Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Poetry Post

Looking West of the Valley

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     rough translation of fernweh (Ger):
     the opposite of homesickness.

Imagine a love turned out
as bread best cast

to the rivers, feedings
for smaller, far-flung things—

fire-flights of stillness,
forms alighting, then airborne,

until the breeze begins
to feel like hunger,

the wayward sweep of desire—
for the holy wheel

rotating foot, breath, and earth,
the pilgrim's chaff,

frayed and heliocentric,
in need of distance

as a horizon of prayer
to both call and receive.

Megan Harlan


  1. Jim, the beautiful blue sky adds that element of hope in the future on the horizon.

    Farf, interesting story. The winter season is death, loss. I'm looking forward to Spring and rebirth. Get the blues with so much darkness and cold.

    Andi, I'm thinking with all the walking you do, there's not much need for other exercise. You and the pups could do some canoeing at the pond for upper body strength.

    Dina, that teacher sounds great. It makes working out so much more fun and effective when working with someone you like and is helpful.

    Kelly, Glad the roof is holding and you are able to make a pitstop to rest before the next leg of your travels.

    Monday off so don't have to rush to get laundry, grocery shopping all done today. Rain yesterday and today. We needed it.

    Relaxing Sunday to All.

  2. Quick hi to all.

    Lisa, she is why I am in less pain and I love her to bits!

  3. Long overdue hello. Safely in San Diego, having fun with my friend. Gorgeous weather - sorry to all you snowbound and chilly folks. Glad ills are improving, and hopefully winter is slowly loosening her grip.

    I did try that, Kelly, and have been able to find cached versions of individual posts. But Google won't return my deleted account, hence the blog itself is toast. Will start a new one when I get home this week. Not sure what the universe is trying to tell me, with lost blogs and yearbooks.

    Thanks for the offer, Lisa. :-)

    Sorry I wasn't in FL to see you, Kelly - hope you're home soon again for a long while.

    Hope everyone has a peaceful Sunday, and another day off tomorrow.

  4. Hiya Andi, Jim and everyone!

    I hope everyone is doing well. George and I are doing fine. I've now gotten another old computer, but this one is much much better than the one I had.

    I've also gotten a new email address since I can't get back on the old one. It's kind of bad since I can't get back to Mundane and I hate to lose that blog. But what can you do. Andi my new email is I've lost everyone's email addresses from before. If you don't mind drop me a line.

    Well I do hope everyone had been doing fine and take care.


  5. Afternoon… Mason finally stopped struggling and went down for his nap. I hope he wakes up in a better frame of mind.

    I can relate to today's poem and word for the day… getting away from FAR Manor would be heavenly!

    Lisa, thanks much! Enjoy the rain & the extra day off. We're supposed to get rain too, should melt off the rest of the snow.

    Dina, less pain is always a good thing.

    Beth, bummer to hear you've lost a lot of your past. Here's hoping you can reconstruct at least some of it. You can backdate blog posts, so if you copy/paste your old entries into the new blog you can put the right dates on them.

    FM, I'm glad you stopped by TFM and here too. I'll drop you an email.

    Got a blog post of my own to write… later!

  6. Weird day at work today. My first day back and since vertigo and the shootings. It was not business as usual.

    We all at work kept thinking of those poor Safeway workers and what their first Sunday must've been like. I hope they got the care and therapy they need/ed.