Friday, January 14, 2011

Washboard Sky

Taken January 1, 2011.

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  1. Wow, that's about how I feel, still. :(

    Up since 3:30. Did some writing notes for a short story I want to do. Tummy settled mostly, but now it's sinus headache and suchlike.

    Have I mentioned how much I hate winter?


    ::waves feebly at you all::

  2. A serious pic. The rattle of the limbs in the breeze, a pickax plunging into winter-hardened ground and heavy breathing are the only sounds.

    Friday--WooHoo. No kiddos. Double WooHoo.

    Problem with the online grading.
    A bipolar, pregnant girl screaming that I haven't given her exams but refusing to take one when I offer it. Let's see--she has refused to do any work the entire time she's been with us and is ugly to you if you try to wake her up and even ask.
    And she says I'm the one with the attitude.

    Oh, and at two p m on the last day
    of testing I find four different exams in my box. Gotta love it.

    But after a beer(not an allowed snack, but I felt was better than prescription drugs), 9 baked potato chips(an allowed snack) and trash tv last night, I'm ready to meet another day.

    Maria, down 2.5 lbs so the change in eating is working. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    Beth, I can mail you a high school yearbook from either me or hubby. You can make up memories. Enjoy SD and the ocean.

    Nicky--Happy Anniversary. Wedding dress and long underwear--we knew you were a smart lady.

    Jen--I've been avoiding the news lately. Felt better for it. So glad you are dropping by more regularly.

    Fabulous Friday to All that Follow.

  3. Hi, all. Maria, feel better soon.
    Lisa, that sounds like a no win situation with your student. Hope it gets better.

    Nicky, Happy Anniversary!

    I think I got everything (but probably not ). Went back to my straps class today and I am feeling much better for having been there.

  4. Just passing through to let people know I'm still alive. Have been on the road most of January so far, and now trying to catch up from that. Hope everyone is well or soon will be.

  5. That soon will be should be especially targeted toward Maria and anyone else who's under the weather.

  6. The problem with hating winter, Maria, is that it tends to hate us right back ... and it's a lot effective at being hateful than we are.

    Well you've got no kids physically present, Lisa, but I'd say they're still hanging around. Chase 'em completely off and enjoy the weekend.

    I now what water yoga is, Dina, but what's a straps class?

    Howdy Kelly. Hope all is well with you (and your roof) too.

  7. Roof's still doing all right. Other than that and being unreasonably busy, life's pretty good. Hope things are likewise in the F household.

  8. Thrown out title: "8 Minute Abs" :)

    Hey there KMc!

    I don't watch what this country calls "news" but I'm still very informed and therefore maintain my sense of empathy, compassion and activism.

    Being aware and educated is part of my citizenship. It's all part of the "what did you do once you knew?" When they make you feel like you have no control over the situation or that you have no power, then they've beaten you down. The overhwelming sense of powerlessness is is a form of mental slavery. I can understand the need to take a break from such things, but to completely avoid it... the cool things about peace is that it doesn't cost you anything and usually the gesture or action can be small and simple.

    yeah, I'm disgusted and sickened that we just buried a 9 yr old little girl due to a political assassination attempt which killed and maimed others. I could bury my head becuase it's really too painful to think about BUT instead I as many others want to build bridges to healing and do something pro-active. Alot of times after tragedies such as these, many want to turn away, hell during 9/11 the President said to do NOTHING just go shopping and let "them" do the work. Horrible idea. After tragedies is when volunteerism peaks. Bridges of communication are made. Neighbors start making connection to neighbors. Sometimes beautiful things can happen. Simply "being the change" as Ghandi says is what we have to do. "Life goes on" but I find that a callous, lazy remark. Life does go on but in what direction?

    Been leaving messages for Manny at his blog since his beloved Tuscon has been going through so much pain. He's one of those people that have been walking their talk when it comes to Peace. I worry about him all the time. And I know he worries about me and others too.

    The weather here? Typical Oregon Maritime Winter weather.

  9. Oops forgot to add:

    Get better Maria!

    Congratulations Nicky!!!

    And speaking of reaching out to others during hard times... anyone heard from Boran2? I usually see him around Manny's blog or the big orange site. But this year I lost touch.

  10. Relieved to hear the roof is still okay (not that I'm obsessing on it or anything).

    Janet, b2 is just fine. He's still doing his paintings and getting better with each successive one. And I met him this summer IRL and he's even nicer in person (hard as that might be to imagine).

    Also Manny just got a tattoo and it's really beautiful. I'm sure he won't mind me linking to it so here it is.

  11. Nice inkage!!! And remarkably perfect for him, too.

    I saw pictures of Manny and Boran2 together. They looked awesome and so happy.

    I would love to meet Boran2!!! I can't remember if it was a diary or a post from the old days from him that really impacted me before a high risk protest thang. He has that police training and crowd sense. I knew he understood when I realized that most who would post/comment to me that they "marched beside me" or "you march for me" didn't really get it. They weren't with me cause they weren't there to bail me out of jail or pick me up off a bloody curb, ya know :). He helped me, along with some veteran advice and back watching from my Pink friends - helped me keep my head on straight or at least on a swivel. :)

    OMIR the Storyteller is another I'd love to meet. I know there others out there that I will run into again or for the first time. I still haven't met Cedwyn and she's from Portland, dammit. ROFL. I bet you I've seen her and even talked to her but haven't known it. ROFL

    Gawd I just love your photography, woman!! Danni is looking at it, too.

    Thanks for allowing me to be me, Andi. I do try to show, share and write with respect. I know that not all your friends are these crazy activists but we are your friends.

    But... I do know that peace activists do bring the best drinks and desserts to parties. :P

    Marmotinis for all because it's been a forked up bisque of a week.

  12. Thanks for photography compliment, Janet. Also ... hi Danni!

    I think Omir might be gone from the internet -- he had a little tool a unch of used over at Booman and about a month ago, the link stopped working and his website was completely gone.

  13. Is he gone? Like how Ductapefatwah is gone from the internet?

    You know, I sent OMIR all my Phil Ochs and Woody Guthrie archived music. :)

    The dude would send me links of my radio gigs even after I left Booman.

    Need to make dinner because these guys might starve if I don't. Meh.

  14. I don't know how he's gone -- I hope he is just not being a presence anymore and having a fine life.

    Night everybody.