Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Poetry Post

Cats Pray: Cats' Prey

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by Gayle Sweeney

Pawprints in the white powdery snow
Come and go.
I could tell by the tracks
They belonged to a cat.
Perhaps it went looking for a mouse
Near my house
Or maybe it was trying to get in
To escape blustery winter winds.
I could not discern for sure the destination
But in the quiet drifts these tracks were an elation.


  1. Raining here-WooHoo. Need it.
    But the temps are a dropping, so will likely be freezing tonight. Hope that doesn't mess up Monday.

    Created a planner/organizer binder yesterday. Calendars, planner pages I created a year or so ago and notebook paper to take notes if needed. I do so much reading and thinking that drifts away. Will try to capture more of it.
    Also need to plan some action steps each day to get more done on the story. Been wallowing in little-done land too long.

    Mason sleeping through the night-WooHoo.

    Lazy weekends be good, Maria.

    Relaxing Sunday to All

  2. Cats pray for prey? Meanwhile, the birds are probably preying on sluggish bugs under that dusting of snow.

    Good luck with the organization thing, Lisa!

    Yay, Mason slept all night again! Nice through the day, if a bit cold, and the snow's supposed to come in tonight and all day tomorrow. We're still talking about 5 inches of snow, give or take an inch.

    Off to hunt up some breakfast, so to speak…

  3. Hi Lisa, organizing is the easy part. Implementing the organization it tough.

    Farf, birdy traffic near the feeder was heavy.

  4. Snow in Planet GA, and my aunt in NC is expecting 2-4". They've had more this year than in many years combined - crazy weather year!! I like the poem and the pix, though. Critters wandering when the humans ain't around.

    I'm starting to wrap my brain around the blog being gone, and starting all over somewhere else. One more strike against huge companies with no customer service. Google is a bad word in my world right now!

    Anyway, yay for a full night's sleep, and rain. And getting organized - Jim has a point, implementation is rough. But getting organized is the first step!

    I'm off to build bookcases so I can get my office organized...then a 3 mile walk this afternoon to complete the Valley walk we did last month. 14 mile bike ride yesterday. Trying to get out and enjoy the weather. I know 60 is warm to most of you!

    Happy Sunday, y'all.

  5. I must say that today was not the greatest day to be working in a grocery store.

    A progressive store that caters to mostly progressive folks.

    Few weeks ago we had our Senator at the store meeting with people.

    Sticks and stones do break bones and crosshairs are to target and kill. I am hoping that the hate speech will be shamed and shunned from now on. We've been having to live with their hate speech, their lies and their threats for too many years.

    My word, a nine year old child was killed Sunday because of a crazy, hatefilled person who felt that bullets mattered more than ballots. I'm sickened, saddened but not shocked.