Saturday, February 19, 2011

And, Winter, What Big Hands You Have

Taken February 5, 2011.

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  1. Good morning Andi,

    Another great picture and heading. Still turning spring down here. Taking George out in shorts and short sleeves. ;)

  2. We're not quite as warm as you but the snow and ice are gone and we're above freezing with highs in the 40s and 50s for the next week so I'm not going to gripe. I'm happy for you and George to enjoy t-shirt weather. :)

  3. Winter needs to keep its hands and teeth offa me, ffs, enough already.

    Update on bestie: The various oracles and vampires down at the heart unit all seem to agree that she did not have a heart attack, so big yay to that. Docs still don't know what she did have, though, so more testing to follow, but she's home now, and we both feel considerably better. Poor girl, they did not even feed her in the joint -- the hospital kitchen had closed 15 minutes before they finally admitted her, and if she was not employed there she'd have been screwed, but as things are, she had a few friends around working the late shift to score her some peanut butter packets and a few cups of applesauce so it wasn't as bad as it could've been. (Once she got home, though, there was freshly baked bread and cookies along with homemade soup and dinner, because I can rock the damn kitchen. ::heavy metal horns::)

    Best wishes to you all!

    PS. My Groovy Link of the Day Award goes to photographer Irina Werning for her project entitled Back to the Future (link is not safe for work -- it's art!), in which old photos of people are recreated/re-shot to phenomenal effect. Andi has probably already seen it because we read a lot of the same blogs. :)

  4. Glad to hear that E is home, Jen, and to such a great welcoming too. And you're right -- I had seen that. I love the idea of the two of us bumming around the internet together. Mi ether su ether.

  5. Springlike weather here! I went to a wine bar after work last night and we sat outside for a bit.

    Jen sorry to hear E had such a fright (and gave you one too) but glad to hear it wasn't the heart. Sounds like you are doing the best thing for her by providing homemade treats and loving attention. Sending good healing thoughts east toward both of you (wonder if truck drivers on I-70 felt them whoosh past).

  6. lol, that's great Andi.

    Hiya Jen. I've seen that too. :-)

  7. Mi ether su ether.

    Fwiw, whenever I read posts at someplace like Alas I often feel like you are right next to me sharing an angry rant and/or a clever quip in response to an obnoxious comment(er), heh.

    Mary, thank you so much for the kind words and wishes, I hope they didn't run anyone off the road. :) After the past 8ish months of illness and more illness and then a health emergency, "outside at the wine bar" sounds like heaven, or at least the same zip code.

    Candis, when I shared that link with E, there was talk of recreating our own photos, and I wished so very much that you and I could take a trip to SoFla to re-shoot the one I use as my blogger avatar. If you ever get up to recreating some of your own old photos I hope you will post them for us to see!

  8. Brrrr! And not just the cold aspect!

    Janet, that was an awesome story yesterday. Good to hear one can save a life with nothing but cookies & a few off-color stories! I nominate you Superhero For a Day.

    Jen, good to hear E is home safe & heart attack-less. I'm sure they checked for high BP, which has brought on some chest pains & weird feelings in the past for me. Two centuries ago, they'd have called it "vapors."

    Andi, the riding weather was great — I didn't even bother to wire up the gloves in the evening — but my battery crapped out over the afternoon. Fortunately, Little Zook is light enough to push to the top of the office driveway for a roll-start, and I got home without further issue. I need to get the Virago out anyway, I suppose. If Daughter Dearest gets her M endorsement this year, I'm giving it to her. It suits her.

    Those "then and now" photos were pretty cool. Several women improved with age, I noticed (I'm not counting the girl/woman contrasts).

    Spring #4 can be described in two words: FRACKING GORGEOUS. I'm taking Mason to the park after lunch.

  9. Great picture and caption, andi!! Fits it exactly.

    Relief for you and E, Jen. Sounds like you gave her a wonderful welcome-home gift.

    Enjoy the warm weather, folks - spring's coming! Windy and gray here, with the promise of rain - sounds perfect to me!

    Amazing story, Janet. Good advice for all of us to remember, that we never know what burdens others are carrying.

    Happy Saturday, all!

  10. Thanks Andi! With the dls of it I can get it enlarged at a photoplace Mr. Wayne knows of. Same place we're having the Lennon wall in Prague photos enlarged.

    Farf, I think his friend and Father were the ones who helped him turn things around and he himself is a hero for waking up each day. :)

    Jen, glad to hear "E" is on the mend. I can't/can believe our places of healing (ahem) can't feed people... And I love the linky dink. You being able to rock the kitchen reminds me of one of my fave kitchen sites. Post Punk Kitchen with Chandra Moskovitz. She's now in Portland. It's a Vegan cuisine site.

    Going to a hockey game tonight after an Intel Winter Gala at the Rose Garden. I'm going for the free hockey game. ;)

  11. It was way colder than that here last night (in the 30s) but it's still in the upper 40s so I'm not too jealous of you, Mary.

    Glad you liked it, Candis. Now go forth and post us some gorgeous flower pictures for us to offset mean ole winter. :)

    It's a really nice thought, Jen -- though I'm mostly a lurker these days. If I were going to recreate a picture, I'd definitely have to go for this one. :D

    I'm really glad to hear that you had a great ride (and weren't waylaid by bad batteries). I like to imagine you zooming through the Georgia backroads.

    Hope you get that rain, Beth. And have a mighty fine weekend.

    Janet, I sent the photo with Jim and he's emailed it to you. I don't know if you trap people you don't know in a spam filter so if it doesn't show up, you might want to check. Anyway let me know if you got it okay.

  12. Got it, thanks guys! xoxo

    The weekend drama routine has passed and now all in the house can get on with the day. Sheesh.

  13. There's something very celestial about that particular photo, Jim. It's like you can see some other wordly constellations in the branches and the gold leaves are nebulas. I really do adore it and can't wait to get it ready, enlarged and hung on my wall. Again, thanks.

  14. Janet, I wish I'd taken it but that one is Andi's. Only the Sunday photos are mine. I was only the conduit because I went into town today and was able to get some real broadband speed.

    Nancy, belated congrats.

    Jen, hugs to you and E.

    Farf, you're one hell of a grandpa. Mason is so lucky.

    maryb and Beth, keep pushing those warmer temps our way, and we'll pass'em on to Candis.