Saturday, February 12, 2011

Birds Get an "A" for Sharing with Others

Taken January, 2011.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Morning Andi,

    Wonderful picture with the deer. Reminds me of growing up out at the farm.

    It's cold here this morning, 24F. But in the coming days it will get warmer.

    Stay warm and take care

  2. It feels really weird, Whit, for you to be 8 degrees colder than us. Can't say I mind it though. :)

  3. Hey Andi during mid-summer we'll have to see if we can switch temperatures again. I know I would be in favor of that. ;)

  4. We have plenty of 90/90 days here in late July and August so there's nothing to switch (unless we have a repeat of last year's drought in which case I'll be happy to trade for some rain).

  5. Morning, all!

    Getting warmer here - thank goodness. Spending today being lazy.

    Wishing you all a great day!

  6. I must have closed the window or something before sending my comment. Le sigh. At least the deer are doing well, with a little boost from their birdie buddies. Here, we going to be dry and above freezing for a week. Time to ride to work, especially with gas prices on the rise once again!

    Hope everyone has a nice lazy day like Maria. I'd love one myself, and Mason is cooperating so far.

    I got a bunch of nice comments on my #FridayFlash yesterday. Lots of good stuff out there. Oh, and Neil Gaiman may have opened a can of worms.


  7. Oops, thought I posted yesterday, but apparently no. Busy day - congrats to Janet on buying the ereader. Can't wrap my brain around one yet. But right now I don't have time to read anyway, sigh.

    I miss looking out the window and seeing wildlife. The wildest life here are the neighbors. :)

    Yay for lazy days and warming temps, and dogs who train us - ha!

    Have a wonderful weekend, folks. I love seeing snow pictures, as long as I don't have to drive in it. Stay warm!

  8. Oooo good vid, Farf. I haven't quite sipped enough of my coffee and it's Hockey Day in Canada on the tube...

    I think the main worry about music and piracy nowadays (I can't say too much about ebooks) is that the fatcat corporate types are worried about their own pocket books as one of the commenters said, -as if they themselves were the artist.

    I don't pirate music or movies. But I do support Pirate Radio and I do support alternative methods of purchasing music like That's where the artists who are singer and songwriters and not this corporate mulch crap that's played constantly on pop radio. Most music "stars" ... are Disney-type groomed. Fake lip synchers to go with their fake boobies. Plug ins and hair plugs.

    You'll never hear of Amy McCaa because she's actually talented folk singer without any coroprate banking and backing. And she's not a skank like Lohan, Hilton and all those cookie cut outs. Justin Beiber is talented?? OMG, our barista not only can sing, but he also paints. What is considered talent is usually about negative publicity that can be generated.

    Many at my store are musicians who go through CDBaby and put their music on their sites to be downloaded and shared - that's how they spread their music and word of ear.

    I like the idea of artists being in control of it all. More and more that's the route, sometimes the only possible route for actual artsts who don't do the corp casting couch. I think that's why the marketeers and the slave machine are so against it as they are the ones losing money.

    For too long artists have been treated like slaves. Either via contracts or concrete doors slammed in their face.

  9. You won't hear about these job creations if you listen to slave news.

    Intel is creating more and more jobs. You sometimes hear of layoffs but they suck those into other jobs from within.

    Anyways, I can't figure out why Wall St. hates Intel so much. Probably because they actually create a product and manufacture here in the US. Most companies have to do it outside of the USA. Yes, we have plants all over.

    I don't get how something like Facebook can have be "worth" 600 a share. Whereas Intel is two digits...

    Anyways, Obama will be at Wayne's "office".

    I voted for Governor Kitz over the former NBA player who never held a job in his life. Chris Dudley was so stupid he refused to debate live for a long time and he felt that waiters were paid too much money... he wanted to LOWER the minimum wage. A guy who opposed an entry level standard in the NBA was against people who work hard making a living. Typical.

    So it's good to see Kitz with a job creation winner here in oregon that my husband is a part of. We dodged a nasty bullet this election.

    I doubt he'll meet him, he'd probably say "Free Manning! End torture!"

  10. Happy Darwin Day everyone!

    I thought it was getting warmer here but as I was doing errands, I saw snowflakes. As long as it is just a flurry or two I am OK with it.

  11. Heading on into the high 40s here. It is a heat wave! So just a wave and then back to the great outdoors where the 3 inches of ice are starting to melt from my sidewalks.

  12. Happy warm up to you, Maria. I'm loving it.

    If the motorcycle is being ridden, can spring be far(f) behind?

    A great weekend to you too, Beth. I'm sure you're out doing fun stuff.

    Hey Janet, don't you know your comments are supposed to be about the weather?!? ;)

    Dina, we hit 44 (woo hoo) today and it's supposed to be in the 50s by mid-week. Surely this will come your way.

    Enjoy the outdoors but careful around that melting ice, Mary; it's treacherous. A lot of our drive is an ice rink with a skim of mush on top.