Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Poetry Post

Very Small Array

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Very Large Array
by Timothy O'Keefe

I called in suspicion. Walking home – a fogged
streetcar, fireworks to the east, the stars’
sweaty nest. The flutter in your voice
was a stranger’s smile on the stairs.

I called in anger. Rain and traffic, a basket of
rotten bananas, a splinter.
The crack in your voice was a match-head,
my tongue a trail of gasoline.

I called in desperation. Skin-shiver, achy
Creole music, oceans clutching their aqua shawls.
The tick

      in your voice…

there is a place in New Mexico:
Very Large Array - telescopes
scrambling cosmic chatter. Rattle-boxes
filled with snow. Radio waves swim out
like snorklers scanning wraiths
of wet-electric. Each scope-face
wheeling the cyclopean ear,
thirteen miles long. It hears:
a lunar apogee
Plutonian lampposts
a supernova
made human.


  1. Oh yay, I get to scribble the VGW! I guess if you put together all the unused satellite dishes sitting on roofs and behind houses, you'd have another Very Large Array.

    Alone with Mason this morning. Actually, M.A.E. is here, but still abed. I need to get her to watch Mason so I can grab a shower.

    Another Very Nice Day coming up here. I got some wood cut up yesterday, but I need to borrow that old Husqvarna to speed things up. If the rain holds off tomorrow, I might take the motorcycle to work.

  2. I like the poem, Jim.
    Hi, Far! And All Who Arrive After Us.
    I just read on facebook that our Nicola fell and broke a wrist, wrenched the other one, and sprained/turned an ankle. There aren't enough ouches in the world to cover that. Nicky, if you show up here, I'd hug you, but that might be dangerous. Heal fast!

    Beth, you watching the Celtics/Lakers game with me today?

  3. That's a shock, seeing something so tech-y instead of your usual nature shots. Cool poem, though.

    Get better, Nicky!!

    Prolly will miss that game, Nancy. I usually skip NBA until the playoffs. Now if it were a college game...! And of course you know I'll be watching the Super Bowl next weekend.

    Wishing that rain would head this way, Farf.

    Went to a trop rock concert last night. Fun to hear "my" kind of music. Even ran into someone I sailed with in AL who lives in Seattle...small world.

    Off to cause mischief. Or work, whichever comes first. Enjoy your Sunday, all!

  4. Best wishes to Nicola. It's been a rough winter for falls on ice. The art teacher at school fell and broke her leg while walking her dog just before the holidays. It was ironic; she was a skater in an ice show in her late teens / early twenties.

    Hope you got your shower, Farf.

    Beth, I took the picture to illustrate the idea of communication. For the past couple of weeks I've been trying to take a photo and post a link to it on Twitter for The Daily Shot. I haven't been able to do it every day. It's been fun. I'm looking for strong shadows today.

  5. Thank you all, was attempting a highland reel and slipped. will be ok after tomorrow but currently resemble a dying swan!