Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Follow the Pink Snow Road?

Taken February 7, 2011.

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  1. Morning Andi,

    Beautiful picture. I like the way the colors permeate the snow.

    The rels were gone most of yesterday so George and I had a pretty relaxing day. Woo hoo!

  2. Howdy Whit. The rels have left you and the rain has left us -- after dumping 2 inches in about 12 hours. What did the rels dump on you? :)

  3. The rels didn't leave, they were just out of the house most of the day.

    I see you were out of electricity yesterday. I know I start getting a little panicky after 30 minutes of no power. Gotta have that electricity fix. :)

  4. Pretty, pretty pink...we've got not-so-pretty ice. :(

    Sleeted a good part of last night, so I woke up to icktastic this a.m.

    Working @ the mimes from home today because I just don't want to deal. I want my spring, precious!!!

    Wishing everyone a terrific Tuesday.

  5. Hallooo,

    Belated hooray's for "E" not having had a heart-attack, Jen. That's good to hear. Hope she's right as rain and the bump there was pure weirdness.

    Gov Walker is sleazier than thought, which is hard to believe when you consider my starting opinion. The budget contains more than just egregious union busting. It also has a provision that would allow him to discontinue medicaid more or less without any input from anyone not under his direct control, and another that would allow him to sell public utilities in no-bid no-review contracts for pretty much whatever he thinks they're worth, i.e. pennies on the dollar. Charming. And that's only the stuff that's surfaced in the last week. Thinking there's a lot more nastiness lurking in that bill just waiting to be found.

  6. Walker needs to be walked out.

    Kelly, there's an incredible article by Medea Benjamin who has been in Egypt for weeks and was in Wisconsin yesterday. I'll shoot it over to ya.

    Here's a snippet for everyone:

    "Some took the lessons from Cairo literally. Looking around at the capitol building that was starting to show the wear and tear from housing thousands of protesters, I had mentioned that in Cairo the activists were constantly scrubbing the square, determined to show how much they loved the space they had liberated. A few hours later, in Madison’s rotunda, people were on their hands and knees scrubbing the marble floor. “We’re quick learners,” one of the high school students told me, smiling as she picked at the remains of oreo cookies sticking to the floor."

    You won't hear, read or see that in our "free news".

    In fact what you do see is Glenn Beck smearing CodePink and now we're getting those nasty emails about how ... well I can't even begin to describe them. Viscious, ugly and shows the true colors of the GOP.

  7. Well, well, well...

    The revolt against the Republican war on workers rights is spreading. Go Indiana!!!

    Now if only Women would rise up and and protect womens' rights.

    For the weather watchers: It's rainy and it's going to snow... sometime.

  8. Ick Maria. I'll take 2" of rain or even 12 inches of snow over any amount of ice.

    It's amazing watching what is going on in Wisconsin. Up next, the recall vote!

    Janet, I'm hoping that Hoosiers can show the same kind of spirit that the folks in Wisconsin. have.

  9. Ohio now, too.

    It's snowing here at work! ACK I don't get off till eight.

  10. Teapublicans, beware of the flee-a-buster.

  11. Indiana and Wisconsin - doing their part for the Illinois economy. Although Wisconsin Dems have it better because they can go to better places than mid-state Indianans. Although there is always Effingham ... :)

    Kelly, your Governor must be over-reaching when the right winger from Florida says he's wrong on the collective bargaining issue.

    That part about no-bid contracts to sell state utilities is outrageous. It should get more air time.

  12. Got 'em ducking and running in the Midwest… I think this could end well if people keep up the pressure.

    Gotta beat on a first draft for my #FridayFlash… finished it at lunch today, but I need to simultaneously cut and add. Those who think flash fiction is easy probably aren't doing it right. ;-)

    Hang in there, snow- and ice-bound friends… spring training has started, which means spring is not far behind!

  13. MaryB, yep, it's been instructive to watch the other Republican Governors disassociating themselves from Imperial Walker. His numbers are dropping like a rock, and I don't think this will end well for him.

    Janet, got the emails, thanks! Will probably respond in a day or two. Too swamped to think coherently at the moment. Been running flat out for 35 days and have 15 more to go before I can keel over ded for a bit.

    Off to crash in a heap now.

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