Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Threads of Silver and Black

Taken January 9, 2011.

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  1. Sparkle snow--Pretty.

    58 projected here. Tropical 26--Kelly you have a stronger fortitude than I.

    Farf, Cyberhugs to you and Mason. I can hear the jugging of the washer. Here's to quick recovery.
    Beach house idea--I'm all for that one.

    Waves as off to shower early and get ready to push those fluids into Toby. He's being a real sweetheart snuggling last night.

    Wonderful Weds. to All.

  2. Morning, gang!

    Working @ the mimes from home today thanks to wintry mix turning to heavy snow later. Wasn't supposed to get here until the end of the day. Oh well.

    At least I can look at Andy's pretty snow picture and pretend I like the snow. ::g::

    ::waving to all::

  3. Something about that picture makes me think it should have been a U2 album cover from the Boy/War/October days. (Oddly, however, NOT The Joshua Tree days.) Maybe it reminds me of New Year's Day.

    Hope all of you are well as can be, as always.

  4. Good morning everyone,

    It's wet and chilly here today. We're not supposed to get out of the 40s today, but over the next 10 days it will start warming up to almost 60 degrees.

    Maria I hope Toby won't put up too much of a fight with the fluids.

    Andi for the picture today, I think you came up with the perfect name.

    Everyone take care.


  5. Maria, you and Jen must have posted while I was typing. Enjoy your work from home day.

    Jen, I can't say it reminds me of a U2 album cover. I know it's blasphemy, but I was never that big of a U2 fan. :)

    Take care


  6. I am jealous of your temps, Lisa -- except for the fact that I would have to go to go to a big city in a place with horrible summer temps to enjoy them. Got to be a better way. ;)

    Bad weather is teh suck, Maria, but I'm glad you can work at home to -- sort of -- escape it.

    Jen, you have a first! No one has ever connected me in any way, shape, or form with U2 before. And just the connection is enough to raise my Jurassic status into the Cretaceous. :D

    60s sound good to Whit but I want to go to Alabama even less than I want to go to urban Texas. OTOH, I sure don't want to to -40F/-40C Ottawa so I think I'll just stay put.

  7. Hi, all. Far behind on everything these days. And more snow is coming. I just hope it all comes today as I can stay in and enjoy it.

    Waves to all!

  8. Staying in and enjoying snow sounds like the best way to deal with it! I'm enjoying the nice weather for now, because everyone keeps warning me about summers here...I can wait.

    Nice to see everyone out and about so early! I need to start going to bed before 2am, so I can get up at a reasonable hour again. 7am feels like my day is half over.

    Back to work. The next time you see Hot Tub Time Machine on cable, you'll know I'm the person who closed-captioned it. Or will be, after today. That's the only way I'll watch that movie, even though John Cusack is a cutie.

    Creating jobs, Janet - what a great thought.

    Happy Hump Day' y'all!

  9. I know it's blasphemy, but I was never that big of a U2 fan. :)

    Nothing blasphemous about that, darlin' -- the only person who thinks Bono is god is Bono. ;p

    Beth, summers in the valley (you're in the Phx area now, I think?) are just awful. Even the wind is hot, so it's like 113 outside in the shade already, and then if a breeze comes in it feels like someone turned on a heater. I saw a concert down there in August once in a venue with no AC. There were box fans duct-taped to the ceiling and we all pretty sure we were going to die of heatstroke. (It was an Ani DiFranco show, so it was worth the risk, heh.)

  10. Look out, Andi! It's reaching for you along the ground!!!

    Lisa, when I hit the lotto, a beach house is #2 on the list (#1 is wiping the debt). Maybe I'll rent… buying would be too great a temptation for a hurricane. :-P

    Maria, they're predicting snow here, but it's already close to 40° so I have no clue how that's going to happen. Very windy though, glad I'm inside.

    Jen, I think a goth or emo band would like a B&W version of that for an album cover… maybe with a little (OK, a lot) more processing. The post title would work for the album name too.

    Dina, why not bundle up and go play in the snow?

    Beth, I can relate to wanting to go to bed/get up at a reasonable hour. As I don't have cable, I guess I'll be spared the viewing of Hot Tub Machine. Good to hear you're doing something cool though!

    Pretty good night at the manor. Mason squawked at 4am but went back to sleep without intervention. The Boy is watching him while I work (is that what you call it?) at home today. But maybe one more cup of coffee…

  11. I can't play in the snow because my cane doesn't work well there. Wish I could!

  12. Hallooo all,

    Another day in the freezer here, or as my friend Ben posted to Twitter: It's already 19 here, gonna be a scorcher.

    Deep in book at the moment which is great. This thing might actually get finished. Routine is wake up, 1k words every morning, take my friend Neil's pups out for a mile or so of snowshoeing, weights, couch time with Dr.Mc, crash and burn. Good but not much time for anything else.


  13. I hope you don't get big drifts on your porch again, Dina.

    Ugh -- Hot Tub Time Machine. Maybe the next time, Beth, as a payback you'll get to do something really classy like the King's Speech.

    Nice to have a quiet day, Farf. Hope it continued.

    That actually sounds like a great day, Kelly. As long as you can keep your temp in the "tropics", I'm kind of envious.

  14. Ani di Franco show is totally worth the risk of death or at least a loss of a limb.

    Ani di Franco, Jen!?!?!?! Wow!!! Just another reason why I love you so damn much!!! We're kinda like twin sisters of different muthas from another universe.

    I'll have what Kelly's having! Sounds like a fantastic day.

  15. Andi, the drift never went away though it did go down a few feet. This may send it back up a bit though.

  16. Hi Janet. Night, Janet.

    Night everybody else.

  17. Eek, Dina. That's a long time to be buried in snow!

    And now, really good night.