Monday, February 14, 2011

Bosom Butties

Taken January 23, 2011.

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  1. Awwww...Happy Hearts Day!

  2. Now there's slacking after my own heart.

  3. Morning CG. I completely forgot it was Valentine's Day when I did this post but it must have been lurking in my subconscious.

    When the dogs are in slack mode, Whit, you could not even come close to competing with them.

  4. Good morning all,

    36 degrees now, heading for 40. Came pretty close to 50 yesterday. Crazy weather, but kind of nice.

    In other news, our new Teabagger Governor flipped out completely and is trying to feed the public employee unions into a chipper-shredder. He's even calling out the National Guard to suppress dissent. Dr.Mc might be looking for a new university at some point here. Gangs of fun.

  5. Oh no Kelly. Imagine a constitution, freedom luvin' teabagger wanting to suppress the people with the National Guard...


    They want to take their country back... to the 1950s that didn't even exhist in reality.

    If teabaggers (aka Republicans trying to see how far the envelope can be pushed) you hate big goverment - get off the federal highways, get off the grid and don't use any public utilities or services and you'd better not be using my tax payer paid medicare. Don't have govt or union jobs.

    My best friend works in the admin offices of a school district. One of her co-workers complains daily about liberals this and liberals that... so another co-worker who is usually quiet and keeps to himself, fed up pointed out the hypocrisy of a "conservative tea party member" being in a union job in the education field. Someone later posted on her desk a list of all the things she can be thankful for that those "damn socialists" started. Like the 40 hour work week, paid holidays... etc etc (you all know the list)

    The woman has shut up now. Amazing what happens when you get information that isn't soley from Faux News or Glen Beck. Reality sets in.

    national guard... skeery. Nothing good ever comes of that. But what do you expect from baggers who beat people up at rallies and bring guns to school grounds at healthcare events. Despicable hate group.

    The weather here has turned for the worse. Winter warnings of cold, hard wind and rain. Supposed to snow in the foothills but nothing will stick down here. I knew winter wasn't over. Daffodils won't like this though.

    Happy Valentines Day. May you find a nice place to stash your truffles so the kids won't find them and ruin them. :D

  6. Hi,all. Thought I posted but guess not.

    Happy Valentine's Day. I have had my chocolate so I am happy.

    Calling out the National Guard - who pays that bill? Guess big government is OK if you want to put down the middle and lower classes.

  7. Bah humbug! Fracture clinic today 2wks after fall: Good news – left wrist doing well, metal plate excellent, plaster off, splint on. Bad news – right wrist broken all along; pleaded for splint not plaster and told ok but be v careful.

    But great bool launch tea p[arty on Saturday. Always a silver lining!

  8. Cute pups!!

    Bummer, Nicky. :( Keep safe, okay? And yay for a lovely book launch!!

    VERY warm here today, I think we're finally getting a real taste of spring.

    Spending the day @ home nursing stupid IBS - thanks to meds withdrawal week 3. Sigh. Nothing major, just uncomfortable and inconvenient.


  9. I read some coverage on that, Kelly -- must be a midwestern thing because Ditch Mitch is doing the same kind of stuff to public school teachers here.

    I hope you're wrong, Janet, because our winter started so early I think we deserve an early escape.

    Happy Chocolate Day, Dina. :)

    Glad for the happy news on the left wrist and the book launch, Nicky. Frown-face for the left wrist.

    Another frowny face for you, Maria. But I hope you are enjoying the warmup as much as I am.

  10. Hey all!

    Here's hoping being Tail-End Charlie isn't an enforced habit. Up, off to work, where they've effed up commenting on blogs, then home to watch Mason. All. Damn. Evening.

    At least it was warm enough (upper 30s) to ride the motorcycle to work today & tomorrow. Even warmer Friday.

    Nicky, get better. And for the rest of you dealing with teabaggers, welcome to my world. :-( It's rather humorous to watch the latest antics though: the Chamber of Commerce puppetmasters are telling the goplets that repealing the ban on Sunday booze sales is a "signature item" this year… but while the elite rich bankroll them, it's the religious right that gets out the vote. Pincers… couldn't happen to a nastier bunch of opportunists.