Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shoot the Curl

Taken January 10, 2011.

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  1. Gorgeous!

    However, I do understand that by "shoot the curl" you mean "get out and vote". :)

    It's my Friday and I get home early cuz' I'm startin' earlier.

  2. Shoot the curl — that's exactly what you did! That fern does not look happy…

    And judging from Twitter, neither is Maria. Her power went out yesterday evening & still isn't on this morning. Send 110VAC vibes her way, plz!

  3. Love this picture - nice to remember the green.

    Andi, only the porch is buried. The back porch. I live in a condo so the driveway and walks are all shoveled by someone other than me (that last being the crucial point.)

    However, that doesn't mean I want more snow. Which is coming anyway. Sigh.

  4. Andi, your photos are always lovely but your captions have seemed particularly inspired lately. :)

    Meanwhile, my roommate has been down for the past two weeks with a nasty case of bronchitis, which I was just starting to think I was going to dodge, but unfortunately now I'mb berry sigck. ::coughs, sneezes, whines, shakes angry fist of futility at winter:: Please send a St. Bernard with a flask full of chicken soup, or maybe just warm Bacardi.

    Hope the whole bunch of you are well as can be, as always.

  5. I guess you starting early, Janet, if you're already commenting at 5:30 a.m. your time. But getting home earlier sound nice.

    That fern is weathering winter better than a lot of them, Farf. Having much familiarity with power outages, I am sending very empathetic vibes to Maria.

    Well I'm glad there's someone to do your shoveling, Dina, but it's too bad they are about to get even more to shovel.

    Hey thanks, Jen! I really do have a good time thinking of titles for the posts. Big bummer on the bronchitis; before I had my polyps (in my sinuses) removed I used to get bronchitis every winter so I know just how miserable it can be. Take care -- both you and E.

  6. Warm Bacardi - and AZ sunshine - heading your way, Jen. And thanks for the description of summer in PHX. I wasn't buying the "dry heat" scenario. "Blast furnace" sounds a lot more like what I expect.

    A friend took 8.5 hours to commute 29 miles last night in the DC area. So here's hoping Maria gets her power back soon, and her only tale of woe is being cold and tired of sitting in the dark. Still, ugh.

    Went thru my first job interview in forever today. It sucketh. Looking for chocolate and tequila. Or chocolate tequila...

    Stay warm, folks.

  7. Jen! Bacardi - baaad. Owned by baad dudes. Ohtay. The Captain is okay in a pinch. Gosling's better. Get better lady!

    Should try Rogue Rum - it's from Portland :)

    I love chocolate and tequila just not together. Ew.

  8. Hi Andi,

    For the last six days I haven't been able to get any your pictures. I've gone back and clicked, "Click image to see larger version", but nothing either. Don't know what's going on.

    I hope nothing on the new/old computer is breaking up.

    Take Care,


  9. That's really weird. It must be something with your browser. Do you have a different browser you can try.

    Can you see the photos in the cafe?

    Also, can you see the new post that's up this morning?