Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Getting More From Life

Taken January 16, 2011.

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  1. 11 right now in Big D. No school again. Ice hard and slick on side streets and patchy other places. Freeways/highways were a MESS yesterday afternoon. There goes that four day weekend in May. Sigh.
    Not supposed to get above freezing until Friday so who knows what will happen with school.

    Hope all farther north are safe and warm.

    Made chili, gingerbread, and lasagna yesterday, so chicken soup is the plan for today. Then my cooking urge will be satisfied.

    Throw another log on the fire and snuggle under the covers.

  2. No power. No phone. No cell phone. Running on UPS battery so making this short.

    Bye. See ya ... whenever Duke and ATT make it so.

  3. I guess we already got whacked with the ice stick and the snow stick, so Planet Georgia is getting a reprieve this time. Stay warm, y'all.

  4. Holy stormpocalypse, Batman!!

    Lisa/Andi - wishing you warmth, safety, electricity.

    Just got a text from the sister (in Little Elm, N of Dallas) that she's just lost power. She was considering driving to work (the library) which is 40 miles away. I told her she was insane.

    Farf, I guess you & I got the good side of this. It's raining here, and above freezing. I'm good with that.

    BTW, Farf - just saw your tweet to me from yesterday. Got busy with work stuff, then revisions, so didn't see it earlier. Not really sure of diff between Jing & SnagIt, as I've only used Jing. :)

    Hoping everyone else remains safe & warm, too!

  5. Glad it's just rain there, Maria. And Lisa is home. And Farf has decent weather. Sorry about no power to the Fs, but hopefully they're cuddled up around the wood stove with the pack.

    To everyone else, stay home safe!! A 2000 mile storm - crazy. It's 34 here with 28 mph winds, so the "feels like" temp is 22. Doesn't compare to what's going on up there, but this IS the desert!

    Taking the Mac in for a tuneup this morning, so if I don't show up for a while, that's why. Sigh. There's never a good time to be computer-less. Maybe it'll give me a chance to work on some songs the old-fashioned way. Where is that pencil?

  6. Weather sounds horrific, recommend hibernation.
    am slowly getting over general anaesthetic and spectacular bruises,fingers on broken hand like shiny red sausages. husband doing excellent nursing job!

    take care in ice/snow

  7. Andi, some were wondering why it was that Republicans can't get past 2nd grade science. They don't understand weather or climate. My In-laws are for the most part all college educated. They just emailed that this storm proves that global warming is a hoax. I guess they don't see the ice tears in the north or the massive flooding in Australia. I guess they simply can't look past their own fence? I think most Americans have a very isolated, selfish, greedy view of the world. Or maybe they can't envision the world? It's crazy.

    So let's redefine global warming for them and call it "Bat Sh*t Extremist Weather. :D

    Speaking of redefining. The Republicans are trying to redefine the term "rape" and what constitutes rape. Isnt' that swell? I have no hope that this will wake up any women when it comes to political persuasion or activism. It's amazing to me what people will give up to have a false sense of superiority and safety.

    Rape of our freedoms.
    Rape of our schools.
    Rape of our environment.
    Raoe of our sciences
    Rape of our medicine and health.
    Rape of anything that is different.
    Rape of civility.
    Republican party is the party of rape. And now they support rapists of women.

    I'm very angry at what the Republicans are doing to women's rights and womens right to be safe. It's no longer about "Pro-Life" it's about Pro-Rape. We know that you can't be "pro-life" aka Forced Birther, if you're also pro-war and anti-healthcare. "Force those teens to have babies due to rape, but don't you dare give them health care and medicine." - typical frightwinger. These people screaming about rape and abortion are the very people who brought guns to health care rallies held at schools.

    And it's not the male politicians only. Look what the failed Governor of Alaska did to rape victims. Made them pay for their own rape kits. Alaska has the hightest rate of rape, youbethca. Because they don't support women's rights. Women are only fair in that they are fair game.

    "We have a choice. You can either be complicit in your own enslavement or you can lead a life that has some kind of integrity and meaning."

  8. We ended up with about 3-4 inches of snow on top of 3 inches of sleet. Everything is so hard that we basically walk on top of the snow without sinking. The temperatures are supposed to drop below zero tonight. The snow seems to be somewhat dry and not wet so maybe it won't all glaze over (ha!). If it does, it will be impossible to get around. I managed to get my back steps cleared since I used more than a bag of de-icer on them yesterday. But I don't have the strength or the right kind of shovel to get the snow off my front walk. It may stay there until the spring thaw. If someone rings my doorbell wanting to shovel for pay, I might take them up on it for the first time ever.

    Everyone stay warm.

  9. Good afternoon everyone!

    I've been down with a bad cold and cough for the last 3 or 4 days. Starting to feel better though.

    We had bad thunderstorms last night and then the temp went down to 24F. We're supposed to get to the high 30s today.

    I hope everyone whose power is out that it comes back on soon and that everyone is staying warm. Our heat keeps kicking off, so I'm trying to stay warm down here.

    Everyone take care


  10. Still no power or phone and prognosis for getting either back anytime soon is not good. But cell is back.

    Cabin fever for both people & dogs rampant.

    Hope everybody with crap weather survives in good form.

    Don't want to sit in car & recharge battery so won't. Be back till tomorrow (barring minor miracle

  11. Just a little tip from your friendly gearhead: if you need a low-bandwidth version of this blog (or mine), add "/?m=1" (without the quotes) to the top-level URL. For example: mobile version of TFM. Good for accessing from a phone or just a crappy slow connection.

    Been watching Mason & Moptop all evening, I'm tapped. Finishing off the booze and going to bed.

  12. Just starting the drinking. Went to Oleg's 1 year memorial tonight after work. My Russian is very rusty but still there. Made many plans for the Spring and Summer with his other friends and his wife. Russian winters are all about surviving them till the Spring.... I miss Oleg so much. I feel him more than I do my own mother. he was... Epic.

    Man... the food was all there. Brought home some Ukrainian traditional pastries.

    Was a long, hard day at work for me as I didn't think I was giong to make the memorial. I got home and Wayne said that there would be the close friends still there later on. So it was nice to go and see familiar faces. I LOVE the way they kiss you when they see you. They take your whole face in their hands and kiss each cheek.

    I also found out that Oleg who always supported my activities yet we never really talked politically enough for me to know his persuasion.. He'd tell me "be careful and don't get disappeared". I was told he was definitely a liberal and thought the other women should join me LOL. Vladi and I talked politics all the time but me and Oleg didn't. He'd just ask me to stop by and let him know I was safe. "Don't get disappeared."

    Survive the winter, my friends. ... and don't get disappeared. :)