Friday, January 28, 2011

Standing Out By Out Standing

Taken January 14, 2011.

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  1. ... continued from last night

    Job interviews aka hell on earth. My sympathies and best of luck, Beth.

    ... back to today.

    Just checked Maria's twitter. No updates since last night when she was still out of power. Here's hoping the new day brings light and warmth.

  2. Friday-WooHoo.

    Power Outage, Sick, Job Interview

    Here's hoping all have a better weekend.

    Cyberhugs to All.

  3. Hiya again Andi,

    It must be the browser, because today I can't see any pictures either. Although, over at the Cafe I can see pictures. I just don't know.

    I guess I'll just keep trying until something pops up.

    Take care


  4. Hi Lisa,

    Power Outage, Sick, Job Interview

    After all of that, you deserve more than just a better weekend. You need a fantastic weekend. No - you need something even better than fantastic.

    Here's a big cyberhug to you.

    Take care


  5. Today I'm finishing my first 5 day week of school since mid December. I'm exhausted.

    Hope your Friday is a good one.

  6. Whit--I was empathizing with Jen, Maria, and Beth.
    Not experiencing all those things.
    Though I'll happily accept any and all cyberhugs.
    I work with surly teens.
    Need all the hugs I can get.

  7. Andi you were right. I went to internet explorer and the pictures came up.

    Jim - Happy 5 days of school. You need some rest and slack when possible.

    Lisa here's a whole bunch of cyberhugs for you.

  8. Happy Friday, Lisa. And cyberhugs.

    Whit, try clearing the cache in the browser that isn't working right.

  9. Waves to all.

    For a change, it is snowing. Doesn't seem to be too bad but who knows.

    Hopefully Maria has power back. A mutual friend in that area got it back last night.

    I have been really lucky to not lose power. But more snow is on its way so here's hoping the luck holds.

  10. From Facebook: Maria saw power trucks two hours ago, after 34 hours with no power. But so far no other updates.

    Glad you figured out the pic problem, FM! So nice to see long-lost faces every day.

    Sympathies and wishes for a weekend that feels longer than your week, Jim.

    Off to play in traffic...

  11. Sorry but I spoke to soon about the pictures. The only one that shows up is the picture from Jim's "Sunday's Poetry Post." Plus when I go over to the cafe, the picture doesn't post there either.

    It's off to hunting again on why I can't see the pictures. :(

  12. sneaks in, parks laptop in corner, starts working, waves

  13. Cyberhugs.

    I'm reading the Egypt protests, they want better living conditions, better priced food... you know - a decent life. And the government cut the internet as I guess cell phones. SKEERY! That's like a nuke nowadays. Not only did they cut off communications, they've cut off all voices. I hear our govt has the same kill switch.

    Been reading "Householder's Guide to the Universe"... if you don't like the words sustainability, local economy, environment, home preserving... don't read it. :) This is not Martha Stewart Living.

    She talks about the whole disconnect of just being able to nowadays take care of homes and little plots of land or deckage. How most can't cook a meal unless they get it out of a box or from a store. Very interesting.

    January is a time to reflect and map out your plans. To nap and heal. To eat well all your stored items. February is time to get your grounding. However, I'm starting out very very slowly. I'm not a farmer and I can't cut my work hours to 20 hrs a week. But maybe that's a big part of the problem? No time for stuff, no time to volunteer, homework, crafts, looking at the stars...

    Day off but I have to take Wayne into the VA. Yuck!! I feel the headache coming on already from all their red tape bs paperwork crap.

  14. Whew. The DAV (Disabled American Vets) is going to meet us at the VA. There is a difference. LOL

    Yes, Wayne is very active and fights to stay healthy. But something in the Gulf caused him to lose cartilage in many different areas of his body. Mostly his knees. He's due for more knee surgery. He's not a bloated, lazy Budweiser beer, SUV driving guy - so he doesn't come off as having any phsyical restraints but that's because he's pro-active.

    Bushhole cut funding for disabled vets and now that has changed so we're hoping he can get at least his old percentage back.

  15. Cyberhugs for Lisa and anyone else who needs 'em!

    Last tweet from Maria was 4 hrs ago (as of 2:20pm), she didn't have power then. I 'spect a big woohoo when she gets it back. Sad thing is, this temporary life-upside-down thing can happen to anyone… and a few inexpensive bits stuck in a closet could have made it just an inconvenience. I guess she needs a few cyberhugs too :)

    Jim, I was just thinking that we're all just now getting back into the normal work rhythm…

    FM, maybe a long nap will get the pictures working. And if not… well hey, you got a nap, right?

    tosses Kelly an extension cord

    Janet, someone pointed out that Egypt has a non-electronic social network: the mosques. The thing I see that's encouraging is that a couple weeks ago, Muslims were standing as "human shields" in front of churches so the Christians could worship… today, the Christians were running interference in front of mosques so Muslims could pray unmolested. The US has quite a few radios — ham, CB, etc — so the govt couldn't shut even us down completely if we get uppity. If Mubarak's goal was to disrupt the protests, by all indications it isn't working. Rumor has it the army is either with the protesters or staying out of their way now. It's all over but the shouting, so to speak. Oh, and huzzah for the DAV!!!

    Well, let's see if I can smack this documentation around a little more…

  16. More snow, Dina?!? OMFSM.

    Beth, poor Maria. And you be careful out there!

    ::waves back to Kelly::

    Hope the day spent with bureaucrats wasn't too awful, Janet.

    Smack it up the side of the head, Farf ... oh never mind. It's the weekend, who cares about documentation.

  17. i'm here, I'm here!! Power came back on at 6 p.m. - 45 hours later.


    Finally warming up! Had a hot meal and can't WAIT until the building boiler can serve up hot water so I can take a shower.

    I really hate winter, yo.

  18. Finally back.

    Hooray Maria!!!

    They had a freakin' pig in the waiting room. His only little piggy office, too. Guy kept coming out, I guess to use the men's room, but he had to do a waist-belt buckle adjustment each time right in front of me. Guy could lose about 60 damn pounds and a few liters less of arrogance. I finally said, "you got a problem or just lookin' for one?" He didn't come out after that. This VA place was in a really nice, posh part of town. I don't know why they needed a cop there. I did notice that every guy in the waiting room was fat, wore a military cap and all reeked of cigarettes. They kept getting up to down the elevator 3 floors to go smoke.

    The "tech" did some adjustments on wayne's knee and now he's hurtin' so bad he can't stand it. I could barely get him out of the car. They took x-rays and it'll be a standard 3 weeks before we hear of any percentage increase/decrease or an actual fix of surgery. Contacted Wayne's PT about it, too.

    I told wayne they were evaluating his knee not judging his character. Wayne looked healthier and led a healthier lifestyle than the tech!!!! But he doesn't want to appear to be "cheating the system" because he's needing help with his knee - he no longer runs, he quit competitve hockey as well as just beer league hockey but he doesn't want to give up biking or being able to lead an active life. Is that so bad?

    I reminded him that the Navy farked up his body - and their shoddy surgery the first two times messed him up bad. Not to mention all the war games he did with the 3rd Platoon. They are supposed to take care of that leg and other stuff - that was the contract.

    We stopped off at Oleg's old coffee shop... it's so weird that he's not there. We're having a year memorial on the 2nd. I like that healing process that his Russian friends are doing. There are many stages and steps to it all. And you don't do it alone. I like that.

    Good night my friends. May you wake up to better weather or at least a brighter day.

    (Farf) I have hope that democracy will win out in Egypt. I also heard that the military was siding with the people.