 p.m. Central.

  22. Yeah I figured that out tonight.

    Poor Booth.

  23. Yep. But I do think that they've established over time that Booth is a selective good listener -- he never really hears what he doesn't want to hear. Also, I think the only character that Hannah had any real chemistry with was Booth's son so I'm not very sorry to see her go.

  24. I never understood how she could last even if they HAD chemistry. Truthfully, she and Brennan had more chemistry and I kind of liked their conversations.

    Do you watch 30 Rock? Tonight's episode was hilarious, but I guess it means no more Matt Damon. ::sniff::

  25. You're right on both counts.

    Bones is the only network show I watch. Not sure why as there are several shows (30 Rock, Parks & Rec, Community) that should like I would enjoy them.