Saturday, January 15, 2011

Winter Bloom

Taken January 3, 2011.

That interlude of above-freezing temperatures included quite a few frost flowers, which really surprised me since I'd never seen any later than mid-December before.
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  1. Wow, that looks organic.

    I commented yesterday, but I think the firewall at work ate it. Yes, I finally got to the mimes! Above freezing temps this weekend, and rain on Monday, should do for the snow cover here. I liked the glazed look it got after a slight melting & refreezing.

    Ah well. I posted a #FridayFlash story to TFM yesterday, if anyone wants a quick read. I'm thinking about collecting an anthology of my short fiction to get some practice at formatting ebooks.

    Happy long weekend, y'all!

  2. Hi, everyone. Love this picture - it looks like icy ribbon candy.

    Andi, (from yesterday) the straps class is what I call the TRX class. You use straps developed by the SEALS to exercise. It can be used by weaklings (like me) to the super fit. You leverage your body weight against the straps. The reason that I like it is that the straps help me keep my balance as I have many balance issues (and I am not even beginning to reference the mental ones!)

    It is a great workout and my instructor is very good - she doesn't let anyone do anything that would hurt them. I wouldn't take the class without her or someone like her who is very aware of injuries. But if you have that, well worth it.

  3. Andi, Gorgeous!

    And from yesterdy, Manny's tattoo is pretty spiffy as well.

    Maria, hope you're feeling a bit better.

    Beth, condolences on the blog eatage. Hope it can be recovered at some point. Have you tried the wayback machine?

    Jen, (should you happen to check in) great to see your handle here a couple of times recently.

    Janet, *waves back madly*


    P.S. roof still intact.

  4. Glad you're thawing. Off for a quick read ... back -- that was sad but very nicely done.

    Now that you mention candy, Dina, I'm think of a taffy pull. The straps exercises sound interesting. I'm always looking for something for muscle toning that I can do at home -- though it probably one solve my basic problem that I'm easily bored.

  5. Salt Winter Taffy!

    IrishWitch had a diary on Kos last night about mourning. I don't post there or read there much but I found myself posting what could've been a diary itself. I let it all out what happened with my Mom's hateful, ignorant family. I told all. Things only my best friend and people where there knew. It was very healing. I feel much better.

    Her corneas were harvested and for some reason that upset her family for religious reasons. We had to take her drivers license away because she'd kill someone or herself. They claim now that my Mom must've forgot to cancel the donor part of the id. I got word that her corneas were part of a successful surgery and SightLife out of Seattle has contacted me to see if I would like to send a letter to the recipient. I have sat on that letter for months. I now know why. I've been dealing not just with the death and the dying of my Mother but the traumatic insanity of her family's hate as well.

    I was able to go through it with some semblance of strength and even class. But that got me through it. Now I'm dealing the aftermath of it.

    Jesus helped the blind man see. He'd approve.

    I'm disgusting for being upset that somehow in the final months mom was talked into being buried rather than cremated. My mom was morbidly obese and she wante dto be spared the final indignities. But all of a sudden I was some "Muslim Lover" for even asking about why she wasn't being cremated. Cuhrazy.

    Then I realized. I buried most of my "family" along with my Mom. They died along with her. Even though they were toxic and horrid people - there's still a processing of the "loss". Once I saw that... bingo.

    I only have contact with her one sister and I'm coridal with my Grandma.

    At some point I'm taking the origami peace crams Danni made during the final days and cremate them at Cannon Beach and have our own memorial for Mom with my loved ones around me. I put it off thinking it wasn't needed, but I see now, probably due to Tuscon and IW's diary, that I've put it off too long. I started focusing on preperations for my own death, and how I wanted things handled so differently. And I did find some peace in that, too. Basicall I want a wake like friend Oleg. I want someone with my body till it's cremated. Even know what music to go along with the wake. I want drinks, food and laughter going on.

    Hardest is making plans for your child. Something we can't do right now because it's too painful but my friend says it's a must. because that's the death that all the decisions are carried out at the worst time. She made all the decisions for her sister when her toddler died. I'll try at some point to complete that hardship.

    But this week it hit me. We can't be told how to mourn, how to love, how to live and by gawd how to die by others due to their beliefs or whatnots.

    I feel this was a very positive, huge step for me.. and my husband.

    My one aunt wants to come visit us for the first time (none have come down) and I said I will cook for her Tuscan Stew and bake some vegam Chocolate Crinkles, too. She loves my organic cooking (she's a farm girl but just now is learning to recycle and upccyle) she jokes that her city kid neice is teaching her how to be a farm girl. She's the most religious of them all but she's not mean redneck like the others. She saw firsthand how her family were, were to even my kids.

    So this is kinda cool. She wants to come down and I don't feel like she'll be judging or spying LOL.

    And you know what, she'll see what everyone sees when they come over to my house. She'll see the Peace stuff of coursebut she'll see where our priorities are. We don't have a fancy car, but we have the fanciest kitchen and food ever. I can't believe it, I'm going to cook a wonderful meal for my Mom's siter and her husband.

  6. Sorry about the typos. Dyslexia and Diazapam (been on it all week just about due to vertigo) don't quite mix. Plus add in emotion and a cat demanding to be played with and voila... Word Salad.

  7. Kelly, you're a peach for accommodating my obsessions. :)

    No apologies needed, Janet -- well, except maybe to the cat if you didn't give it the required attention. :) I hope your visit with your aunt and her husband is wonderful.

  8. I don't think I will be able to fly to your 40 Acres while carrying spices, extracts, flours and sugars...

    I probably couldn't even get my stainless steel measuring spoons on nowadays.

    Honest sir, it's organic powdered sugar. :)

  9. Thanks, Andi.

    She's the most religious of them all but she's not mean redneck like the others.

    I believe the two are connected. The aunt really believes.