Monday, January 3, 2011

They also serve who stand and wait

... but no one says they have to like it.
Taken December 31, 2010.

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  1. Farf, you are psychic, rye bread is next up on my Learning to Bake adventure tour, I just bought some rye flour last trip to the store. The whole wheat bread recipe I've been working on lately is from King Arthur Flour's bakers.

    $4 lottery ticket

    So are you gonna retire now or are you gonna invest it in the market? ;) The Megamillions game cash option is up over $180m, I can scarcely even imagine winning THAT kind of bread.

  2. Morning, Jen.

    I just used some of the Hi-maize fiber and whole wheat flour from King Arthur to add some more fiber to my banana, chocolate chip muffins. Yummy.

    Sniff, I feel the same way. No semi-blur for me. Kiddos show too.
    Enjoy the workday, Jim.

    Daughter is rearranging her room. And those feng shui rules are a bugger. Try to meet one and another gets thrown off. :}

    Marvelous Monday to All.

  3. Morning!

    Good luck with the rye, Jen. Like I said, that stuff is STICKY. I agree, $180M is a bunch of moolah, but I bet Mrs. Fetched could make it evaporate in a year. She has a skill.

    Lisa, that feng shui stuff sounds like one of Mason's squishy toys. Squeeze it in one place, and it pops up in another.

    Mason's running a fever, so we're seeing if we can get an appt for him… fun. NOT. I need to go too.

  4. I used to make all my own bread, and remember rye dough being sticky. But it came out fine! My favorite was chocolate cherry bread...good way to make something healthy totally not. Enjoy the experimenting, Jen!

    Megamillions...I'm sure winning would attract all kinds of unwanted attention, but I'd be willing to risk it. Of course, I guess that means I'd better buy a ticket.

    Good luck returning to the regular world today, everyone, now that the holidays are but a memory.

    Feng shui - forgot all about it when I set up this place. I'd better look around and make sure I didn't mess up anything!

    Happy Monday, everyone! Off to buy a vacuum and a bookshelf, hopefully.

  5. Greetings & salutations, all!

    It's a marvelous Monday. Sun's shining, temps are back to more normal (40ish) and I'm back at the mimes...oh wait, that last part isn't the most marvelous. ::g::

    Still, I started the day with a 15 min ride on the exerbike, as I have so far every day this new year. Although I don't do resolutions, I do theme my years. Last year was new beginnings; this year will be efficiency & economy.

    I've been decluttering (still!) and listing things on eBay. So far so good on that, as well.

    Jen, best on the bread baking. I'm crap at baking because it requires more precision than say, chili in a crockpot. I've whipped up some extremely yummy veggie chilis recently. Love the one-pot cooking!

    Wishing everyone a fantastic start to the week!

  6. We're going to invest right back in our retirement plan (Powerball), Jen. I can smell that bread baking from here.

    Sorry, Lisa. Much sympathy to you.

    Poor Mason. I hope he feel better soon.

    Yuck vacuum. Yay bookself. Maybe you should check out this site, Beth.

    Sun is out here too, Maria, but we're still in the twenties. But we're heading toward above freezing so I hope we're chasing your temps. I like the idea of theme years. I think Jim's and mine should be getting ready for that 2012 retirement. :)

  7. Happy New Year! It's the year of Spinal Tap - it goes to eleven.

    Didn't watch the ball drop, instead we watched the gloves drop at the local hockey rink.

    Had a quiet xmas. Laid back. Been running off to doctor appts and playing catch up with home and work.

    Been baking cookies. Chocolate Crinkle kind that are fudgy in the middle and snickerdoodlish outside. Covered in powdered sugar.

    Trying to keep my head up but more and more I look at what's going on in this country and more and more I have less hope.

    All are well here. It's that time of year where we all decide which charities we'll focus on donating time or money to. All are remaining the same except Danni's. She's sticking with UNICEF but she's totally dropping HSUS. She's been giving to them since Katrina. But now that they have a dog torturer and killer as one of their rehab advocates... she's done with them forever she says.

    Sometimes I wonder if my kids are too involved. But I think they'd hate being apathetic, braindead types who thought of nothing but themselves. But along with caring comes some pain and sadness and sometimes anger. Followed by some action or the anger just festers.

    On to 2011. May it not be as horrific at last year. No lottery ticket for me, I just don't want any death or disease. :)

  8. Lottery Ticket Story for Jim.

    My kids have asked what the lottery scratch tickets are all about. My husband always shakes his head and says "they're the idiot tax".

    When Wesley turned 18 this year my brother spent it with us and gave him $40 worth of scratch tickets.

    Wes looked at him like, "do you take me for an idiot?" and then if you ever met Wes you'd might notice his hands are slightly elongated and crooked. Years of sibbing and stimming. So it took him a long time to scratch the tickets. He "won" four dollars in total.

    He looked at his uncle and said, "Next time, just give me the $40."


  9. Janet, at least part of my idiot tax goes into the underfunded Indiana Teacher Retirement Fund. So even when I lose, I win a little.

  10. Have you been watching the World Junior Hockey Championships tourney, Janet? We've really been enjoying them. Tonight's game is US v. Canada. The US is undefeated and Canada has lost 1.

  11. Of course! :) We have some Winter Hawks on team Canada and team Switzerland. Hockey that is being played for pride and passion... way better than hockey being played for a paycheck. (I'm a little down on our Sharks at the moment and pretty much the NHL LOL) I've got a reindeer lodged up my butt apparently. Grouchzilla.

    True, Jim, true. In California they said the lottery went to stuff like schools and care of the roads. But when they said it was also to repair the tooth fairy's wings, I decided that I wasn't for sure where all that money was really going. :)

    But I'll make you a promise, the very first time I'm at the 40 Acres, and I really hope one day I get to, I will definitely purchase a small investment to the Teacher Fund by way of a lottery ticket. I'll even buy you one. :)