Monday, January 31, 2011

Play Date

Taken January 11, 2011.

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  1. Nicky, I'm glad you felt well enough to stop by. Wishing you a very quick recovery.


    If it happens as described, we're just about guaranteed to lose power and it'll probably happen as soon as the ice starts to accumulate. The last time we had a big ice storm it was over 4 days before we got power back.

    But thanks to the miracle of scheduled posts, I've gone ahead and done posts for the rest of the week -- so even if Jim, the dogs, and I spend days huddled in the dark around the wood stove, you all will have a well-lit place to hang out.

  2. Andi, you are such a sweetheart.
    Thinking of us in the face of FROZEN.

    Cyberhugs and healing thoughts to Nicky. Hope procedure goes well today. Dancing a Reel--Scratching that off my bucket list.

    Arctic Weather due here Tomorrow.

    Battery lanterns are a necessity in neighborhoods/forests with big trees and power line. Wood stove WooHoo and hope you have a generator too.

    Haven't heard from Boran in a while and know they've been hit hard.

    A warm blanket and fresh brewed tea and coffee for all.
    Safe Monday to All.

  3. Looks like The Pack knows how to deal with the snow — go play in it!

    Lisa, I hope you're as well-prepared for your Arctic front as Andi & Jim are with their own impending YUCK. Boran dropped a comment on Friday, and that's the last I've seen of him too. Hoping he's warm.

    Andi, we've been lights-out for 9+ days around here. Twice. Got generator?

    These fun little storms are one reason why I blogged a "48-hour survival kit" post over the weekend. I know it's a lightweight list for people like us in rural areas, but it might make things easier for someone else… Here, we won't see sub-freezing until Wed. night/Thurs. morning — yup, Spring #3 and it's a rainy one! So much for taking the bike to work, but I have to give Lobster a ride anyway.

    Stay warm and lit…

  4. Lisa (and Farf), we have a small generator but honestly it doesn't supply enough wattage to make it worth running. I'd love have one of those whole-house ones because we lose power so often but they are hugely expensive.

    Farf, NINE DAYS!!! I think if it went on that long, I'd take the dogs and find a motel that takes pets. BTW, Boran2 has been over at the other place we hang out and he's buried under snow but otherwise fine.

  5. Morning, gang!!

    Andi - ACKtastic!! That truly is of teh suck. Do not want for you or anyone else. We're in line for some wintry mix, but the WaPo Capital Weather Gang assures me that it's "not crippling". I'll believe it when I see it.

    At least I have Peapod coming tonight with groceries to replace those lost to the outage...and *matches*--not something I ever have around. But I made sure to order a big box of kitchen matches. In case we lose power again, then I can cook and light the oven, too. (electric starter gas stove)

    Lisa - take care down in DFW! My sis told me about the expected sleet. :(

    Nicky - feel better, hon!

    Hope everyone has a fabulous Monday & rest of the week in case you're snowed/sleeted under.

    I'm just glad to get back to a semblance of a normal routine. Let's hope it stays that way.


  6. Andi, we don't have a huge generator either — 4KW — but it's enough to run the furnace, lights, radio, chargers, stuff like that. The previous owner of FAR Manor had a transfer switch installed but he took the 10KW gennie (sufficient to run the electric stove) with him. :-P

    The in-laws have a 10KW diesel on an auto-start circuit, and another down at the pump house so the chickens don't get thirsty. The problem is, I've been on their butts to run the one at the pump house once a month just to keep the batteries topped up & the fuel system clear, but they don't… and of course, it doesn't start when it's needed. Being lifetime farmers, you'd think they'd understand the whole "routine maintenance" thing.

    Oh well, rant off. I'm at the mimes. Already raining this morning, and Lobster needed a ride in, so I took the car.

  7. Big hugs to everyone facing the arctic blast - egads, what a crazy winter. My aunt in NC had 70 yesterday, and now the temps are diving again. We have a cool down coming - from 70 to 55 for the high - but I am NOT complaining, considering what y'all are going through. Mother Nature must be big-time irritated with us!

    Good post, Farf - when I lived in the woods/mountains, we always had emergency supplies. And that was prolly the place we needed them least, since we had a pantry, wood stove, garden, etc. Now I live in a condo in the city, with less under my control, you'd think I'd be better prepared...not.

    Anyway, be safe, all.

  8. Happy Monday to all!

    More snow coming to add to our collection. Sigh. I hope that everyone is well.

    Stay warm!

  9. Good Monday. Sorry you're all in the Tundra. Here's it's nice. Having lived in Norther Bumfark California, I know a thing or two about power outages (greedy PGE bastards actually killed people with their rolling blackouts). A few things about deep snow and I do know how to chop kindling at 4:30 am to get the woodstove going- only heatsourse.

