Monday, February 21, 2011

Bebo Ponders Zen Sniff Not Pondering Pondering Bebo

Taken February 5, 2011.

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  1. No Kiddos Day--WooHoo. Staff Dev. which for us is getting ready for this next week and working on online grades.

    Happy to hear about warmer temps for some.

    Waves as off to Mimes.

  2. Good morning Andi, Lisa and everyone,

    Hope everyone is doing fine this morning. George has been on a whining tear for the last few days. Nothing is wrong with him, but over time he has learned the more he whines the more I pay attention. So if he wants to go out, or if he's hungry, or if he just wants to be petted he whines. If wouldn't be so bad if it was just low whines, but he get into these high pitched ones that gets your bones to rattling. I know it's my fault for not training him right, but I figure at his age, what the heck.

  3. Morning, gang! Day 4 of 4day weekend dawns to my usual recumbent bike ride, only today, it will not be followed by going to the mimes.

    Instead, I'm going to cuddle up with the kitty and read, because ALAS! The weather isn't going to last.

    From the Capital Weather Gang: "We're now thinking 1-2" of snow Monday night for region, except 2-4" in N & W suburbs, on top of some sleet. Tues AM commute may be icy."

    NOOOOOooooOOO!! ::shakes fist at the heavens::


    Lisa, yay for no kids day.

    FM, George sounds a lot like Kit. When Kit wants something, he now sits at my feet and meows. "Something" is usually food related. I don't have the heart to deny him, as he came to me so scrawny & underweight. He's now quite a good size and I'm still a sucker for his pitiful meows.

    Happy Monday!

  4. Hi Lisa, Whit, Maria, and Candis. Pouring rain here which means, among other things, that my satellite internet is gone and I'm on dial-up ... which I hate with a greater hate than even the hate that Sniff and Bebo have for the fact that they cannot open the peanut butter jar all by themselves.

    Hope everyone has fine day.

  5. Halloo,

    Been crazy busy between book, snow, and the fact that our Governor has gone completely round the bend and launched an all out attack on public employees. No brain space for anything but work, snow management, and political organizing. Back eventually. Hope life is treating everyone well. BTW, the roof is still holding.

  6. Yello!

    At the manor today… we get Preznit's Day off & the boss had to keep reminding me of that minor detail. Massive headache, which rarely happens to me, kicked off the day but some ibu and food helped.

    Spring #4 is holding firm on Planet Georgia, even if starts raining tonight.

    Writing is progressing, not as fast as I like, probably faster than it ought to given the distractions around here. Later!

  7. Kelly, Yahooooo!!! I bawled reading & looking at the "riotting protestors LOL" photos of how teachers, firefighters, public employees are bringing their families and kids to the Capital. @ a political blog cause you don't see that on our "free and brave" airwaves. CNN is just like Faux. It's like Pravda. Hooray for Democracy! I hear 75K showed up with about 2k Teabaggers and Hatriots. Guess which the "news" is showing... freaking media. We need to take back our airwaves if we're ever going to wake people up.

    Why did Wisconsin vote this pile in? Koch money, I know, and fear tactics. But it's good to see the people standing up for themselves. "First they came for the teachers..." Been listening to the Guthrie and Seeger Union songs. :)

    Now we'd best get our gloves on and fight these damn attacks on women. they are even trying to pass a bill that says victims of rape-rape should be called "accusers" instead of victims, but you're still a victim if your atm card gets stolen.... Takin' our country back and shreddin it apart, youbetcha, gawd bless.

    Glad to see the Unions and the citizens in Wisconsin doing what they are. Maybe more people will. I was worried this country might be headed for a civil war due to all the attacks from this crazy bunch of baggers and republicans. They attack science, education, environment, women and children, social programs and public employees, progress, individuality, the arts. Nothing civil about war but that's the word salad, double speak you get.

    My taxes are an INVESTMENT in this country. However, my money is being stolen to pay back corporate criminals and billions are being sent overseas and to paramilitary groups to kill women and children for greed and power. And to make a bunch of fearmongering rednecks feel better about giving up their 8 ounces of shampoo at the airport.

    I have "Civil Disobedience" on my Kindle3 now :)

    Nice day - everything the weather men wrote about this week has not happened or the exact opposite has.

    Taylor Swift is the love of my son's life. Last time she played here, Wes has to be happy with riding his bike passed her tour bus. Again, we went to buy tickets for her Sept show and all there is are singles. My brother said he'll try to find a pair by September, that the arenas sell out huge blocks. Strife in the life of an autistic.

    Must head out to the mimes.

    I'm thinking of one of my classes should be a grammar, comp reminder. I know... I'm not an author but I like writing at 3 am :) It's like I'm channeling.

  8. we have lovely snow today. Lovely because I don't have to go out in it.

    Waves to all.

  9. Ohhh and one more thing.

    My brother won tickets to the upcoming Reverend Horton Heat!!!

    He got so excited and said he was going to give them to his siter because she LOVES RHH so they gave him two extra tickets and it's a Private Show at the Crystal Ballroom - an old place that was refurbed by McMennamins here. It has one of the only bouncy hardwood floors in America. I'm going to have a freaking blast! Last time I saw them, the bass player jumped down at 3 different types to hug and kiss me. The skinny girls were all, "WTF?" :D It's good to be a goddess. :)

    Kelly, I wrote a post at a hockey family site I'm at about something you might like. Or not. :) It has to do with you, should I just email it to ya? My daughter has FB but I don't. My social chatting takes too much time as it is what with this place, and my hockey stuff.

  10. Janet, email me or drop a link in here, or whatever works best for you. My domain is and the email is kelly@ my domain.

    Gotta duck back into the book now.

  11. Kelly, I tried that at your site and got a "failure" noticde.

    I'm at azulism AT yahoo dot com :)

    It's no biggie it can wait till you return to the states.

    Gotta getta backa to the mimes.

  12. So after the almost all-day pretty hard rain finally stopped and the satellite came back, the power went out and stayed out for four and half hours.

    So I sure hope everybody's day was more productive than mine.


  13. Hope you got some reading done, if you couldn't work, andi. And I hope the storm gods are wrong, Maria - eek! Seems like winter is never going to end in some parts of the world.

    Checked out the new Diamondbacks/Rockies spring training facility after work - what a beautiful spot. Bought tickets for a game between the two teams, since they're both Phil's favorites. You know me- baseball and sunshine is a good thing!

    One day down, four to go. Hope y'all had a good President's Day holiday or not. And here's to George learning that whining is a bad thing, even at his advanced age...

  14. Janet, just sent you a message, subject: "Heyo, Janet" from one of my other email addresses.

  15. Thanks KMc! Kitties & the people that love them giving people courage to go back to school. Whoodathunkit.

    Also, when I go back to school... I will have a better understanding of my "dazzling brilliance" and realize that I'm not stupid... it's called dyslexia and it's a freaking strength :D