Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Foolish Consistency

Taken January 20, 2011.

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  1. Good morning Andi,

    I was reading yesterday's comments and saw that Downton Abbey was mentioned. I found I really liked that show. It just seemed to end too soon.

    Hope your weather hasn't been as bad as lately. It's still cold down here.

    Take care

  2. Morning Whit. No so good here -- they're talking to 2-4 inches of snow today. And then chances of snow through Wednesday and after that highs in the teens and lows in the single digits. Yuck.

    The weather gods seem pretty much pissed at everybody.

  3. Up way early (3:30 a.m.) - but I got my workout in & broke 200 miles today! I'm halfway to my initial goal of 400 miles (the distance from Edinburgh to Cardiff) after 5 weeks riding the stationary bike.

    Discovered that cooking steel cut oats in the rice cooker = awesome!

    Watched the final ep of Downton Abbey. GREAT show!

    ::waves to FM & Andi and wishes better weather on all of us::

    Today is TV day, I think.

  4. Don't fence me in!

    FM, here it's just rain. It's supposed to stop soon though.

    More snow, Andi? Ugh. It's like you live up north or something.

    Maria, congrats on hitting the halfway mark!

    Past 9, and Mason's still zorched. I guess he's making up for the lack of naps yesterday. I should start some coffee before he wakes up.

  5. We got about 5 inches of snow this morning. More than we got on the day of the snopocalypse. And now they are predicting a "wintry mix" for tomorrow night into Monday. Sigh.

  6. Cardiff! Gotta tell the kidlets I 'know' someone from Cardiff. :)

    Big Dr. Who and Torchwood fans in the house.

    Rainy here - some errands to run today but there's a San Jose versus Boston hockey game that comes on at 10 am PST - ack!!! Too. Damn. Early. for hockey if you ask me. And we don't have a back up goalie.

    Apparently the "weather gods" only like WashingCalifOregon. "Cascadia" Actually I don't think that at all :)

  7. From yesterday...hope things get better soon, Dina. And yep, I'm just about as far from that person as I can be, Janet! :) I fear I'm an anomaly down here...

    I didn't put a link to the pic in my post, Farf. Way too complicated for me! It's just at my place.

    Weather gods still pissed. Cold and windy out there. Wishing we were having Florida's rain. Y'all can keep the wintry mix, though.

    Maria, you rock! Keep biking!

    Coyotes game tonight, Janet and O, if you're out there. Haven't been to a game in years, so looking forward to it. And nachos at Margaritaville beforehand. Yesterday sucked, so this will be a nice rebound.

    Oh, my old blog showed up for a day, and then I got a message today that Blogger has removed it. So it's gone forever now. Oh well, I have cached copies of the posts. Those will have to do. In the meantime, I'll back up my new one regularly!

    Stay warm, y'all.

  8. I love oat bran in the morning, Maria -- at least in part because you can make it in the microwave in 1 1/2 minutes.

    I'm used to cold in winter, Farf. But this is a lot of snow for us -- though way better snow than ice.

    Ugh, Mary. I think we all deserve a break.

    I'm really bummed, Janet, that Torchwood is moving from BBCA to Starz -- I can't decide if I'm going to sign up for Starz while it's on or wait for the DVD.

    Hockey and nahcos -- sound like a fine evening you've got ahead, Beth. Bummer on the blog.

  9. Wooot! Enjoy the hockey game, Beth! I'd like to see Doan in a teal jersey though :)

    Andi, I wish we had cable ala carte. I'd probably watch more tv. LinkTV for Democracy Now. BBC, possibly the Animal Planet. I have to pay basic cable only then to pay more for center ice for our hockey package. I hate that Fox channels are on my tv. Murdoch should be sent packing. There's a reason he's not doing business from his homeland.

  10. I spent the last 4 hours outside with my shovel(s). I dug out paths to my garage and in the front of my house. Basically I removed the 5 inches that fell last night and left the rest which is hard as a rock. But I did pile on de-icer on my front step and the steps into my garage and very slowly chipped off all the ice until I hit concrete. The Mailman will thank me and maybe I won't kill myself getting into my garage (who designs a garage you have to step DOWN two steps to get into?) . Then the woman across the street (who is originally from Florida and still has Florida plates) decided she wanted to do a U turn on our street at the alley and got her little Toyota stuck. So four of us dug and pushed her out. So then I spent some time pushing snow from the alley entrance out into the middle of the street so that cars would drive over it and melt it.

    I'm pooped.

    And I'm bummed that more "weather" is coming.

  11. It would be nice if they'd let you just buy the channels you want, Janet; all of us could save a lot of money. But Starz is a premium station on my satellite (no cable here) so I'd have to pay extra to watch Torchwood no matter what.

    Ouch Mary. That's the kind of day that makes a hot tub sound like a great investment. :(

  12. We refreshed our chickadee cafe with more suet after the hockey game. Sharks won!!!

    Danni took this shakey video.

  13. We refreshed our chickadee cafe with more suet after the hockey game. Sharks won!!!

    Danni took this shakey video.

  14. Hallooo, eaten by book mostly, but had time to sneak out Neil's and do a silly-fun Narnia photo shoot today, with Dr.Mc as the White Witch and me as Mr. Tumnus. If anyone's interested:

  15. Coyotes won tonight, too! No Margaritaville - maybe next week. Too crowded.

    Also missed a chocolate affaire in Glendale - got to get more in tune with what's going on in town.

    Fun pictures, Kelly!! I'm cold just looking at them.

    Night all! Football tomorrow!

  16. Heh, that's looks familiar, Janet. Having a bird feeder and a suet feeder myself, I've been confused by people who think seeing pigs fly is some big, impossible thing.

    Kelly, people? What people? All I saw was gorgeous white dogs. :)

    Night and morning, Beth.