    I do not have a full pantry. That's one of the things I've been thinking about. I usually shop for food in a more European way - every three days or so. Cause I like to eat fresh and use up what I have on hand. But lately I've been stocking up on stuff to make beans - just in case.

    We do have some survival stuff packed right in the front closet. Not Ruby Ridge survival stuff... more like REI had a bigarse sale survival :) That's due to being near forest fires and needing everything altogether at once. As well as earthquake land kinds gets you thinking of what to have on hand.

    While you're snowed in take a look at "Pirate Radio" movie. Awesome flick. I give it 5 frozen pucks. I love Bill Nighy. Great soundtrack obviously.

    I'll share my post about me and Danni's little feed the birds in winter fling. Need more space though:

  10. In HockeyChatLand, Danni is called "Guppi".

    Just finished making suet with Guppi for these little chickawhatevers and big black birds (possibly ravens) that have decided our yard is a rescue mission. Never made the stuff before but I got a ton of peanut butters from work for free to make it with. Only a few ingredients: Peanut Butter (or any nut butter, as if I'm going to use cashew or anything else....not!) some oatmeal and birdseed. Easy, right?

    Yeah, riiiight.

    First off, the peanut butter is that Santa Cruz Organic stuff and you have to stir that sh&T by hand. I got tired of trying so I delegated the job over to Guppi. We spilled the oatmeal along with some whole wheat pastry flour (thought it would make a bit of a stiffner for the "dough") all over. Luckily, Shinobi licked and inhaled that off the floor so we didn't have to clean it up or anything. But then we had to get the goop into miniature log forms so we could insert them into the little suet holders I bought today at my store. Not as easy as it looks!! The "dough" has to be hard enough to not fall through the holder but pliable enough to be eaten by the birds... okay whatever.

    So we got the stuff into our holders and we go outside IN THE DARK to place our love offerings to our feathered friends. This entails Guppi standing on a rickety chair to place the holder into a tree. I swear, one bird lands on this and the whole thing will fall. I was able to get the one out front onto a sturdy enough branch of a maple tree. We're feeling pretty darn good with ourselves, especially since we cleaned up the kitchen, sort of, as we went along. But then Guppi asks, "won't the racoons smell all this peanut butter and eat it all up?"

    Shut up, Kid.

  11. Great post Farf!! Packing snow into the fridge in pots is a must.

    Few years back when we had those ice storms and lots of snow (Portland and Beaverton just don't have the ability to plow it seems) I gave my partner wayyyy too much crap about shoveling snow. He was out shoveling our driveway and the front sidewalk. I guess removing snow even during snowstorms is some kind of Boston tradition.

    He invited me to come out and shovel the driveway. I shouted that he was from Boston, he was the snow shoveling expert. He threw down the shovel and exclaimed that in Beantown you wouldn't be caught dead with a wimpy shovel, in Bahston, you had fahkin' mini snow plows or snow tractors. He hollered that he had never had to shovel snow before in his life - he always plowed it. Something about "real snow" requires "real snow removal measures". So I said, "enjoy the fake snow" and shut the front door.

  12. "enjoy the fake snow"


    ::hacks, sneezes, puts "buy a damn generator" on constantly-expanding todo list, laughs some more, wishes everyone well, goes back to bed to watch Pirate Radio on the DVR before the onset of ICESTORM 2011!!::

  13. Thanks for the sympathy, Maria. Considering what you just went through, that's the height of nobility. I hope you get off easy -- heck, I hope everybody gets off easy.

    I don't care about the stove, Farf, (we can cook on the wood stove) but I would love to keep the fridge and the water heater going.

    I'm very, very jealous of your 55 degrees, Beth.

    Hiya b2. Sorry about the more snow -- I'm sure you're really tired of it.

    We've had problems with raccoons and our suet feeder, Janet. So we strung it between two trees where the critters can't reach it ... not that they don't try but if they keep at it long enough, Bebo and Sniff realize there's something fun to go harass and all that barking clears them out.

    Good luck, Jen. We've just been upgraded from a Winter Storm Watch to a Winter Storm Warning (oh joy). I'm guessing your turn will be coming soon.

  14. Office closed at 4 so everyone could get home before it starts to ice on the streets. Trees are already starting to shimmer, my back steps were very slick even though I treated them before I left this a.m.

    I'm prepared to stay home tomorrow and will be happy to do so as long as we don't lose power. Fingers crossed.

  15. Crossed here as well, Mary. Stay safe.