Monday, January 24, 2011

Zen Sniff Ponders Zen Sniff

Taken January 11, 2011.

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  1. Loved the mirrored pooch.
    Snow pretty in pics.
    Enjoying no real thing.

    Daughter and I have a system to pump the fluids into Toby. Hopefully this morning will be last time.
    Kip is quite transformed and back to being himself-an attention whore and dandy prancing in the backyard.

    Such nice support from blog buddies. Thanks to all.

    Beth, I couldn't work up much interest in any of the games yesterday. Superbowl being here, we'll hear plenty of hype.

    Janet, pamper self and feel better soon.

    Nancy--So good to have you drop by for a visit.

    Jim, here's hoping no snow days this week.

    Marvelous Monday to All.

  2. So glad the critters are both on the mend, Lisa. Are you sure you don't a want a little bit of the real thing sent your way -- because I'm getting a bit tired of it.

  3. A day late, but…

    Coming nose to nose,
    I meet myself in the woods.
    "Hey, lookin' good there!"

    I got in bed at a reasonable hour so I could be up early for a change. Got done what I was supposed to do yesterday & now I can take Lobster to work. :P

    Lisa, good to hear the critters are better. Giving 'em fluids sounds pretty much beyond my capabilities. Worst I ever had to do was pill a kitten, and she was pretty cooperative about that.

    Later, y'all!

  4. Morning everyone,

    Andi I didn't realize Sniff was that enlightened, with the Zen and all. ;)

    Lisa glad to hear Kip is better, and I hope your system with Toby works well.

    FAR sounds like you got some rest. Glad to hear it.

  5. We had a total system down for feeding Kitty the last six months of her life. It was hard but she had the will to live. Animals are amazing.

    Sick but there's a store meeting at 6:30 that is a must attend. Been popping all sorts of "immunity" boosters.

    Off to the mimes.

    Hola Nancy P!!!

  6. Morning, all!!

    It's bloody cold today, brrrrrrrr. My thighs are still cold!

    Rode past the 100 mile mark on my recumbent bike today. 10 miles today only, as I've increased my routine to 40 mins. woohoo!! Down 45 pounds and feeling like a zillion bucks.

    Must run as I'm at the mimes and have a ton of testing to do. They did a push to production for our Intranet on Friday and no one bothered to test. SIGH. So much for delegating!

    Hasta la bye bye!

  7. Candis - :D back at ya.

    Janet - Hope you get to feeling better.

    Maria - Congrats on the bike. Keep warm and don't work to hard.

    Nancy it's good to see you.

  8. Morning, all! Yep, the games were so-so yesterday. But it's the last gasp of the season, so I watched them (mostly). Time to switch to college basketball, and baseball's just around the corner. I bet there's tons of hoopla with the SuperBowl being there, Lisa.

    Congrats, Maria! That's great!!! (The exercise, etc., not the mime snafu.)

    Love seeing the snow from a distance - a great, great distance. Sounds like we're one of the few places with beautiful weather - come on down and thaw out, everybody!

    Having lunch with long-lost family today - a cousin by marriage that I haven't seen since the marriage ended 24 years ago. Should be fun!

    Have a good Monday, everyone, and stay warm.

  9. First rate poetry is always worth waiting for, Farf. :)

    Whit, Candis (of the big :D) gave Sniff that name because of his tendency to sit and muse and I fell in love with it and can't resist posting pics of him doing it.

    Howdy, you of the big :D

    Hope you feel better soon, Janet. Ugh on early morning meetings.

    Wow, Maria! You are the height (weight?) of excellence. Pedal on!

    Now that's a meeting I would probably run away from, Beth, but you're just a whiz at the people stuff that I haven't any doubt it will be a great day.

  10. Since I'm finding it impossible to get back to my old blog, I decided to start a new/sort of old blog. I'm trying to keep as close as I can to the old set up and all. However, it will take a lot of (dare I say it) work. :(

    I had to get the word Mundane in there, so I'm calling it Mundane - Part 2. I've forgotten how to put in the hyperlinks, so if y'all bear with me, the name is all I can give you so far.

    Everyone take care.

    Whit (FM)

  11. Yay for the new blog! :)

    Boo for not being able to get back into the old one! :(

    Click [LINK] to go to Whit's new blog.

  12. Yah for helping with the hyperlink.


    Boo for having to re-learn all this stuff.


    for a computer that will be able to read my mind in the future.


    hope everyone is staying warm and having a good beginning of the week.

    Take care


  13. If every day this week is as long as today was, I'm going to declare a personal snow day on Friday.

  14. I think that's a great idea, Jim!

    I think your blog went the same path as mine, FM, doggone Google anyway. But I'm glad you're doing a new one - will go check it out ASAP!

    And my new one is finally up - with whale pictures, andi! I don't know how to do the link either - but it's an easy one. You just have to remember how to spell my name. :)

    Lunch was changed to breakfast tomorrow - maybe. Thanks for the kind words, andi!

  15. New blog looks great, Beth. Love the pics! Thanks for posting them. And I wanna go sailing on that schooner.

    Hi Mary. Did you get the snow and the single digits temps that we got -- or was St. Louis in the temperate zone?

  16. Oh yeah, snow and really cold. Really slippery this morning. But unexpectedly in the high thirties today so some melting. TTFSM